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  1. In my experience, this tank is totally inadequate for keeping goldfish. Becuase of the customization, it is difficult to add supplemental filtration. Although no one here could help me figure out why my ammonia remained so high everyday, I finally came to the conclusion that the wet/dry filter was not enough for the bioload (only 2 GF in a 50g tank)! The filter intake is at the top of the tank only so NO debris gets through to the pre-filter and water and particulate matter get trapped and remain stagnant in the back chambers. Also, this tank is extremely loud! The water level is very specific so the slightest evaporation (you cannot leave the hood off) leaves the powerhead - which is fixed in the back bottom chamber! - exposed, impeller grinding away... this happens at water changes and during evaporation; the water level must be constant and exact at all times. I have no idea how one would repair or replace that impeller - it would be a very big job! There are a lot of other design flaws about this tank that make it very difficult to service and feed and clean... The people at Casco are difficult to reach and rather unhelpful - it seems even they are not familiar with their own product. For the price of the system, I think the hood is very cheap and only comes with one light. The additional light fixture has to be pruchased separately at additional cost, as well as additional pre-filters. The plugs on the lights are so big they cannot be used with power strip timers. The hood itself is not water safe. It has to be moved completely off the tank every time you want to feed the fish or even take a water sample - totally impractical. So, after months of research and planning, and then months of struggling to get this tank working, I have given up - I bought a new classic 55g tank with two Emp 400s. It is already cycled and the fish are recovering form there stay in the "death trap". I am hoping to sell it to some marine aquarist for whom it is better suited. The tank itself is beautiful. I would recommend Seaclear tanks, just not the System II. I strongly recommend seeing one in a store first so you can be absolutley certain that your filtration (power filter or canister) will fit over the acrylic ledge - I would not take a sales person's word on this. Although, in my experience, most places that sell these tanks do not have any floor models avaible to see - I have suggested it to several stores. I am still a big fan of acrylic tanks, just not this model. That's it - so long. :c055:
  2. Well, I heard from Dr. Lewbart. Understandably, he is very busy, too busy to help... But, hopefully he will contact me again with a referral of a fish spec. vet in my area. We'll see...
  3. Oh, Jeana! I am so sorry this happened to you and Frilly! What a terrible thing to see It was so brave of you to share this painful experience in order to remind us all to be vigilant. I guess I am lucky that I have such poor water pressure... but I still took the flat nozzle off my old manual siphon and stuck it on the end of the Python. This works for big fish - sor the littel fish, I put cheescloth over the end of the suction tube. GF - I have a Leee's but I don't have a grate... Could you show a picture? Did it come with yours? It might be better for my small fish than cheesecloth... Thanks. Even though I do the water changes myslef, I try to only do it when hubby is home so he can keep an eye on the tube when I leave the room. Frilly I hope you can forgive yourself, J - it was an accident
  4. I am so sorry Scrappy This is maddening! I hope you can get to the bottom of it... Sorry your anniversary was so sad, too.
  5. I am sorry to hear about Snowflake I am sure he had a happy life with you. Take care.
  6. I am sorry to hear about your terrible loss x 5 Dropsy is just horrible... I am glad youhave your Betta to keep you company.
  7. I am sorry to hear your sad news Sushi
  8. Oh, I am sorry to hear about Melanion Sounds like he had a great life with such a loving and attentive dad.
  9. Um here is the link on electrocution - I could find it fast enough to edit. http://www.koinutrition.com/index.php?id=43
  10. Oh! I am so sorry to hear about HBF That is just terrible! Sudden death, no warnings, no ideas... I am really sorry . Graham had a few bad days last week but is bouncing back nicely now. He had a faint return of blood streaks in the tail but it cleared up really quickly. Since the tank is new and I am still "learning" it - I think his tail recurrence may have had to do with the fact that the pre-filter was full... as soon as I changed it and did a water change, GN was back to normal. Which made me think... when the streaks were happening frequently, he was in a 20g tank with another large fish. Although the WQ stats were reading just fine, I think they were "overstocked" for 20g - which is why they got the 50g and since then things have been better. So, even though I kept up with WQ, too small is just too small - maybe he was more sensitve in the smaller tank?! Eventually, I will add the UV to this tank but I need it to get more established first. Have you thought about a UV? GN got much better when turned it on! The improvement does support my low-grade chronic septicaemia theory... a bacteriacidal a-bio. would do the trick, too, but it would mess with the cycle. There are some specific signs to indicate electrocution, concurrent with exposure and post mortem, here is some information about it - although I am not sure that the red streaks would be indicative of electrocution: To help prevent against electrocution, one can use a ground probe to detect errant electrical currents int eh tank - but a grround probe will only be effective when used in conjunction with a GFI, from my understanding of all this. A GFI is something that really should, ideally, be used by all aquarists at all times. After this post, I ran out and bought portable automatically resetting GFIs for all the oulets in my house used near water: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=41152 http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=39668 Food - Removing ALL pellets from GNs diet has made a huge difference! I have been feeding him spirulina soaked in Vitamin C, which also appears to have helped him. Jean is great, as usual. They are both getting bigger already with all their new extra space Now, they eat spirulina (with Vit. C), peas, shrimp, clams, scallops, and seaweed. Is there there anything you can think of that was similar in Squish's and HBF's demises? I hope it will all be OK... I guess the water params are still OK... ?!
  11. Thanks for posting that link! (I shoulda done that... Ooops!) That is the website but to order the prodcuts you can call the 1800 number on the site - due to the nature of the product - they don't take online orders. Most of their products are only available to business and zoos and aquariums right now but they have decided to "test" the market and sell some of the products to individual consumer - hopefully, it can become more widely available!
  12. Oh, I am sorry to hear about Cheeks I saw the photos you put and was wracking my brain for any ideas... I guess we may never know now but at least he is no longer suffering. It is so hard to lose a fish! He was very beautiful. Cheeks
  13. heehee - I didn't realize I had to do that... I have made the account public so hopefully it will work now!
  14. I knwo some of you were able to get the putfile video to work, but for those of you who could not open it, hopefully you will be able to see the boys on PB PS - OK, it worked, for me anyway - this video is longer than the putfile. Now I have go shoot soome film of the newbies!
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