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  1. I put a UV sterilizer in my container pond because I got so tired of battling the green water. In a matter of days the algae was gone. My water is white or milky. Does anyone know how long it takes for the water to become completey clear? The pond was cycled before I put the uv sterilizer in.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I won't worry about it then. But it is indeed gross. I'm trying to skim it off but it is floating all through the water. Hopefully I can get it filtered out.
  3. I brought the fish in the house 4 weeks ago because of another problem. I have corrected the other problem but not put the fish back outside yet because I am doing a fishless cycle before I put them back out there. The pond is not finished cycling yet. The pollen just started falling 2 or 3 days ago. So I don't know how the pollen will effect them. Thanks for your input.
  4. I have a container pond on my patio that is approx. 350-400 gallons. There is a wooded thicket on the back of my lot with pine trees, oak trees, etc. There is yellow pollen (I guess it's pollen) all over everything, the cars, patio furniture, etc. A neighbor said it comes off the pine trees this time every year. This pollen is getting into my pond water and turning it sorta yellow. Does anyone else have this problem and will it hurt the fish?
  5. I bought a 6 foot dia. stock tank, it's roughly 400 gallons. I'm using it as a patio pond for my goldfish. Ever since I started keeping goldfish I have been looking for a good way to keep the water heated over the winter. I finally found a heater for ponds. They are called Hot Rods. They come on when the water reaches 60 deg. F. I bought one and used it this last spring for awhile until the weather warmed up. Seemed to work well. It's a bit pricey but I think it is going to be worth it. It does not run the electric bill up either. Here's the web site if anyone is interested. Heating Your Pond
  6. I was wondering how you are going to heat your pond?
  7. Your pond is wonderful! So peaceful.
  8. I have had to salt my tank to 0.3% and my bristlenose pleco tolerated it very well.
  9. If the barrel is located under a shelter, like a porch you might be safe to use acquarium heaters. If it's going to be out in the direct weather then I woudn't. I have tried using acquarium heaters in my porch pond. They never heat the water adequately. The heat escapes. This is why some use the styrafoam tops. I have even contacted TetraTec regarding a heater for outdoor containers and they know of no heater for outdoor use. I expressed a need for one. The deicers are only that, they will keep ice from freezing the top completely, but will not heat the water.
  10. I have searched high and low for a heater that will work for an outside tub/barrel; can't find any. Some are using acquarium heaters and then covering the tub with styrafoam to hold the heat in. I have not tried this because I'm not sure it will work in my climate. I agree with Sandy, I think if you can somehow bring your fish in for the winter it's best.
  11. When I salt my tanks I have been measuring the correct amount of salt and putting it into a clean knee high stocking. Then I just put the stocking into the tank, hanging it from the top of the tank and the salt dissolves very quickly.
  12. I was doing a water change, and did a really stupid thing. I left the room while the water was draining to prepare some new filters and when I looked over at the tank my Oranda, Rusty was stuck to the tube by her wen. I immediately shut the valve and freed her but her wen is torn. A piece of her wen is still attached but is flapping around as she swims. I have put Melafix in the water and I know to keep the water pristine, but do you think I should trim the loose piece of wen. I certainly do not want to stress her right now. Should I add some salt along with the Melafix? She seems fine, she is swimming as she usually does. I feel awful . I know better than to leave the tank while it's draining, but my fish are fairly large and I've never had any mishaps with the python, so I let my guard down. That was a big mistake.
  13. I have a 5 gal., 10 gal., 46 gal., 75 gal., and a 46 gal. porch pond.
  14. Goldienkatie, Welcome to Koko"s. Congratulations on your fantails. I know you are going to get much joy from your new pets. Anything you need help with you can find here. I understand about money and space being tight. Oftentimes you can find used tanks, like at garage sales, or thrift stores for very low cost. If you can possibly make the space a 20 gal would be great. You can also use tubs if you have a place for it. As long as your fish are healthy I'm sure they ate the flakes. Goldfish love to eat. Try soaking the flakes a little so they will sink. This way they will not take in too much air by eating them off the top. Also, until you are able to get a tank and filter you will need to do 100% water change every day making sure to add the dechlorinator. Goldfish create a lot of waste and water quality is very important to keep them healthy. Good luck
  15. Just because a fish can survive in a smaller environment does not mean they will be happy. When we domesticate fish/animals, etc... it is our responsibility to provide them with as much space as we can to allow a stress free environment. I have 4 fish in a 75 gal., 3 are fairly large. As I watch them swim around the tank I can't imagine them in anything smaller, they would not have enough room. I think the 10 gal. per fancy is a good place to start but the fancies can get big and I think that even 10 gal. each is strictly a minimum.
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