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  1. Edit: Sorry ignore that. Haha. This is Lucy, just round Loz's house, forgot I was logged in as her. I'll reply later as myself.. lol.
  2. i'm not yet..... but i met some folk at the FOF this year who are and one was featured in PFK too.
  3. no probs! thanks. it a heck of a mess at the moment, we've had a storm and it's not damaged in anyway, just a mess! spring will be new piccys
  4. i like babies - i like watching them grow up. and the bigger the fish more stress in transport i believe.... and of course price
  5. she'll be calling you in a min or two. Thanks
  6. ahhhh sandy i can't find your # - pm me please
  7. cheers sands i'll tell her. she's doing water change and setting heater last i heard. not had a text for a bit. i'll pass on ya #
  8. cheers, she has done water change, temp is set to 27C, in water is melafix.
  9. Thanks... she wants to know if she should salt? she's just doing a water change.
  10. URGENT advice please. got Lucy on the mobile - she cannot get online and Verity is pineconing!!! What should she do???
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