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  1. I recently had a tank which leaked water all over a dresser top and ruined the wood. Its only a small 5gal tank, but of course thinking it had leaked, I freaked out and drained all the water...moved the tank to the tub and set it on newspaper to see if it was leaking somewhere and stressed out my fish by having to move them into something else. My tank, however, wasn't leaking. I found out that condensation built up on it and leaked down the back of the tank. My boyfriend wasn't pleased...to say the least, but I thought "what could I use to protect the wood...?" Then the thought occurred to me, that if I found some type of tray to put under it, it would protect the wood and if any water spilled doing water changes it wouldn't matter! I went to Target and found a "doggie tray" for 5.99$, and it works perfect and doesn't look to bad either. heres a pic, I have better ones if they're wanted BTW, I posted something similar to this in the tank topics, someone said it was a good idea, so it inspired me to put it here, even if it doesn't win, I'm sure more people will be able to read it here View attachment: tank_tray.JPG
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