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  1. great thanks for that link dennis. i will have to really think about the two now.
  2. Hi guys just came across this cannister, and just wondering if this would work good on a 170 gallon, along with 2 other cannisters i have 2x aqua1 cf. with 13 big fancies.
  3. i really wouldnt bother keeping all the fish, choose a few of your favourites and sell the rest.
  4. thanks everyone for your replys so far, denniss, what i want is a good filtration system that i dont need to clean each week, and that does an excellent job of keeping water clear and fresh, at the moment i have 2 cannistera aqua 1 that i clean every six months, and dont touch other wise and i have 2 powerful internals, which work great when clean but towards end of week when they are getting clogged up the water will start to cload up abit, and the internals sponges are black, and today i had enough of dirty brown sponges, mind you just replaced them the other week, and i hosed them today to clean them, but i find these filters do a great job at not leaving any poo on the floor of my 170gallon, which is one of my main complaints, i just cant stand seeing poo on the floor or floating on top, i hate it terribly, so what i have is 13 fancy goldfish bare bottom in a 170 gallon tank, with 2 cannisters currently and 2 2200 lph internal filters, but i want more of a hassle free fliltration system that i dont need to clean very often at all, and one that will pick up waste from fish tank.
  5. hi guys, i'm looking into this type of filtration, i would love to hear from people that use this, and your experiences good or bad, also is this suitable for hi wasteage fish like goldfish??? thanks
  6. lovely fish, and great tank. i also have a large tank like yours, but i'm struggling with good filtration, so just wqondering what are you using for filtration? and do you have still areas where waste gathers?? i'm looking into a commercial filtration set up that may cost hundreds, but i still have to see if it can be fitteed to my tank, this is my last option otherwise i'm getting rid of my fish, as the maintance is just killing us, trying to keep it clean, and the time it takes each weekend and daily phythoning those still areas. i also have justg 13 in my tank. looks like soon to be 12 as one fish is ill.
  7. what i have done in this situation works great, first make sure you have removed any air tubes, so your not putting more air through the filter, then if you can attatch some sponge on the filter outlet, and that will slow the water pressure, it has worked great with my two very powerful 2200 filters. but with these i also added extra tubing to the outlet so the sponges had more room to be tied tightly to the tubing.
  8. i think if you buy small younger fish you will need to look at up grading much quicker, then when you have larger older fish, i currently have 14 fancies in a 179 gallon, and my husband and i are quite prepared to by another 6 footer, for our 4 new babies, in about 2 years if we still have all our fish. all my fish are about 2to 3 years now, so they have slowed gown abit in growth size but are now maturing more, with wens and growing bigger in width, but the babies are only 2 inches so they still have quiet abit growth left, until they start to slow down, that is why in about 2 years i will be able to see if i need another bigger tank.
  9. WOW that sounds like a cool system you have for your fish, 100% dedication there, thats great, no wonder he looks fantastic, 1 very spoilt friend you have there. well done.
  10. wow what a beauty a very stunning fish you have, i just have a few questions, when you keep them out then bring them in, does it stress them going to not natural lighting and to a tank home? where people can look in and walk past ect, also when you bring them in does there colouring fade as they dont get natural uv rays? also how it is summer there, and you have brought him in will he fade much quicker?? as he has been out and now coming in. just wondeing about these few things.
  11. thanks again everyone, i am very proud of my fish, i love showing them off to everyone that comes and visits, and everyone that comes to our place, loves watching them, and laughing at them, cos of there shapes and sizes and there features,like there eyes & bellies ect. it's a fantastic hobby and i really enjoy it.
  12. thankyou everyone for your lovely comments, for the person that asked me about my tank, it is 179 gallons 6ft x2ftx2ft.
  13. thankyou everyone for your lovely comments, for the person that asked me about my tank, it is 179 gallons 6ft x2ftx2ft.
  14. thankyou very much, we love them and really enjoy watching them as well. i cant wait to get a better digi camera though , this one is old now and it is so hard to take good pics, and they come out so dark.
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