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  1. What size is the tank that has the betta, minnow, and the small goldfish? Also, how small is small? You must be going crazy with water changes to keep the 29G in good condition. Maybe you can find a fairly cheap tank in the mean time to help balance your load of fish. Check your local classifieds.
  2. Thanks for the response. He seems to be much better. 2 day fast and I'm feeding peas tonight. I think that must have been what happened. He is the piggy of my group. There have been several times that he has gotten all the food before the other fishy even gets one bite. I'll try to regulate who gets what more from now on. But thankfully, I think that was the only thing wrong with him, and he is going to be fine. Sorry to overreacte. It's just that he is my only fish who has been healthy the whole time I had him, so I got a little worried.
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that in the tank this morning there were several long white stringy strands of poo floating around. This is not normal for my tank. Do you think it's just overeating, or perhaps something more serious? I plan to feed them peas tonight. By that time he will have fasted for 1 1/2 days. I hate to leave them much longer cause my other fish is fine and i can see he's wondering why i'm not feeding him.
  4. 2 nights ago I came in and saw my goldfish floating upside down. When I came over to the tank he swam away, although somewhat struggling to stay upright. This particular fish has never had any type of problem before, but i dismissed it as a swim bladder problem due to possible overfeeding. Earlier that night before he was floating upside down he kept eating bubbles at the top of the tank, then would swim down and spit them out. So I decided to fast for the next day. However, the next evening (last night) I came home and he was sitting on the bottom in the corner of the tank. Fins upright, eyes alert. He's a blue oranda so hard to tell if anything else is going on. But physically appears to be fine. The other fish in his tank seems fine. This morning he was still sitting there in the corner, but when I opened the tank hood he got up and started to swim around probably becasue he thought i was going to feed them. Any ideas what this could possibly be? 20G tank. Ammonia: 0 NitrIte: 0 NitrAte: 15 2 fish. (3" and 4" including tails) temp constant ~75/76 I did a water change Saturday. The night that he was floating upside down. I change about 30% of water every 1-2 weeks and of course use water conditioner for chlorine and chloramines.
  5. grubgal

    Fin Rot

    PH is around 7.5. His water temp has been fluctuating between 80-84. There is no heater. I do have a heater to use, but I have not put it in since the water temps have been so high naturally. I will watch the temp a little closer to make sure it's not fluctuating more than i think. I will probably try the salt for now before I start him on the meds. I will let you know how he does.
  6. grubgal

    Fin Rot

    OK. I got the test results. The water is great. ammonia: 0 nitrIte: 0 nitrAte: 10-15 So why is my fish, who otherwise seems very healthy (swims around, eats) developing this fin rot? It has definitely gotten worse since i first discovered it.
  7. grubgal

    Fin Rot

    The tank had been set up for probably about 5-6 weeks before I got my fish. I filled it with tank water from my tropical set up which is fully cycled. I have to admit that I have been lazy about testing the water. I just assumed it would be cycled by then. As I've said I've had my new fish about 2 weeks. I've changed water 3 times in 2 weeks. I will test tonight no matter what and probably perform a water change if the results are bad. The rot doesn't seem to be too bad yet. At least from pics that I've seen I know that it gets much worse. I think mine is just starting. So I hope to get it under control before it gets worse. Thanks for the posts. I will definitely test water tonight and post back with results.
  8. grubgal

    Fin Rot

    I recently got my first betta about 2 weeks ago. Over the past week I have noticed what looks like minor fin rot. I want to stop this before it gets any worse. What is the best treatment for this? Should I start with salt and daily water changes since it is fairly minor? Or should I go a real medication? He is in a 3 gallon tank with a small biowheel and filter made for that tank. Don't have water params but will check as soon as I can.
  9. grubgal


    I seem to have the same 2 heaters that FishAreNewToMe has. However, I haven't used either of them yet. I originally got the one that looks like a little heating pad that can lay flat under the gravel. Then I saw a regular looking one at nnnnnn that suctions on to the side. But since neither have a thermostat I've been wary of using them. I don't want my water temp to fluctuate too much. Does anyone know if these heaters are constantly on? I mean if my tank water is naturally 78 and it heats the water 4 degrees, then does that mean that if one day my house is warmer than usual and my tank water is naturally 82 then will the heater keep heating up the 4 degrees and it will be 86 degrees?
  10. No, I don't think that he is getting hole in the head. From pictures that I've seen from that it doesn't look the same at all. Just got home, and the blister is even larger than when I left this morning....I don't know how much bigger it can get.
  11. Yes, it is very much like a blister. As for size, well the fish is about 2 1/2" long (excluding tail), and the blister covers the whole top of his head. About the size of a thumbnail (depending on how big your hand is I guess). Pic # 3 above shows how high it sticks up from the side. There is nothing in his tank that he could have injured himself on that I know of. He has 2 plastic plants and a cave with no sharp edges. It appeared in a small amount of time. I left last Friday afternoon. No bump. I returned Sunday afternoon. Large bump. And since then it seems to be gradually getting a little larger. thanks again for all help.
  12. Thanks for the replies. He did always have a very small wen on the top of his head. Just a small bump that I did figure he was a crown pearlscale. However, I know what a wen looks like and what he has now is NOT a wen. As I said it is large and circular and completely clear. You can see through it. I also do not think it is the type of cyst from the link that nichjake attached either. That appears more "solid" from the pic. Can't really see through it. He appears to be doing fairly well other than that. He is swimming and eating normally for the most part. However, he has never been a shy fish, and he is staying more in the back of the tank behind ornaments than swimming out in the open, even when i come around. Which is unusual for him. The bump does seem to be getting slightly larger every day. Looks as if it's going to pop! If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. I will keep you posted.
  13. last one.....sorry, but i couldn't get them any smaller. and they aren't that clear. hope someone can tell what it looks like and help out. thanks.
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