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  1. My first Goldy came out of a feeder tank, to cycle the tank for african cichlids. I got hooked on goldies, and never set my tank up for anything else. My "feeder", who is named Lucky, is 9" long now, and loving life is his pond with 4 other goldies. I've got other fish, but these 4 are my babies! Robin
  2. Thanks to every one for your kind words, and thanks to Ced for the link! Update: Carrot top the fish is doing well since his jump, I put him on a round of medigold just to be safe. My daughter started her new job this week, and is settling in well My grandaughter is starting speech therapy on Monday, part of a wonderful free program here called "first steps". They provide help for abused children that are behind for their age. I think she will be OK, she is talking more every day. And her latest words are "Yeah! Go sing!" By the way, I've stocked my inside tank with tropicals, and she never looks at them. She just likes her goldies! Robin
  3. YES, Bard, I agree! So happens hubby and I are professional musicians, and music and singing is happening alot in our house! Robin
  4. Hi guys, I haven't posted in a while (life gets in the way), but had to pass this story on! My 3 year old granddaughter (and her mother) have moved in with me. Due to an abusive father, she does not speak, or interact with people in an outward way. When they first moved in, the remoteness of this child was heartbreaking. We couldn't seem to get her to come out of her shell. But she loves my fish! I just put my goldies out into their prefab pond on the deck last week, and she loves to watch them, giggling when they beg for food. She helps me change water too! Her mother and I were in the living room, and my granddaughter suddenly became very upset, crying from the other room. Before we could get to her, she ran into our room, grabbed her mommy's hand, and shouting "Go! Go! Go!", pulled her mom to the back door... Where my newest fish lay flopping on the deck! We scooped him up, and tossed him back into the pond, where he is recovering from his adventure... This was the very first time she had used words to communicate! I'll bless that fish every day! Because of him my granddaughter reached outside of herself and asked for help when she needed it.That incident has opened a floodgate for this child, and she is talking more and more now! Who would have thought goldfish could be so important? Robin
  5. I'll cast one lonely vote for sand. :hide:I have pool filter sand in with my goldies for almost a year, and they love it! They sift through it all the time with no bad effects. Poo just lays on top, and you can just run the siphon a little above the sand and suck it right up. I have 2 emperor 400's, and no prob there. The only thing you need to do is stir the sand with your hand or a stick every few months, to keep toxic gases from building up. I love it! Robin
  6. I love my comets, and my shubbies, but my fave fish is my little feeder fish named Lucky. Not so little now, he's a good 5" after 7 months! Robin PS, thanks for a poll that includes singletails along with fancies!
  7. Thanks, one last question.. What should the outside water temp be up to before I can safely move them outside? Robin
  8. Can I just put some of the old filters from my emperor 400 floating in the pond to help seed it? How about adding some of the existing ornaments (flower pots, shells) to the pond? Could also hang a mesh full of gravel from the aquarium in the pond. Doing all this, and if temps are OK, how soon could I add fish to the pond? Robin
  9. It's still getting down into the low 30's at night, and up into the high 40's, low 50's during the day. That's going to change fast in the next couple of weeks, jumping to lows in the 50's to highs in the 60'-70's, with some drops to colder temps. My indoor temp is 72', and has been stable all winter. Can I start to cycle the pond when night temps hit 40's-50's? Do I need to wait till outside water is in the upper 60's- low 70's? Robin
  10. Egg whites are really good for them. My fishes number 1 favorite food is frozen salad shrimp, thawed and chopped. It's like sugar to a little kid, they zoom around the tank after eating it! Robin
  11. Yes, I still eat fish. I figure if my goldfish will eat other fish, why shouldn't I? Robin
  12. Frozen salad shrimp, egg whites, krill, and spinach. Fish love them, and Sooo healthy! Robin
  13. When I feed Pro-gold, I guess my guys get 4-6 pellets each. (they are 5-7" long) Robin
  14. Your tank is really full, so you don't want to overfeed. I would feed enough for them to eat in 2 minutes 2X a day. Goldies can act like they are starving all the time. DON"T BELIEVE THEM! Feed less, and keep your water quality good, and they will be healthier. Robin
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