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  1. Well my little brother Henry has been studying mum feeding the fish in the office tank, and He climbed on a chair in the office tonight and decided to feed the fishies when we weren't looking. He must've thought they were really hungry. lol Here are some aftermath pics and the cleanup effort. Hide the evidence! -Closer better view of previous pic Blue obviously doesn't seem to care. lol Food on lid and tank bottom -Tank after cleanup You wouldn't believe how many betta bites (for the gourami) and algae wafers we sucked up with the syphon!
  2. I got some more pics!!! All 3 snails in perfect alignment: Jeremy and Blue: Blue and his reflection: Garion Jr and Blue: Jeremy and Blue: Jeremy climbing over the shell of dearly departed Jimmy. (Who Jeremy is kind of named after. Jimmy died about half a year back, we had him for a while. RIP Jimmy) Also guys, its not just aqua snails I'm interested in! Yesterday I picked up two snails from my backyard. I've put them in a large jar with grass and leaves in it, and put Gladwrap over the top with holes in it so they can breathe. Does anybody have some caretaking tips? Here are some pics! Snails out the back. A snail in his Jar infront of the tank, compared to Blue. that was a lot of pics! Phew!
  3. Thanks Selena. Unamed finally has a name now. He is now called Jeremy!
  4. My aquaclear hob's are very quiet and apparently long lasting because of the impeller and impeller pump case are made of quality material. Some other brands use cheap impleller's that warp over time, hence the noise.
  5. Your cat is formulating a plan to infiltrate the perimeter of the tank without getting wet.
  6. Hi. Close up: And my other dog little one: And don't forget, check my mystery snail thread for pics of my slimy friends.
  7. Hi guys, this is the first time in this forum for me, but I have two pond pics (that I took) which include a couple of goldies making ripples, and Mcfish, (formely Horatio fat-fish) who mum reckons is fat And the extra pic: *drum roll*
  8. Hi guys finally got some pics! Blue and unamed: Unamed: Unamed and Garion Jr Blue: Blue and female pleco: I hope you like them.
  9. Hi everyone! Okay well for my birthday this year i got two golden mystery snails. One is called Garion Jr and the other is unamed. Garion Jr has dwarfed unamed in the matter of 19 days, which really surprises me, and kind of concerns me that one might be getting more food, but mum says they're both getting the same. Yesterday I got a brown shelled mystery snail with a blue foot and body named blue. He is very shy and just now he is moving a little. Does anyone know why he is scared? If anybody has tips with these mystery snails they would be most welcome. Pictures coming soon.
  10. We usually name our fish based on appearance, such as Cutiepie, Panda girl, and other times we name them just how we feel like it, or after people Rainbow ripples, ceasar, etc.
  11. I think your new guys are very young and in a new environment. Not only is their eyesight challenged but they don't have any older, more experienced fish to copy, so they have to learn it all by trial and error. They sound very amusing but they will soon catch on to all the tricks of finding food. I'm glad you're getting so much enjoyment out of them. edit: actually, it's me Annette, forgot to logg on again.
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