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  1. So sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a cool fish.
  2. Are you using aged tap water? Spring Water? Well Water? Normal, straight out of the tap water? This could help us figure out what is wrong
  3. If it is finrot, a salt bath might help. There are different dosages depending on the severity of the problem. With my one koi, her fins turn red sometimes. I just do a light salt treatment and she's fine again. Never had to treat finrot in the tank though...
  4. Lol... now I'm going to get them for the guppy tanks! Now what am I going to do? The world is coming to an end!
  5. Probably. Really small tank - she gets a pond in the spring though. At least siphoning is fun, lol
  6. My levels were fine, but I ran out of test kits! I have to go get some more. I did a big water change, it already seems to be helping. Now I'm thinking ammonia buildup.
  7. My two koi are about five inches long... My koi are shy, but very observant and curious. Believe me, my koi love being handfed... Thry think every piece is interesting and tastes different!
  8. Two out of the three can be handfed. The other one is too small...
  9. I'm trying to make new diets for my fish, but everything I come up with has too much protein. Is there anything for fish that does not have much protein? Or that doesn't have any protein at all?
  10. I have had my koi in that tank for so long... I figured I should do something new with them... In the spring they get a pond lol!
  11. My one koi has been getting red on her fins and mouth lately, almost like ammonia burns but they come and go. None of my other fish have that. The latest place is her black tail, which has been getting a red tint. She acts fine, but the redness comes and goes. It's started up again. .3 salt solutions have helped her, but now its back worse than ever. I'm wondering if I should try the salt again or use something else. I love my koi, she's gold and black and very nice. She's calm and is the lesser fish in the tank. Any suggestions?
  12. I read somewhere that they are nematodes and are harmless to your fish. Just siphon your tank and it should be fine.
  13. How to Handfeed your Koi - The Fun Way I wrote this up for koi, but I'm sure it would work with goldfish too.
  14. Last night, I decided to give my koi a few of the sundried baby shrimp. Then I thought, "I should start training them to hand feed!" I found one of the bigger shrimp and held the tip in the water. After about two minutes, Flash came up and snatched it away from my hand. I did the same thing again. Flash came up again. Finally Honeybee started to get into the act and before I knew it, they were putting on a seaworld show! They would put their heads out of the water, I would throw a shrimp over to the other side of their tank, they would litterally jump out of the water over to it. I gave them a good meal, and good exercise. Guide for Training: Get dried bloodworms or dried baby shrimp. I use shrimp, and this guide refers to shrimp. You can find them in the fish section of nnnnnn, vvvv (etc). Open the jar, and crunch one up with your fingers. They float. If your koi (and/or goldfish) seem to enjoy it, feed it as a supplement to them. After they are used to this food, including the huge big pieces, you can begin training them. Hold a long piece between your thumb and index finger. Put the tip in your tank. Get their attention by moving it a little bit. When they come over, do not make a sound or move it. They will probably look at it and swim off. Keep trying. When one finally comes near you, drop the shrimp into the water. This is a reward. Repeat this. After a few shrimp, you can really training them. That is more of a warm-up. This time, when they come over, do not let go of the shrimp. Hold it loosely. The koi will probably steal it from you, or break off a little piece. After a while, this will be easy and fun for you and your koi. Be warned - you might get splashed. Enjoy!
  15. How pretty... It could just be a scar. My one fantail has gotten a couple of those. Try the salt at a .3 amount. Keep him in for three minutes or so... if its fishie lice, it should fall off. Keep us updated, he is such a pretty fish
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