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  1. Just wondering if there are any Pittsburgh PA or surrounding area members who could possibly give 3 or 4 of my rather large fancies(ryukin/fantails) a new home. I'm working 3 jobs theses days, and don't have the time necessary to devote to water changes and mainenance on multiple tanks anymore. I'm trying to get down to one very lightly stocked tank. They are generally healthy, just showing some signs of poor water quality. I've attempted rehoming them on craigslist, and at this point want to pull my hair out from some of the responses I've gotten! Get in touch if you can help me out or have any other ideas for me
  2. I got mine rigged up to the showerhead once(I took the showerhead off first) I forget how I did it, I found some little adapter thingie on my dads workbench, but I just shut the shower curtain and let it go. I did that for a bit till I got an extension for it So, there IS some little gadget that will make it work, just gotta search
  3. as far as I know, they werent doing anything with the water company... that was around the time that it was SO super cold here though... do they add anything different?
  4. doh... i cant believe I didnt see that link... oops!
  5. I still cant find the article Lynda was mentioning... Ive looked a couple of times. Could someone direct me? Anyways, there wasnt any illness of anykind in the tank, not that I could see anyways. I''ve seen fish go septic and die, and I know it wasnt that. My oldest fish made it through, I still have her, shes doing great. The youngest in that tank was the first to go, actually. I dont really think it was old age. They were all around 1-4 years old. All my filters were doing fine too, I check them with every water change, and clean out hte intakes and motors. that happened to me about a year ago, one of them stopped up and got super hot... not a good situation So, I guess Ill assume it was electrical? What should I do about the surge protector? Ive still been using it.... its really nice too. I know the wiring in my apartment is screwey, is there any type of quick-fix for when I move if its still the same?
  6. hmm... As far as I know, nothing got into the tank. No painting, no sprays, nothing out of the ordinary, that I did on my end, anyways. I know nothing happened PH wise, I have to monitor that like crazy, my water likes to change PH at a moments notice. BUT... now that you bring it up... I got a new surge protector for my birthday(feb 12). If memory serves me correctly, this all started happening shortly after this(around the 16th). Is there any possibilty of that doing something electrical-wise? Anyways, their deaths happened over about 3 weeks time. When they did happen, it would be like 3 days in a row, I would lose fish every day, then go a good amount of days, and lose more in a matter of days. It wasnt like one day, I look in and have 9 dead fish, it took awhile. And the blood and veins didnt show up untill when/after they died. Im off to read the article Lynda mentioned. See if that sounds like it could be a possiblity. nice to see you all again
  7. well, theyre all burried now, and Im not too keen on unearthing them... a bit icky for my liking
  8. Well, Ive been away for another long while, although this time, I lost 9 of my 13 original big fish in a matter of a couple weeks. My question is, now, is it possible for goldfish to have a stroke? or a heart attack? Before all my fish died, they would behave perfectly normally untill a few hours before they passed, when they stayed in one back corner staring at a filter intake, then a couple hours later, they would be dead, with a ugly bloody mess showing inside their heads, and every visible vein in their bodies showing clearly. It was very easy to see on my lighter colored fish, but even showed quite clearly on some of the darker ones. I could only think it was a stroke or something of the sort, since everything in the tank was testing perfectly, and there had been no other 'bad things' happening, nor new fish added. Its been well over a month since I lost the last one. The remaining 4 are looking great, and getting ready to move into a 75 gallon in about a week. I moved them into a spare 40 gallon after everything settled down. I feel bad, theyre bursting at the seams in there, but they just have to hld on a little longer. I totally stripped down the 130 gallon that the big fish were in, cleaned everything and set it back up again, and currently have some new babies starting to grow up. Theyre looking absolutely great thus far.
  9. You can get these little suction cups that are meant to hold christmas lights to windows and stuff... they have little 'fingers' that hold the air lines perfectly. I can find them at any dollar store around here, usually 8 in a pack. Ive been using the same ones for a couple years now, and they havent lost their 'suctioning ability' at all. You can bury your stone in the gravel too, it should stay down. Mine always do(the sandy-type ones, the tube-y ones need suction cups) Im all about aesthetics AND functionality, and with some perseverance, you can have both
  10. The lionhead kept seeming to get better, then go back downhill, I really wanted him to pull through. We got really attached. RIght now, Oranda is all alone in the 30 gallon. Params are staying perfect for 3 or 4 days, then I do a water change when I start seeing any ammonia at all. He only eats occasionally, and spits stuff out alot. When I do see poo, its really skinny, but nowadays, its always the color of what he's eaten. The outsides of his gills, that used to be nice and orange turned black. sometimes I think they're getting a little less black, but Im pretty sure Im seeing things. The inside, when he opens his gills, are nice and pink/red. Like raw meat color. He's breathing a little bit better, I think. he has been in .3% salt since I got him. any other suggestions?
  11. Well, soon after I added the parasite clear tablets, the lionhead passed away. The oranda is looking much better, and even eating a little again. He is still very lethargic, and not too intent on eating, so I dont know what my next step should be. He looked like he was getting dropsy again, but his scales seem to have flattened back down. any other suggestions?
  12. parasite clear? those jungle brand tablets? ill give it a shot, anythings worth a try, I assume
  13. I dont know if Im still welcome to post here, but I hope someone will be willing to help me. About a month ago, I found myself in a wallmart in Ohio, and saw the most pitiful fish department I had ever seen. So, the next night, I got a tank prepared, and we drove back out to this wallmart and bought the 10 worst looking goldfish they had(that I thought had any chance of surviving even the ride back to pittsburgh). Im not gonna bother getting into the guy that worked there, but they rode home in a 5 gallon bucket I had brought iwth me in the back of the car, and moved into a spare 30 gallon tank. now, here I am a month later, with only 4 of the original 10 still alive. 2 of them look great, are very active, and eating like piggies. they moved into another tank. the other 2, however, arent doing quite as well. I have them now in a 20ish gallon tub, im changing their water usually every day or every other day, and using ammo-lock with every water change(no cycled filter for the tub) They had ich, horrible fin-rot, mouth/body/eye fungus, bloody open sores on their bodies, and looong skinny white poo when I first got them, but have cleared up,a nd healed over now. Anyways, they are both laying around on the bottom most of the time, and breathing really heavily. The oranda's gills turned black on the outside, but they are still nice and meaty looking on the inside. the lionhead;s gills are starting to get a small black blotch on the outside. they eat, but not with much enthuasiam. The lionhead occasionally keeps his mouth really wide open ALL the time, and really stretches his gills out while hes gasping to breath. It looks like hes got something stuck in his mouth, but there never is when I have checked. These two are on their 3rd treatment with maracyn 2, it seems to really make a difference, but a few days after the treatment is done, they seem to revert back to laying around gasping. Ive been keeping their tub salted to .3%, and they ate medigold for the first 3 weeks I had them(then I ran out). the oranda seemed to have gotten dropsy a couple weeks ago, I thought he was a goner for sure, but after another round of maracyn 2, his scales went down, and he seemingly got better. the lionhead sometimes kinda looks kinked in the middle, and floats around looking dead, but then will suddenly start swimming again, and straighten out. any advice on what to try next for these guys? Im starting to get really attached to these 2, and I really want to pull htem through. help please?
  14. i think im gonna have to go google albino snails
  15. canas are generally a little more friendly, at least i think, and definately more willing to 'let it all hang out'
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