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  1. So sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a cool fish.
  2. Well, Cindy is getting pretty fat. I moved her over to the fry tank. I bought Cabombia (sp?) Because the guppy fry at the store were hiding in it. I thought that would be nice. I put pantyhose over the filter. It still moves the water through, but not the waste. Oh well, i'll probably use some netting.
  3. I got some new plants today for the tank that will work to hide the fry. Cindy looks like its going to be a few more days. My new problem now is finrot. Should I salt the tank or do a salt treatment with the affected fish?
  4. I used a koi to cycle my two guppy tanks.
  5. Are you using aged tap water? Spring Water? Well Water? Normal, straight out of the tap water? This could help us figure out what is wrong
  6. If it is finrot, a salt bath might help. There are different dosages depending on the severity of the problem. With my one koi, her fins turn red sometimes. I just do a light salt treatment and she's fine again. Never had to treat finrot in the tank though...
  7. Normally, just her friends Libby, April and no name (females). Sheen (male) is in there too, but I would put Cindy in the breeding trap alone or with a friend. I was thinking of using panty hose.
  8. Well, I checked on my guppies this morning, and Cindy is getting big. She has a dark gravid spot and a big belly. One problem though: The fry tank isn't ready for fry. I have one of those power filters, the ones with the tube that sucks up water, and strains it through the carbon and then lets the clean water out through a waterfall. I want to know a few ways to fry-proof it so they can't get sucked up. I also need a guppy trap to keep the fry safe, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to find one soon. I need to figure out how to make one in the next few days. Any help?
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