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  1. ok i am going to the lfs tomorrow! thanks again for your help!
  2. ok i'll give that a try! Will the weak spots harden over time? thanks for the quick response!
  3. I am keeping a lone snail in with my goldies, i take him out about every three or four days to give him some extra food because i am sure not much food hits the ground because of his tankmates! I have only had him about two months and his shell is growing, but the new part of it is thin and is rough, it has almost ridges. the ph is 7.4, nitrate 5.0, nitrite 0, and ammonia is 0. i have very hard water where i live, could there still be a calcium deficiency?
  4. they look wonderful i love the little ranchu, and the pictures are very clear and detailed. I have a little cheapo camera and am lucky to get a nice shot!
  5. jaw dropping! I would love to have such a gaint beautiful goldie tank! well done!
  6. I used to keep a male betta in a tropical tank, he did just fine. The tank had platies, zebras, and neon tetras.The only problem i ever ran into was he wouldn't eat the flake food so i would have to wait for him to swim up to the surface for me to feed him a different type of food.
  7. thank you for you response, i will move him to an empty tank and do more research.
  8. it isn't a good idea to mix cold water fish and tropicals but alot of people here have put tetras in with their goldfish, plus goldies get so large they do look at guppies as a quick snack. but i wouldn't worry about mixing goldfish and guppies right now just worry about keeping the 5 gallon tank in good shape.
  9. i was at the lfs just getting some food, and u can never pass the fish section without looking lol. so they had some little crabs (no idea what kind just a bottom feeding solid brown crab) he is missing one leg i was just wondering if it grows back, i'm sure it would be helpful if i knew what kind he was... soo yeah...can u tell what gender a crab is? i named him mr. pinchie...but he might b a miss haha. but today i was looking around for him and he was gone..i found him wandering in my room i don't think he was too happy i found him lol, should i just screen in the little spaces on the lid? thanks
  10. wow. think that sums it up.
  11. blueangel12328

    Uh-oh Small Tank

    I keep 2 of my bettas in a 2.5 (2 different tanks) u just have to be careful about the water, i change it once a week, they do great. Once the water is right bettas don't ask for much.
  12. My luck with platies and guppies has been as soon as the reach full size they fill my tank haha. How many guppies do u have male, and female?
  13. blueangel12328

    Leaf Update

    he looks great! hopefully he will be as good as new very soon!
  14. aww he looks great! I'd say that qualifies as a tank! I don't know much about plants i just go to the store and say oh that would look nice in my tank!! haha, but what type is that he is resting in?
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