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  1. AHHHH!!!!!!!!

    Ok so my boyfriend has a fishtank in in computer room and he is going 2 have guppies... so ne way I have set it up had it running for 2 weeks half filled with water from my fish tanks and 1/2 filled with new water (with ager etc of course) I 1/3 changed the water b4 I put em in... i bought 4 guppies (2 M 2 F) and a plant and added to the tank saturday afternoon... they looked great and happy all weekend swimming around and were VERY happy 2 have a small feed not having 2 compete with so many fish....

    This morning (monday) I was rushing out the door and was just going 2 turn on their tank light and saw one was dead and 2 I dont think will last the day!!!... I know the water should have been changed or something but I was already late 4 work as I had 2 bury the dead one.... :cry1

    I have small guppies which I have had for ages in a section of my divied fighter tank and they r happy... (used 2 have a house mate with a tropical tank and he didnt care about the babies so i used 2 save em grow in in my fighter tank and put em back... I have about 3 left from once he left which I plan 2 add 2 this problem tanbk once it is right)

    I think maybe they got cold? They have a heater but it was a big frost this morning and the room they r in is off the garage so I dont think it is insulated like the house... he really wants a guppy tank out there and it was looking nice when they were all happy!

    WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????? :ill

  2. Hi... I am moving house and putting all my stuff in storage untill the end of the year... ne way where I will b staying I dont have much room....

    ATM I have 2 tanks one tropical (almost empty) and a goldfish tank. I was wondering if it would b ok to put the few tropicals in with the goldfish as I dont have room for the tropical tank.

    I have a handfull of guppys in there and a bristle nose catfish. Can I ad the heater 2 the goldfish tank or wont they like that much? Also would they eat the guppys???

    Im all ears :listen: ne one help me out?


  3. Ok how weird is this... no males guppy but babies!!!.... Well there was a male but he died a few days b4 she last gave birth... so obversly guppies can get pregnant again when they r already pregnent!!! How wierd but cool is that! :newfish

    I am just hoping that some turn out like the father... i saved 1 from her 1st lot and 4 from her 2nd and all 5 of them r geting the yellow tail with the black dots on them... not i have some wich r small still from another lot... there r a lot of them... and now the new bubs... now r they all going 2 look the same? Cause that is kinda boring!... the male was black with a red tail and i want one of the young ones 2 look like that... the mother is like a clear sort of peach colour with a yellow tail. The 3 biggest ones have just become big enough 2 go back into the main tank so thats good as it is pretty bare (out of the 6 guppies i bought i only have 1 the female left!) No there is nothing wrong with the tank dont worry there was white spot when i got the guppies but that was a long time ago now... iw as just glad it fluked in being a male and female that suvived and now i have lots of guppies! :D

  4. ahhhh!!!this is terrible! How horrible!!!! Y do these things happen 2 my fish! I am feeding them tropical fish flakes which i know is not the best 4 them but they can kind of eat it if they try. i had a black more with moth rot but i cleared it up and it was neva cottony... howeva althogh he did get better his mouth was deformed and eventunatly he diede even though he lived happily for about 8 or 10 weeks with no signs of ne thing only he got 2 lazy 2 eat as it was an effort 4 him.

    I dont know whee in canberra i can get special medication... what is it called???

  5. I have 3 female fighters who were all happy till the newet one grew up and i think may actually b a male :angry: (darn pet shop)... ne way one day all of a sudden became agressive and atacked the other 2 really bad ripping off all fins and many scales... :ignore ... ne way the fins r groing back but both of them had this furry mold sort of stuff on their mouths wich looks really gross... I have added prima fix and multi cure... ne way seems 2 b going away... the girls have shrunk though as they rnt eating much... n e way one of then and i presume the other has a gapping hole where her mouth used 2 b and it looks pretty awful...poor thing... this sux what can i do? Obversly she is not with the other f/m what eva it is and will NOT b going back in there but what can i do 4 her now? Her mouth has been eaten away!!!! :ill:o:(

  6. ok so 10 gallon is 40L or 4?... I think 40 sounds better.... Well we have a pretty empty 2foot tank... It has 12 tetras 5 bristlenose one albina catfish and one guppy although I have many of her babies on thir way 2 being alowed back into the tank... would it be ok 2 have the girls in with them? would I need 5 or would the 2 bashed up ones be ok with lots of hidy places from each other and other fish?

  7. Yeah the 2 older ones have no fins at all left!!! They r in a divided spawning tank floating in the trop tank... i dont want 2 put them in vases as i prefer 2 keep them in a heated tank

  8. well that didnt work!






    I___I_________I___ I

    OK full stops r nothing just 2 keep it spaced... I and _ are glass im not good at this!

    edit: this sux it looks right in edit oh well c the 1st side... its a miror image of the other side!

  9. Im not sure about gallons.... I think it is about a 25L tank... the girls section is much bigger though


    I I I I

    I I I I

    I I I I

    I I________ I I eg of divide

    I I I I

    I___ I________ I___ I

  10. I have a tank i have divided into 4... 3 males (although i only have 2 and the 3rd section is currently guppy babies) and one 4 females....

    NE WAY... ;)

    I had one female... got 2 more 2 go with her and she got pop eye from the stress and died....

    One female became dominate so i got another female 2 balance it out... she was younger and smaller and all was good... untill yesterday!!!!

    She is bigger now and decided she wants 2 b boss and has toally mamed the other 2! So they r in floating spawning tanks in the trop tank...

    They look shocking! I have added some multicure 2 prefent them getting ne thing since they have tawn fins (what is left of em) and missing scales and all sorts of terrible things!

    Is there ne thing i can do 2 prevent this hapening again or should i just keep em separated?


  11. OMG!!!

    My fish have been doing that!!!! Not for so long though... they only do it in short spurts...

    When do they mature???? I have only had mine for 2 weeks... they r only small... r they old enough 2 b mateing???

    I found ur video very cute... they r beautiful fish! :heart

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