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  1. i would feed them dry and just drop them in one spot where it is clear, and train your fish to eat there, and they will will search and find there food, and always eat it all up, i wouldnt scatter them around the tank, as you get to much wastage this way, as they dont find them all the time, and after a day the food starts to go mouldy. sp.
  2. it maybe because the net is so much more popular now, and it is available in even the most remote areas, with wireless, so probable that maybe why, and there is no better place to do research then, in your own home on the couch. also maybe because they are a cheaper pet to keep then your average dog ect, and with the rate increases our country has seen just in the last few years with gst and petrol ect, people maybe are looking at cheaper pets???
  3. all your fish are so adorable, luv em, i used to have a calico ranchu, she was more of the blue grey calico, with not much orange on her, she was very cute, i was quiet upset when she passed, as she was only about an inch when i got her.
  4. love your ranchu, he's so cute and and fat hehehehheh
  5. awww jen, your percy is so adoreable. he's just so perfect aswell, my older celestial injured a eye just after i got him, so one eye is abit weird, and my new fish is very cute, but 1 puple is bigger then the other, but i dont care he still is adorable and i love em. i will try to get some pics on the weekend and i will post them, he shouldnt be hard to take pics of as his really friendly.
  6. wow his super cute, i love him, cool colours
  7. i just love these guys, i have 1 large adult and a baby i just bought on the weekend, i just think they have the best personality, as they are so friendly and ever so cute. if anyone wants to show me some pics i would love to see yours, i will try to take some pics of my fish on the wekend, i know i always say this but i have so much trouble taking good pics, they are always so dark, i just so desperatly need to get a new camera, but i will do my best as i'm also renovating my tank as well. so it will look different, i cant wait to do that. actually i forgot to mention, my new little one is actually a pom pom celestial, so that will be interesting to see how they grow up.
  8. i put in sea salt every now and again, in my tanks. but not all the time.
  9. if you dont want the shebs just sell them back to a fish shop, then you can get the fish you really want, may as well get what you want, all fish require the same things, but fancies are more delicate, and you need to watch them more closely then you would, more hardier fish. but yes, best thing to do is trade your shebs back to a fish shop, and get a bigger tank, the bigger you can afford the better it is for you fish and the bigger your fish will grow to.
  10. cool cant wait to see them, i bet they will be beautes going by your signature if they r your fish. i also got 4 new babies on the weekend, but i purchased all hadicapped eyes, 1 celestial i calico telescope 1 blackmoore and 1 blue butterfly telescope.
  11. just checked, my light it is a biolux, um yes i know my signature is to big, i'm just experimenting, i will get a better pic today and adjust it.
  12. hey awrieger, see my lucy in my post here, thats her now remember she was really sick on me last year, and she was the one in my old signature, she's grown heaps hasnt she, i also wondering if i have that glob, mine looks the same are they about $40 each, i think thats what i paid, cant remember now.
  13. wow thats amazing, although not really silly, as plants grow better with more light, and i have also noticed with my own fish, ever since keeping light on abit more and also since i have had light on them for the last 6 months or so, my fish are very rich in there colours, not dull at all, i also bought a blue telescope today and a baby black more, and maybe i might by this panda telscope i saw today, as i have to much red in my tank, and yes it is abit of an excuse to buy more fish lol.
  14. well i'm not sure how old my first fish is as he was about 2.5 inches when i got him, but he was only a juvanile, as he has matured into a big man. in sep this year i've owned him for 3 years, that is my ranchu oscar, then i have my celestial that i got when he or she was only a baby a tiny 1.5 inches and now is a huge 5 to 6 inches long, they will be 3 years old in sep again, then i have lucy, the one in the signature she is 3 years old in oct, and then the other three fish i got given to me are about 2 years old, and my pearlscale is about 1 year old, and my new lionhead is only about 2 months old. and my orange oranda i dont know how old this one is, but i have owned him for about 1.5 years. i'd say he isnt more then 2 years old, as he has really blossomed in the last 6 months, into a handsom man, with his lovely tail.
  15. i have used the freezer method for euthanizing sp?? i used it on two very sick fish, that were going down very quickly and both had that, put me to sleep look in there eyes, if you do this please use a very cold freezer so they die within a few minutes, i also put down a fish, i took him to the vets to have him put in there very cold freezer as my new fridge freezer just wasnt cold enough for me to use to kill him, so i didnt want him to suffer and i paid $10 for them to do this, this fish was a beautiful black bubble, that just had swim bladder take him over and i couldnt bare to watch him upside down bent over trying to balance, upside down. so i did what was best for him. i also almost once put down the fish on my signature, but she was different was so strong and faught with terrible infection for over a month, this made her drop weight so much it didnt look like her, and her whole head a wen where cloudy and eyes she could barely see, and she was all redish and bruised, torn fines ect. she also didnt not eat anything, and she was salt dipped handle by me everyday and every tablet drops lotion medicines where put in her 10 gallon hospital tank everyday, also did 90% water change everyday, and this fish didnt give up at all, i treated her for fugus, parasites internal and external infections, anything i could think of, anyhow after about 6 weeks her cloudyness started to clear and with in a week, she looked fantastic, 2 weeks after she still hadnt eaten anything, and was very thin, but i did notice her really get excited when i fed the other fish and she saw them swimming, i said to my hubby what the22, i'm popping her back in with the others, if she dies she dies, i had to do something as she was gonna die from starvation, as soon as i put her in the tank with the others, she was eating with them, just as normal as she use to be, it was like she was abit depressed?? anyhow i'm so glad i didnt give up on her, cos it is hard to watch them suffer, but this one had the spark to live, so i persisted. today she is a big girl and very pretty. with the light thing i also turn mine off at about 9.30 and all lights in room go off, and i just keep tv and a lamp on. i also have to think about my canary inside as well so he is covered at sundown, and we dont have our tv loud and we dont play music in that room, either, only cos he loves it and it would wake him up lolololol
  16. just wondering what is your oldest fish and there breed? have they always be healthy?? and how do you house them, what type of tank with gravel?? barebottom ect. do you have live or fake plants, with how many other fish, how many males and females?? also what do you feed?? and how big is the tank, just interested to know. as i will be adding more plants to my tank soon, and i have bare bottom, and have changed some filters on my tank, i mainly have males and i know definatley 1 have two girles but only one spawns often, the other once did but she doesnt fancy any other boys after her mate died. i have 10 fish in a 179 gallon. keen to hear your answers.
  17. i think the second one does look very ranchu, he has that cute ranchu short body, and if you cut off the top fin plus 1 cm, and just shortened the tail, he would be a ranchu, this one is to bulky to be a oranda, they are much more gracious and slick with there swimming, then that guy would ever be, they also havemore of that front face with eyes positioned to fornt more, unlike this fish he has the ranchu face. of eyes more to sides.
  18. yep we have caught heaps, in the years. whole gold, and gold and white and some more yellow looking. lovely colours, these were caught in our local river, about 2 kg they were. i wish we had a pic to show.
  19. um i will try to get a pic tomorrow, i was trying today but they were all crap, i dont think it is internal as she;s looking great, plump and round, and poo is healthy, thanks for the gongrats, baby is due dec 17th so for chrissy, we cant wait it is our first human child
  20. hi jen, no fish are new, when they do fall off it just looks like small pinkish areas and there is four of them. the best way i can decribe them looking like would be pimples, they look like pimples.and they are only in that one area, i thought maybe she scraped herself on something, but this would get better. this just grows drop off then they start again.
  21. hi everyone, abit about the tank, been running since feb, 179 gallon with 10 fancies water levels all good, i added some melafix about 1 week ago, i have two heaters in there temp stays at 23 to 24 degrees, i have two canisters in use, and i'm process of buying two internal filters, i also have a strong airators working on two sides. we do about 50% water change every 10 or so days. adding only decloinator and blue crystals to age water abit. fish get fed, morning wardley flakes soaked, then evening they get soaked algea waffers and a oil based homemade pallet not 100% sure what is in it. lighting on from 8.00am to 9.30pm the fish i have a problem with is a lionhead she has had this condition for about 6 weeks, located on her underside, belly. there is about 4 of them, they look like pimples with pink around and abit paler in the middle, they grow for a day or two in height as in going out from fish, then they look like teets from a pig or something, then they will drop off, then area looks lots more clearer, but they come back again with in the next two days, and start again, fish is eating well looking well, other wise. no flashing or hiding not resting on bottom and not floating, i have picked her up and applied melafix to the area for a few days, but this has not killed them or made it better, living in australia i dont think we to many medicines i can use, but if you know of anything safe that i can, and that wont burn the fish, as i would like to apply directly to the problem area, also medicine need to be safe for a pregnant lady to use, cos that's me at the moment. thanks for reading i hope soemone can help my girl.XXX
  22. on a site i read that, japanese ranchus are bred to have lots of head growth, then the chinese ranchu has no head growth, and then there is the lionhead with with the longer back, and straight back, from what i understand they are called breeds but they all come form the same fish, it is just picking which is what they perfecting latter breeding with better lines, that is how most animal breeds have evolved in to purebreds by mixing two or more, my thoughts only and this is what i believe.
  23. your fish might have one of those parrot type mouths, when the bottom lips moves the most, alot more ranchus and lionheads these dyas have these, also if he has a chubbier fatter face, he may find it abit more harder to pick up his food, abit like a pug trying to eat compaired to a greyhound, sorry i just had to mention those, to as i have one of each lol.
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