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  1. Thank you everyone I really love it.
  2. Thats a Beautiful stand and hood the tank dosn't look to be a 120 Mine is a six foot long 120 .I guess if you hafed mine and stacked it it could be like that one But seems it would be taller than the one shown . erin it looks like it would clean up if the glass is not scratched . But alot of elbow power. It would be beautiful if all jazzed up.
  3. Fred I wouldnt worry if you just Use a little bleach and rinse it out real well . Rinse a couple of times , Then fill up use some prim and let it sit for a few Hours you should be ok. When you are done rinsing it you should smell no more bleach. Hey congrats on the new tank.
  4. Ron your Pictures and Vidios are always amazing . I love looking at them i sea the ocean through your eyes I am unable to do things like that so keep them comming.
  5. Thanks Everyone . My husband also bult Hoods for my 30 and 20 when I had them up He is so talented . Fred I have just the regular lights that came with the tank they are sitting on top of the glass top just under the hood .I do need new bulbs because one is brighter then the other. Fishcrazy I have 7 right now with one in a qt tank so there will be eight. I have been trying to take pics of them but my camera dosn't want to cooperate or its the fish im not sure . Ill keep trying
  6. Ok My Husband Built me a Hood for my 125 gallon tank I love it Before .
  7. Thank you imtammyo . Beleive me its hard not to just fill it up I have room for 5 more but im holding out for special ones I want a couple of bigger goldies .
  8. Thanks jimmy it was 75.00 . I got a real good deal .
  9. Hi Erin I think that is the going rate for a tank of that size with stand and canopy . there is one in my local newspaper 125 gallon tank stand and hood for 450.00 Including rocks ,fish and filters . so it dosn't seem to high in the store it would cost about a 1000.00 or more for that big of a tank with stand and Hood. I just got real lucky with mine.
  10. Erin sorry to here that martin isn't much better. its a hard decission to make my thoughts are with you and martin.
  11. Hi julie . I would say if the panty hoses arn't messing with your filter .I would leave them on for a while longer just to make sure nothing happens to jelly bean . Thats what i would do its better to be over proctective then under.
  12. They are so cute I love the cheeks I want to squeeze them
  13. Chris so sorry to hear about your tank.
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