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  1. As for the nitrate increase, would you consider hanging a plant off the tank rim like a pothos or bamboo whose roots could absorb some of the nitrate waste? You could still maintain your water schedule then. To note, 15 nitrates isn't too bad of a number to keep them at as long as your fish still look happy and healthy.

    i have been looking high and low for a chart that demonstrates how the (pH of the X volume of your water being added) + (pH of the X volume of water in the tank) = (acceptable pH difference in overall volume)

    But I have yet to find one so I will continue my searches but If I do I will share it because I think it would be very useful information to have for goldfish owners. :)

  2. Round 1 of prazi and 1 week of salt at 0.3% is done. Round 2 is in and I will do one more week of salt. They still have no signs of flukes as far as I can tell. The orange fella with the open areas seems to have a thicker slime coat nut his wounds seem to be getting smaller. Still doing daily or the odd every other day water changes. They get fed twice a day and seem happy.

    i will admit difficulty knowing when the 3 white fish are either just generally pink/red at fin join sites or whether it is an indication of irritation.

  3. :hi we are kinda in the same boat. Gassed up water in the tap system and super hard well water that drives down the pH once the bubbles leave.

    Do you have a way to measure the levels of Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate in your tank? I am also wondering if you cycled your tank or not. I agree what you are doing sounds like it would take a lot of room but I think there are a few ways we could suggest your water changes could be done differently once the needed information is answered. :D I look forward to your responses.

  4. Hello, this is just a thread to keep up on documenting.

    Tub A: 15 gal tub, AC 110 (no filter) for circulation, stock: 3 commons

    Tub B: 15 gal tub, bubble disk for circulation, stock: 2 commons

    Tx: round 1 of prazi, (plan on 4 rounds) salt at 0.3% for 10 days (or 2 prazi rounds)

    Visual exam: there is no visible signs of fluke or ich, no red lines in fins even in the whiteys, no raised scales, no thickened slime coat, There are some missing scales on a few but I am unconcerned about that.

    I am available to water change as much as needed. So far once a day 100% water changes is enough but I check the levels q12h just in case I need to do another. Of course if there were other signs indicating a need for fresh water I would do that as well.

    I will post photos once they finish the first round on prazi and hopefully they get used to handling a little more.

  5. I wanted to add that aragonite is also sometimes called marine sand or reef sand. It contains the hard salts that will keep your pH stable. (So to speak). If you are using rainwater for your water changes, or plan to, there will be little to no hardness in your water and you will need to add that with the long term (aragonite or shells) buffer and the short term buffer (baking soda). With aragonite sand if you choose to go that route, just add 1/2 c. Each water change and test your pH everyday. You could start a thread in the water problem section and we could guide you along there once your fish are well. 

    i would hate for you to spend all that work to convert to the rainwater system and find this happening all over again. :hug

  6. Hello all. Loooong time no see! Hope all is well. We are bringing in our fish after 2 years in the pond. Haven't kept up on naming them so they will all need names to which I'm sure my girls will attend to. They are all in quarantine at the moment and then they get the big tank for the whole winter. :)




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