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  1. Your fish look nice and healthy to me,they seem to be pretty big, What i do when refilling my tank is use a big chip bag clip to hold my python to the plastic tank edge so the water pours into the tank.This way i do not have to stand there holding the hose,just make sure it is on secure. I'm sure your fish are fine.
  2. Thanks for the info tinkokeshi.ill give that a try soon,now for the pic taking,which will prove harder i think lol.
  3. newfie

    Big Fish

    We are thinking the same koko,if there is more volume of water per fish and more space,water quality would be much better,less stress on the fish,less chance of disease...and much happier for us lol.I have a tiny bit of gravel barely covering the bottom and i do two water changes a week.Alot of people at first think its such a huge tank and little fish,but not for long,goldfish can and will get huge,that 55 will look small in no time...
  4. Im not sure if my aquatic pic taking will be all that good lol,but how do you go about adding pics onto the site?
  5. newfie

    Big Fish

    Actually when you take into the equation if you have decorations and gravel etc,there is less than 55 gallons all together,so 5 is to many,i have 4 in a 72 and would not add anymore..
  6. I know this is a older subject,but i was told today by a person from nanananananan that they are going to stop selling fish,all of the chains will not have fish anymore,this is good news i think,as they should never had them in the first place...
  7. I ended up picking up four todayand took my pleco back to the lfs,as my tank dont get direct sunlight so i see no need for him.I got a black moor with amazing flowing tail,two redcap orandas,and a ryukin.I think im going to go with 5 now and keep the extra space open for when i find a beautiful calico as i really like those.They seem to be settling in fine and i usually do two 25 to 40% water changes a week,with one gravel vac,hope this will work out good....
  8. actually after having a crayfish for some years,i was debating on buying a 400 gallon and trying out the salt water lobsters,but how could i resist them in my tank lol.Sadly these lobsters never made it to far.
  9. Hey chrissy nice to chat again lol.5 would be great in my tank and will sure fill it up,but i may settle for 4,this will keep the water quality much better and allow me more decorations in there,thanks guys..
  10. Hi guys,havnt been on here for a while,i went to chcilids,but no matter what i try,cant keep them from killing one another,and im really not into that kind of fish keeping,so back to goldfish which i always enjoyed keeping.I have a 72 gal bowfront with one spotted pleco,orange spotted i think,how many fancies would you guys keep in this tank?Filter is a eheim 2,2028..
  11. Great job on the tank stand,im a master craftsman and this is impressive,only thing i can see is you didnt use the original doors,these doors are a different wood grain,but lovin it just the same.Now your making me want to get a project going lol.
  12. Hi guys,i have a 55 gallon with a green severum,albino red tail shark,keyhole,swordtail,3 tiger barbs,2 zebra danios,i was wondering if i was already overstocked,i would like to add one of those albino plecos.Also im going to be going on vaction for two weeks,so i give them a good feeding the day i left,would they be ok,till i get back,it will be 13 days,i was also thinking about putting some letuce in the tank,which may feed them for another day,any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  13. wow i didnt realize that i would only be able to keep one severum in a 55 gal. tank,is there anything else that may work out with him in there,thanks.
  14. I have a turquoise severum,jack dempsey,and a firemouth in a 55 gallon,will this work out in the long run.Im kinda worried the severum wont be able to defend against the other two,i want to keep the severum so if i have to take one back to the fish store which of the other two would be more suitable with him,any advice would greatly be welcome..
  15. not quite sure if their a pir,they do spend alot of time together but only about a inch yet so its hard to tell.A german ram would fit nicely but i tried them before and they didnt last too long,so im looking for something with a bit of color to add..
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