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  1. Scales aren't that costly. I just searched for some at the WM site and they are around $20. Do you have that much to spend on one?
  2. http://www.csgnetwork.com/fishfreshwtcalc.html This is a decent calculator. Of course a scale is the best way as it will be the most precise and will offer less room for error. Use with caution.
  3. So that'll hold you till the apocalypse is over? How many fish you got now?
  4. My back up disaster tank (not qt) currently is an 86 gal preformed pond liner. Anyone else have a back up in storage?
  5. Would you have a topview of the fish? It may be my eyes but the scales look raised more on one side than the other. I don't have practised eyes for raised scales though.
  6. With nitrites showing a number it looks like you might also be in the middle of stabilizing a new cycle or a cycle bump. Could you possibly increase your water changes?
  7. Never hurts to start a D&D over it just in case That way you can rule out anything internal or environmental that may be causing the behavior.
  8. On a completely off topic, it's nice to know that someone else who enjoys the twisted humor of invader zim ironically gets creeped out by bugs. *high five for weak stomachs*
  9. No matter the size or estimated gallonage of the tank, you measured it via how much volume of water it actually holds (filling with 5 gal buckets and counting them). I would go by those numbers over anything else. If there is only a 5 gal difference of water I'd go for greater surface area. If there is greater than a 5 gal difference then I think it would be worth it to sacrifice the length for more volume.
  10. How you gonna clean that tank? Or are you half crazy armed balloon person? It sounds like it'll be beautiful all didded up
  11. You could phone them if you were really curious
  12. I'm not sure if bonding and loss have any sort of connection for me. Danger tends to invoke more of an emotional response or at least urgency for me. I also don't think that the amount of emotion expressed or felt during a loss correlates to the amount of bonding there was. You can be really close to someone or something and be ok with the reasons why they are no longer in your life. You can also not have any emotional attachment to someone or something and not be alright that you are no longer able to be with them. There's a lot of reactions that come from the topic of loss and I think as an outsider to the loss the role is mainly to not judge how one should react and find the right way to comfort the person.
  13. I gently hold their shell until they detach and then to place them I do the same thing, hold the shell until they attach.
  14. Wow the pond is really helping his colour develop
  15. Someone here a long time ago did the math on how much of his water bill went to water changes and how much of his electric bill went to the operations of his tanks. I can't exactly remember the water part but I remember the electric cost was ridiculously low. Perhaps you can find out a little more about how water is billed in your area and then do the same. Then at least you have some numbers to work with or even possibly cover the cost. We all cross our fingers but you never know when a quaratine will need to be set up and those generally have 100% water changes, getting some numbers can help you in case you do have to step up water changes in the future.
  16. I never intetionally feed my goldies earthworms, but they do sneak into the pond after a rain and they will gorge themselves on them. I am lucky that my mom and I do the gardening and we don't use fertilizers or pesticides but I don't know how far earthworms travel so I don't know if they are local or not. Just considering the size of the goldies vs the earthworms they are consuming I would definitely fast and have a pea day after feeding them it.
  17. That is 46L tank or 10 UK gallons. Edit: Oops posted at the same time. Sorry obera
  18. I have a freezer basket that fits perfectly on the top of my ten gallons. That way I can put the bamboo shoots between the slots. I just made sure there was no cracks in the plastic coated wire before using it as I didn't want rust to leak into my tank.
  19. Just wanted to add that there is quite a difference in water quantity between and 20 G and a 125 G. Smaller tanks from what I know, take a faster time to cycle seeing as they may not need as much bacteria to eat through the waste. They are easier to keep a stable temp and have less gas exhange going on at the surface. The downfall of smaller tanks is that if something does go wrong they can go downhill fast. I'm sure you noticed getting 2PPM of ammonia in a 20G is less ammonia than the amount needed to put in a 125G. You are needing that much more bacteria to feed on it, which is why it can take longer at times. You are doing a great job and kokos nitrate water idea is a primo ideo
  20. I guess it depends on what part of the tank you want cleaned up. If you are looking for a nitrate solution, plants would be the best bet combined with more frequent water changes. If what's bothering you is algae on your glass then both snails and plecos may address that issue. But they have a dietary requirement of more than just algae and as previously stated, they need to be calculated into your overall tank capacity and you need to be able to increase your water change routine if necessary. Algae on substrates and plants, there are cory cats and also some snails that may address these situations. Again the same issues above need to be contemplated. Also some types of algae (an algae bloom of cloudy water may actually be a cycle bump and you are getting nitrites in your tank again) or even if you get water that starts to smell may be indicative of a worsening situation, add a fish to clean that up and you may be making a bad situation worse.
  21. Most pharmacies keep them behind the counter and will hand them out free with medications. I've had people come and ask for them and we'd just give them out. If you don't see any around they may be back there
  22. Congrats on the new fishy! You can always set up a D&D thread to keep track of your qt process
  23. You can find these in pharmacies, they use these droppers and pipettes to get precise dosing for infants. Now they just have plunge syringes but I'm pretty sure you could still find the old school ones around. I also think a plunge syringe from a pharmacy would work just as well.
  24. He's got a pretty good diamond conformation at the moment, so I'd lean towards ryukin. Whether he will keep that as he develops though is another story. Very beautiful fish Excited to hear what stakos thinks of it
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