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  1. Thanks I will try this! putting them in/near the filter seems the best so you can still have the lid.
  2. I have heard that some people put just the roots(since it is not aquatic) of a pothos plant in their tank to help eat up the nitrates. I was wondering how you would keep it there without leaving the lid open? Has anyone here done this before, or could someone show me some pics of how this works? It sounds like a great idea and I would love to see how it works.
  3. sorry I didn't reply for so long, my computer lost it's internet for a while! I will try to get the exact params within the next few days, but I can pretty much give you a good general idea of what it is without an actual reading. I am like 99.9% sure that the Ammonia and NitrItes are both 0 and the NitrAtes are not above 40(probably less, though), the PH is about 8.3. So you're saying that you don't think Flash actually has some sort of disease? That would be great if this turned out to be nothing because there is a fish that I have had in QT for a long time that is perfectly healthy, and I want to move that one in with Flash if Flash really isn't sick. The thing on her tail is not flat exactly, but it's definatly not an external parasite, no worries there. It's a little fuzzy, but not very big. at first I thought it was a fungus, but the tank was salted to .3% and like i said before, I also dabbed hydrogen peroxide on it, and I don't see how a fungus could survive both of those.
  4. oops, I forgot to tell, you how much I feed! I don't feed too much, obviously that would cause an abnormal amount of poo! I feed as much as they can eat in one min. or less.
  5. well, I had actually posted another thread when my other fish was ill, and was told to use Maracyn plus, and salt couldn't hurt anyway(unless of course you put too much!). I wasn't just medicating randomly, don't worry.The other fish was sitting on the bottom, had long stringy poos, was being overall very listless, getting extremely skinny, and not eating well either. I didn't want to wait until this fish started having those symptoms, because then it could be too late to help. I usually feed once to twice a day, exept I have been fasting her latley in hopes that it is just constapation, and not something more serious. the tank has been running for about two years, so it's not a cycling issue. The filter is a Emperor 400 and I rotate feeding bio-blend by marineland labs, dried baby shrimp, shrimp pellets, and peas. I usually change only 36% of the water every week becuase it's only one small fish in 55g of water. I do use water conditioner, and there hasn't been any meds within the last few months. There is actually a small white sort of puffy thing on her tail, but it has been there for months and hasn't hurt her, so I'm wondering if it is really anything to be worried about. I did treat it once by dabbing it with hydrogen peroxide, but that didn't do a thing to it. And I'm sure that's not what's causing her constipation. BTW, the poos are very long, sometimes several times her body length, and regular brown color, but sometimes also squiggly. I hope that's a good description! thanks!
  6. Hello, I haven't been on here in a long time, but here I am. My fish, Flash, is the only fish in a 55 gallon tank, because her much larger tankmate passed away a few months ago from dropsy, but I suspect internal parasites were the cause of it. Flash has been having constant constapation for the last two weeks at least. I have tried peas and fasting, but to no avail, so I think it may be something else. Since she was in the same tank as the sick fish, it's probably what that fish had, but how to treat it remains a mystery to me, because when the other fish was sick, I tried a lot of medications, none of which worked. I have tried salting, Maracyn Plus, and I can't remember what else. I have been changing her water regularly(although not much needs to be changed since she's the only fish in such a big tank), and other than the constapation, she has been acting normaly. Hope you guys can give me some clue as to what's going on here. Thanks!
  7. Ok I applied the hp by soaking a cotton ball with it an then gently pressed onto her tail. the fungus seems to be shiny now, like sort of a metalic tint right after I applied the hp, wierd. Anyway, I also put some melafix in there just in case. Also I'm going out of town for a week today, so I hope she will be okay wile I am gone. I am of course having someone feed her while I am gone. Just wanted to give an update, thanks for the help!
  8. I already tried salting to a .3% solution, but it didn't help at all, surprisingly. I'll try the Hydrogen peroxide, I do have some of that. thanks for the help!
  9. Hi, my fish has a small fungus on it's tail. the water params are fine and everything, but I just had a question about treating it with iodine. The problem is I only have a bottle of iodine that says "10% Providone/Iodine solution USP", and besides not being just pure iodine I think it is kinda old. It looks like it was a perscription for somthing as it has some sort of paper label on it.Will it still work? I hope the providone part doesn't harm the fish. I also don't really know where to find just pure iodine.
  10. I'm just going to give them a 10 day feeder. I know the food may not be the best quality, but it's better than nothing.
  11. 50% water change, redose maracyn plus and add 50% more epsom salt but not regular aquarium salt, have I got that right? Only one thing, Dusty was supposed to get the second dose tomorow so do I add double the amount or the same? Will it hurt her to get too much all at once?
  12. Nope, my whole family is going on this trip with me. I already have the epsom salt and aquarium salt both in, so what should I do about that? It doesn't actually seem to be harming anything, in fact she is doing rather well today. She has been swiming about more instead of just sitting in one place like she was doing for a while, and she is eating alot better too. Also, since on the first dose of maracyn I still had the carbon in, should I re-dose it and just start all over again? Thanks for the advice!
  13. Sorry for the extra posts, I could not find the edit button! I decided to err on the side of caution, so I did the waterchange and am just going to replace the missing % of meds. Also, I called my friend but she said she couldn't watch my fish because she will be out of town too. And everyone else I know is going on vacation this week, so there is nobody who could medicate the tank in my absence. Should I just add all the doses before I leave or just skip the last one that should be on tuesday when I am gone?
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