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  1. LOL thats grand. I love to hear lil comments like this. Maybe one day I will get a shabukin. thanks for that lil anecdote
  2. u are right. Of course I was just curious I am so happy with my two lil ones tho. I cant wait until they get bigger! they will eventually be moved to the 60 gal. thanks for everyones advice.
  3. wow sounds like alot of wk. i would stick to goldfishies...but i wish i had a pond! gl with ur koi keeping.
  4. I have a common that has a 3-3.5 in body. I have a commet that has a 3 in body. I will have them for a year next month but they are probably a year already. They had slow growth because in the beggining i was so careful not to overfed them. I also heard about the swim bladder disease and did not realize that is was more aplicable to the fancies. So anyways I upped the feedings because I want my fishies to be big and healthy! looking forward to the results! thanks!
  5. If i was a college professor u would get an A for such a wonderful post! thank you. There are alot of people that need to hear that!
  6. LOL seems so obvious. but hey...Ill do it thanks
  7. wow. where did u get that pond? its great! I would like to start off with a pond like that! im so jelous! lol JK. looks nice n i bet the fishies are loving it
  8. wow awesome photography. I wish u could come over n take pix of my fishies. They are so stubborn and camera shy lol. Looking forward to more pix
  9. wow nice fishies? have u measured them? They are so nice n plump looking. Thats what i like about ryukins! congrats
  10. all these wonderful pix are making me want one!
  11. Yes I talked it over with my roomate (who wants to eat them--he said they look like colorful tilapia LOL) and asked him if we could sell them to the LFS. It will help him pay the rent! Thanks for the tip on the water temp. I went over to the tank to check the temp and its at about 80-82F and i went to check the heater and realized it was not on. Does anyone have anytips for keeping the water a tad cooler? I live in Southern california desert area. The best I could think of is to keep the tank away from the window--which it is. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  12. yeah I would really like to keep the algae on the sides of the tank when it gets to the front i ussually scrape it off with this awsome new squeegie i got at nnnnnn. Im glad to hear that the algae helps with the nitrites. I think its green algae. I do catch my fish snacking on the sides of the tank once and a while. im glad they are happy!
  13. I have inherited 2 huge oscars. My roomate accepted them when his friend offered them to him (as he was moving) when we got them both the fish were in a 40 gal and could bearly do anything. I felt sorry for the fish and let my roomate put them in our 60gal. They were doing ok for a while but i know that there is still not enough room for both of them. They fight everyday because of once chooses on side of the tank the other wants that side also. then the next day they are fighting over the other side. What should I do? my roomate does not take good care of them and could care less if i got rid of them. Should I sell them to the LFS? i cant buy separate tanks for them both of them...my babies are the goldies and I dont even have the money to spoil them the way i want. Will the oscars be fine? should I sell one? maybe give one away? any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much.
  14. thank you. orandas are nice. maybe if i move my goldies to the 60 galon tank I will get a fancy. My hubbie wants to get rid of the huge oscars which are in HIS 60 gal. he rather have the goldies in there. i would have so much fun making in to my personal goldie haven!
  15. I have my tank by the window because it looks awsome there...in the kitchen behind the sink...again looks fabulous there. N E hoo I have had algae growth but not boom. it is not in direct sunlight. But i have always wondered does GF benifit from algae. I would think so because its a plant but i dont want to assume. I also hear that plecos eat algae but i heard only certain types. How do I tell what kind of algae is growing on the side of my tank? and what are the benifits of this algae... as i would not want to remove it if its benificial for my little ones. thanks
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