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  1. Hey, I haven't been on here in over a year, had my baby July of 2006, but anywho, since than I moved in to a mobile home, and I need some advice on my floors and their ability to hold that kinda weight. I have my 20gal set up, and my 60gal needs to be moved from my dad's house. I think my floors can hold it, my house is from 1994, but I was hoping maybe someone in this forum also lives in a mobile home. I just don't want to set up my 60gal only to find out that my floors start sagging downward lol any help or advice would be awesome!!! Thanks a bunch! Sarah
  2. My fish just spawned a few days ago, and the eggs have hatched. I can't find Methylene blue anywhere!!! Does anyone know of a good alternative to it? I've been putting like 2 drops of Mela-fix in the water, its the best I got. I've had fry, and raised the babies before, but I always had Methylene blue, and this time its no where to be found any suggestions to what I can use instead would be awesome! Thanks
  3. Keeping a 55 gal tank with 10 goldies is tough. I have a 60gal with 11... I do 50% water changes weekly, and I feed them maybe 2-3 times a week, I have 2 penguin 330's on it and a magnum 350 cannister also...Their water temp is around 60*F, so they have plenty of oxygen flowing, also the fact I have 4 80gal air pumps on it.The tank is at my dad's house, so I'm not there all the time, but when I am, I test the water and its always perfect, I'm guessing thats due to not feeding them constantly. Its not best to keep them in this kinda situation. If I had the money, they would have an awesomely huge tank! The water changes aren't very hard on me, I have a python, and I'm in teh basement so its easy to hook up and such, Their water is rarely what I would consider filthy *filthy to me is when the vacuum is constantly pulling up gunk* It is a hard one to do though, however, d_golem makes a very good point, keeping 4 fish in a 20gal is much tougher, I know that one from experience also. I did manage to get my fish to breed that year tho, but I was also doing 50% water changes on it every other day. To me, it all depends on the amount of work you want to make for yourself. Overstocking a tank, or even understocking both require water changes and good filtration. The more you have in your tank, the more work it will be. To me, in a sense, in very satisfying to know I have more fish than I should, but if I had the chance to get a tank big enough for them, I would. I am NOT suggesting anyone do this! Unless you want to spend a LOT of time pretty much everyday changing water. *I am not trying to offend anyone by posting this.Just giving MHO on what its like to be over stocked*
  4. That is a beautiful tank! the decorations and the fact that your not over-stocked puts my tanks to shame lol
  5. d_golem ~ Thats what I had kinda figured, but I thought I'd double check Thanks everyone! He is less than an inch long which just makes him super cute! Not that GF's aren't cute...but when they're tiny as can be...its like a cute lil puppy or kitty!! LOL
  6. Of course It was him and another very tiny moore in a tank at mmm, and I woulda felt bad just buying the one, cuz they are both in a bit of rough shape, so they're being QT'ed in the 5gal for the time being *No worries, going to be changing half the water each day, and I know the 10gal per fish rule * They're both staying at the top which is bothersome....but in a few days, like most fish I rescue, they'll be doing much better
  7. As most of you know, I have a single tailed moore, and today, my boyfriend and I were out shopping and went to the Petstore, and found a realy cute tiny lil moore, and his back tail has no split in it.... Has anyone ever seen one of those? Or is it another one of the "should have been culled, but somehow made it" variety I seem to find? LOL I got a couple pics to post...if I can get them up
  8. I recently had a tank which leaked water all over a dresser top and ruined the wood. Its only a small 5gal tank, but of course thinking it had leaked, I freaked out and drained all the water...moved the tank to the tub and set it on newspaper to see if it was leaking somewhere and stressed out my fish by having to move them into something else. My tank, however, wasn't leaking. I found out that condensation built up on it and leaked down the back of the tank. My boyfriend wasn't pleased...to say the least, but I thought "what could I use to protect the wood...?" Then the thought occurred to me, that if I found some type of tray to put under it, it would protect the wood and if any water spilled doing water changes it wouldn't matter! I went to Target and found a "doggie tray" for 5.99$, and it works perfect and doesn't look to bad either. heres a pic, I have better ones if they're wanted BTW, I posted something similar to this in the tank topics, someone said it was a good idea, so it inspired me to put it here, even if it doesn't win, I'm sure more people will be able to read it here View attachment: tank_tray.JPG
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