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  1. AHHHH!!!!!!!! Ok so my boyfriend has a fishtank in in computer room and he is going 2 have guppies... so ne way I have set it up had it running for 2 weeks half filled with water from my fish tanks and 1/2 filled with new water (with ager etc of course) I 1/3 changed the water b4 I put em in... i bought 4 guppies (2 M 2 F) and a plant and added to the tank saturday afternoon... they looked great and happy all weekend swimming around and were VERY happy 2 have a small feed not having 2 compete with so many fish.... This morning (monday) I was rushing out the door and was just going 2 turn on their tank light and saw one was dead and 2 I dont think will last the day!!!... I know the water should have been changed or something but I was already late 4 work as I had 2 bury the dead one.... I have small guppies which I have had for ages in a section of my divied fighter tank and they r happy... (used 2 have a house mate with a tropical tank and he didnt care about the babies so i used 2 save em grow in in my fighter tank and put em back... I have about 3 left from once he left which I plan 2 add 2 this problem tanbk once it is right) I think maybe they got cold? They have a heater but it was a big frost this morning and the room they r in is off the garage so I dont think it is insulated like the house... he really wants a guppy tank out there and it was looking nice when they were all happy! WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????
  2. I dont know if it is a pleco.... spose it could be they r just called cat fish round here and sold as tropical... I think the goldfish tank will b 2 cold 4 him
  3. Hi... I am moving house and putting all my stuff in storage untill the end of the year... ne way where I will b staying I dont have much room.... ATM I have 2 tanks one tropical (almost empty) and a goldfish tank. I was wondering if it would b ok to put the few tropicals in with the goldfish as I dont have room for the tropical tank. I have a handfull of guppys in there and a bristle nose catfish. Can I ad the heater 2 the goldfish tank or wont they like that much? Also would they eat the guppys??? Im all ears :listen: ne one help me out? JAW
  4. OMG!!! My fish have been doing that!!!! Not for so long though... they only do it in short spurts... When do they mature???? I have only had mine for 2 weeks... they r only small... r they old enough 2 b mateing??? I found ur video very cute... they r beautiful fish!
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