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    I mainly used this blog for QT but I think I'm going to start using it for thoughts now.
    Living in Canada puts me at a serious disadvantage when it comes to purchasing fish. The weather and rural distance does not allow me an opportunistic approach for receiving fish. The weather is too brutal, no matter how many precautions are taken, to ensure a fish would be received with quality of health. The fish that I have raised that were bred here are quite hearty and I do believe that breeding locally is the only way to ensure the heartiness of the fish.
    Since we are planning to remodel our pond anyways, we plan to adapt it for the purposes of breeding. The last time I looked at the genetics I believe it was 5-7 generations before getting an approximation of the fish I want using a 1-2% holding rate each generation. 
    This is something that is becoming more possible in my current situation. I don't know if what I am looking for is something that is attributed to a breed particularly. For a while I wanted a veilteil/watonai thing. I know now I want rounded caudals, a thick peduncle, smooth arch in back. As for face features I am really unsure! The two things that crop up first when breeding single tails is the double tail and the telescope eye. I should be able to focus on getting either of those consistent for a while and focusing on the other 'health traits' I want.
    this dream of mine will projectedly take 10-15 years. 
  2. bodoba
    It's been a long time but I just need a place to review this year's fish care and make plans for next year.
    The 270 gal pond is not going up again next year.
    The 600 gal pond now houses all my fish currently.
    The 8 gal tank has three little fry from the draining of the 270. Have yet to be prazi'd or salted but as soon as I find the products I will get them started.
    The 60 gal is empty and will remain empty in case the three fry outgrow the 8 gal in the winter months.
    I have 25 plus fish as of the last count. This year is cull year. I cull every three years. This year I'll aim for 30% reduction (7-8 fish.) I've picked about 5 so far.
    It has been an incredibly raining/flood season this summer so we have over fifteen frogs living in our pond. I suspect there will be no fry from the fall drain of the 600 gal.
    At the end of September the 600 will be drained, the fish will be prazi'd and salted as they normally are at the end of pond season and are being stored in an insulated garage with an o-ring to keep the filter turning. This will by far be the coldest I have ever kept the fish in the winter. I hope it goes well cause this is the winter situation for the next few years until we build our own garage.
    Hopes: my boyfriend wants a koi. He thinks he can sort out a 3000gal pond in the surrounding area of the current 600 gal. Personally we have quite the list of renovations to do before we do that so it is a long term project unless I can find a way to get it done under $5 k.
    I would like to reduce my stocking to an isolated set of traits, there is too much floating in the gene pool right now that my fry are quite sporadic. I would also like to be on the lookout in May to qt a few better selections for the ponds which means I need to start monthly searches in around Dec. I will update after the fish are drained from the pond.
  3. bodoba
    June 15 2013
    New water
    Prazi round 1 day 1 - salt at 0.1%
    Notes: Repashy TID. Fish has quite red fin joints and red streaks in picture but after a few hours in QT, this has cleared up. I believe it was weight and transfer stress.
    - 3 yr old pondfish
  4. bodoba
    Weight: 17 grams
    Prazi Round 1 - day 1
    Salt at 0.1% - this will increase to 0.3% for 14 days.
    Notes: Repashy will be offered on a BID/TID basis. I'm aiming for weight maintenance not growth.
    She has very cute little paper fan fins.
  5. bodoba
    QT: Uncycled filter and air stone in a 10-15 gal QT
    Weigh-in: 9 grams
    May 15 2013
    Prazi day 1 and salt at 0.1%
    Notes: readily accepts food, zooms around really fast (worried about flashing until confirmed zooming in outside fish as well, due to impending weekend storm)
    May 16 2013
    100% wc
    Prazi day 2 and salt at 0.2%
    Repashy increased to BID
    Notes: zooming slowed down, still ravenous appetite
    May 17 2013
    100% wc
    Prazi day 3 and salt at 0.3%
    Repashy BID
    Notes: Doing well, no signs of bottom sitting. Really enjoys speeding around fast, will do well in the pond.
  6. bodoba
    Pre-history: This tank had a betta and three tetras. Was planted with moss from Haley and Anubias. I moved the tank, lost the betta and one tetra. Two tetras lived undisturbed until June when one fry went in named Lulu. It was a hot summer and the cats drank out of the tank so everyday I filled up 10-25% of the water. The params were normal even though the plant and algae were building up. Those three fish went into the pond.
    Current Occupants: 3 little fry, Clarabelle, Isabelle, and Sweetiebelle. I added them without changing the tank which is my snafoo #1. So I tested the params a few days later and holy bean curds! The nitrates were off the charts! I tested my tap pH and it was vastly different than the tank . (7.4 tap and 8.2 tank)
    So everyday I have been doing 50% water changes and trying to get the detritus and algae away. The fish are getting more active, the nitrates are slowly going down, the pH is levelled at 8 at the moment and as soon as the params are where I want them I will start prazi and salt on them.
    What changed was the cats stopped drinking so much so it wasn't getting the fresh water change daily, that and the detritus caused the nitrates to spike up. I have matrix which has controlled nitrates in the past for me, I could have added that to the tank but I think the detritus should be almost absent before I add materials that absorb.
    What to do now: Get these fry happy and growing and take pics!
  7. bodoba
    Two fry. One has reddened lower fins the other i can't see any. One has already decoloured to calico and the other is still wild. No names yet
    Currently in a 10 gal with prazi and 0.1% salt.
    Day 1 round 1 prazi
    Week 1 day 1 salt 0.1%
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