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    I have never tried feeding my fish crickets, but they aren't toxic, the only way I could think of them making a mess of the thank is if your fish didn?t eat them and you left them in the tank to rot. I vaguely remember someone once saying that they fed their fish crickets though I am not sure if the fish were koi or goldfish, I am not too sure about this but I think that they said that they removed the crickets back legs to make them easier for the fish to eat. I don't know how big your fish are but cutting the crickets in half or smashing them might also make them easier for your fish to eat. I tried feeding my fish meal worms a few years ago, she loved them but I was paranoid when she seemed to have a hard time eating the exoskeleton (plus they really grossed me out) so I haven't fed her meal worms since.
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    honestly grapes are OK for goldfish, they may be toxic for some other animals but they won't hurt your goldfish, if you still don't believe me check the Koko's goldfish food page , scroll down a bit and look under the home fish foods list. "Some fish foods that you and I eat the fish can eat to for example: Romaine lettuce, Peas cooked, earthworms, eggs, cucumber, insect larvae, grapes,oranges, and spinach. This is just a short list of some of the foods. "
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    My goldfish loves blueberries and oranges , she also likes apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries and kiwi.
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    Its ok to feed goldfish grapes (my goldfish loves them), but you have to remove the skin, also grapes are high in sugar so only give them grapes as an occasional treat because they can't process sugar very well and it messes with their digestive system.
  5. CAEs will out grow a ten gallon tank, plus mature CAEs aren't very good algae eaters they seem to prefer eating pellets or flakes.
  6. Here she is. I am thinking of naming her Kazoo after the alien on the Flintstones cartoon (at least I think that was his name ) .
  7. I wouldn't recommend using sand for goldfish. Keep in mind that if you use sand as a top layer and something gravel-like as a bottom layer, the larger particles will eventually work their way up and end up on top.
  8. I finally bought a snail, I think that it may be a female Pomacea bridgesii, the shell is a bit scarred but the blue-gray color is pretty. This is my first snail and I have a few questions. Will it need to be quarantined? Will it eat live aquatic plants? I have read that P. bridgesii will not, but I am still worried about the plants in my tank. Are there any fruits and vegetables that snails particularly like? It is only about an inch long, how big can I expect it to get?
  9. I know that this is kind of an old post, but if you are willing to buy a new tank you could buy a 5.5 gallon mini bow and replace the 15 watt incandescent light with a 20 watt Coralife Mini Compact Colormax fluorescent bulb which should give you about 3.6 wpg Coralife Mini Compact Colormax dose not look very bright since it has a purplish hue to it, but it works great for plants, the 20 watt Coralife Mini Compact 50/50 should also fit in the mini bow 5 and it should also be brighter than the Coralife Mini Compact Colormax bulb, but the 50/50 bulbs are not the right spectrum for plants, they may work, but I haven't tried them myself.
  10. I am not very good at explaining things so here's a link that should help.
  11. I haven't kept anubias myself, but from what I have read about them they are slow growing low light plants. They should be fine under stock lighting and with out fertilizer, but they will need to be removed from the sponge stuff that they come in. If you put them in votive jars with gravel like you mentioned make sure not to bury the rhizome, another thing that you could do is attach them to large rocks or driftwood by tying them on with cotton string, in a few months the string will dissolve leaving the plant sitll attached
  12. If you are going to cut off the flower stalk you want to remove the whole thing and not just the top of it. I have left the flower stalks on , and none of them have gone into hibernation, I even pollinated the flowers with a paint brush and have gotten a few plantlets. My lily bulbs floated too, they didn?t sprout and ended up rotting, so I send them back to the company for replacements. The replacement bulbs sank like a rock and sprouted a week later.
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    I only have one goldfish and she is about 6 in from head to tail. The blueberries I fed my fish were wild berries which are about half the size of the frozen ones from the store, for smaller fish you may have to cut the berries into smaller pieces.
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    Why would I be mad? No the poo wasn't blue and neither was the water. They didn't cloud the water in my tank, but If your fish don't eat the them, you should remove the uneaten berries from the tank or else they may cloud the water.
  15. you might have wanted to post this in the plant section instead of the tropical fish section, but to answer your question both plants are definitely root feeders.
  16. I dont really remember, it probably took about 2 weeks. I dont know if this had anything to do with then rooting or not, but I didnt have any fertilizer when I first bought the the plants, so when I finally got it in the mail put some in the tank they grew roots and leaf buds a few days later. I kept mine weigted, and made sure not to wrap them too tight so the stems wouldnt rot. If I leave them to float they usually end up dying, I don't know if that is because I don't have a green thumb, or if the plants just dont like floating.
  17. my guppies love eating algae (especially brown algae), for 2 weeks after they went into my planted tank they refused to eat anything else . I think that they finally got tired of only eating algae and they finally got back to eating their bloodworms and TetraMin Tropical Flakes.
  18. Your guppies should be fine, but one of them will probably be a little stressed due to dominance issues. You could probably squeeze in a third male guppy, but any more is definitely pushing it. I have 2 male guppies in my 6 gallon planted tank, the larger one postures with his dorsal fin rased and swims in a shaking motion to assert his dominance over the smaller guppy. Posturing doesn?t usually go on for very long its usually under a minute, and neither fish is ever harmed. My guppies don?t posture very often most of the time they get along and seem rather content, especially when they graze on algae.
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    I threw a few fresh blue berries in the tank after I removed the skins, and my fish had the cutest look on her face as she ate them, I could tell that she absolutely loved them.
  20. When I first got my bacopas, they were in pretty bad shape their leaves were broken, the terminal buds were eaten off by the lfs? fish, they had no roots, and the bottom of the stems had rotted from the weight being wrapped too tight, but after having them for a week or so they grew roots and new side shoots.
  21. I have a solid green and a molted photos philodendron submerged in my goldfish tank. The plants have been in there for a few months and are doing fine, my goldfish nibbled them once and hasn?t bothered them since, plus I think the leaves are a little to tough for her to chew through. I don?t think that heart leaf philodendrons are the type that are able to survive under water in an aquarium, they will probably end up rotting. Here?s a thread on another site that can help you id your plant.
  22. I have both the 2.5 and the 5 gallon minibow tanks, they both come with 15 watt incandescents, but they can be replaced with these 10 watt mini compact florescents bulbs. I have a Coralife Colormax bulb in my 6 gallon planted tank, but its not very bright and has a purple-ish hue to it, so I am thinking of replacing it with a Coralife 50/50.
  23. Syringes are useful fish keeping tools One use is syphoning water from the tank. (note: this only works if you have small air line tubing) First you need at least 6 feet of air line tubing, a clothespin or adhesive tape to keep the air line tubing in place, a bucket for excess water, and an oral syringe (it doesn't matter what size syringe is, but its better to have one that holds a lot of water though). Place one end of the tubing in the tank three inches or more inches below the water line depending on the amount of water you want to remove from the tank. Secure the tubing in place with the either the clothespin (be careful not to pinch the tubing if you are using the clothespin) or tape (if you are using tape, only use it on the out side of the tank). Place the other end of the tubing in the bucket, you can also secure the tubing in place if necessary. Take the oral syringe and insert it into the end of the tubing that is in the bucket, then draw back the end the syringe, this should start your syphoning without you having to suck up any nasty fish water. Cleaning air line tubing You have your choice of cleaning agents, you can choose from: a bleach solution diluted with water, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, or a heavy solution of salt and water. (You can also use your own choice of antibacterial just as long as its fish safe and you rinse equipment well after use) Fill a container with your desired cleaning solution and place tubing into it. Submerge both ends of the tubing in the solution, then fill the syringe with the solution, then inject the solution into the tubing while holding both syringe and tubing under the surface. Continue to do this until you have forced all of the air out of the tubing, then allow it to soak for a few minutes. Fill another container with clean water or just throughly clean out the previous container and fill with clean water. Rinse the syringe by repetitively drawing in clean water then expelling it. Rinse the out side of the tubing then place it into the water then submerge it then repeat the underlined process above using fresh water rather than a cleaning solution and you should allow the tubing and syringe ( if you decide to keep) to soak in water for at least 24 hours. Another use is to apply external medication to an injured fish First you will need a clean bucket with water from the tank to hold your fish in during the medication process, an oral syringe, and medication. Fill the syringe with the amount of medication that you will need, then set it aside. Remove your fish from the tank and place it into the container with tank water in it. Hold your fish slightly above the surface of the water and squirt the medication on the injuries. Then when you are done medicating your fish place it back into the tank. Feeding medicated food to specific fish (this may be more difficult for fish that are not used to being hand fed) (this may also be used to feed fish who don't get an equal portion due to another greedy fish) What you will need: a syringe, fish food of your choice, and some tank water. Open the syringe and fill half full at most, with fish food of your choice, then join the two sections of the syringe together again, now fill the rest of the syringe with tank water. If there are any bubbles of air, hold the tip of the syringe up and flick the syringe until the bubbles reach the tip then squeeze out the remaining air bubbles and add more water if needed ( this can be a little tricky sometimes). Once the food has had enough time to absorb some of the water, slant the tip of the syringe up wards and try your best to remove most of the water, without removing most of the food (don't remove too much water, because the food will not come out when you try to feed your fish.). Once you have most of the water out you are then ready to feed you fish. Preform your usual fish feeding rituals, then once you have isolated the fish in need of the specific food, squirt out some in front of your fish's mouth, the more you do this during each feeding, the more accustomed your fish will become to being fed in this manner. I highly recommend that you either throw away or disinfect the syringe after each use!
  24. In second grade my teacher kept slugs as a class pet, I always thought that they were kind of intresting, though their terrarium smelled horrible.
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