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  1. blb


    Nice pictures. That place reminds me of the National Aquarium in Baltimore. If you have a chance go to it.
  2. What wonderful stories!! Good luck!
  3. I agree. They could get ick. You could put in a heater now but take it out when it evens out in the summer. I bet your ranchus will love it outside!
  4. I won't even go and look at fish in nnnnnn. What makes me mad is they seem to not care. They are just fish, right? :angry:
  5. Go for it!! You can allows quit if you don't like it! What a wonderful compliment!
  6. Sam, one of my cats will drink water out of the tank. He gets it where the filter is hanging. I used to yell at him but don't anymore. It is rare and I think I just got lazy, lol.
  7. One of my cats also like to sit on the hood of one of the tanks. I don't care, he usually isn't there long.
  8. How big is your tank? Is there enough room for everyone? I agree with everyone else in that it is breeding. Good luck.
  9. I'm glad I got rid of our tank when the kids were very little, lol. I have been back in fish for a couple years but the kids are teenagers so I don't worry.
  10. I worry about bubble eyes. I worry that they would get hurt somehow.
  11. You goldfish might have swim bladder problems. You need to soak the flakes a couple of minutes in tank water before feeding. Flakes really aren't that great for goldies. Pellets are much better and you would need to soak them too. For now you might want to fast for a day or two then give shelled peas to help.
  12. Fin rot can be from bad water too. How is the water in the tank? I would look at that first. Most problems with goldfish can be fixed by keeping the water good and healthy!
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