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  1. Oh, now i really miss my pearlscale, Fugly (see, I liked him so much I stole his name) He was a lovely example, nice and round, with pointed face, and perfect scales, plus a nice divided tail, and a dorsal fin like a little flag. I tried to photo him so many times, but they never did him justice. he was orange and white. They're such comdey swimmers; so fat that they waddle rather than paddle, fugly often found it easier to go backwards. He used to get stuck in the air jets too, and fired acorss the tank- when he escaped, he'd shoot me really evil looks, as if to say- you put that there on purpose- and sulk for a while, then go and do it all over again! I don't feel up to getting any more fish- I'm too busy trying to look after what I've got left, but if and when I have the space and the inclinatuion, a pearlscale will be top of my must have list. And this time, I'll look after it better
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