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  1. I'm just about to feed them some frozen brine shrimp, maybe that will slow them down so I can take more pictures! They really are the sweetest little things. I love them.
  2. Okay, here are a few pictures I got of the littlest ones (who are in a fry net, because the goldfish in the tank nip at them).. The liddle ones are all eyes!! And then one shot, by chance, of a medium-ish sized one:
  3. ~ I just took some photos! Gimme a sec and I'll upload them. I've got to warn you - they're not very good, you need to know that one of my potential mother's names is "Twitch", and so, the babies sort of take after her!! They don't sit still!
  4. Okay, I definately think the fry in the pond (which have now been moved to the inside 55 gallon, because we bought a catfish [it is small now and cannot eat the fish outdoors, but can eat the baby fish...so we rescued them]) are shubunkins. They're still brown, but that's all right, they're starting to look like they're going to change sometime soon. They're inside, there's probably somewhere around 11 of them inside... I'm not sure, we can't count them because they're all wiggly and move around a lot. Some are very small (less than a centimeter) and some are going on two inches. I hope to get pics up soon! I've been feeding them goldfish flakes, some of their parents' food from outside (koi sticks), and frozen brine shrimp. They seem to like the koi sticks the most, this I can rationalise because I saw them picking off their parent's food outside in the first few months of their exploring. They're really cute~. I can't believe I'm a grandmom
  5. Well, if you run it under water it un-freezes and becomes just fleshy shrimpyness that you can pull apart into little bits and put in the water. They'll nip off of it and such. Or, you can drop the whole cube in and they'll all go at it. Either way will be fine!
  6. They should be fine. They're goldfish - goldfish are hardy fish, and many can survive without proper filtration for long, long periods of time. Don't work yourself into a panic. Think of all of those goldfish in goldfish bowls without air stones, that make it for some time. They'll be all right for a while until you can set up something better. I definately agree, go for a small rubbermaid container. That will help bunk the price of buying an aquarium. Keep it in the bathroom, buy a small spunge filter and you should be fine. You don't really need an airstone (goldfish can do without), but you should get one.
  7. Sometimes you can buy cubes of frozen brine shrimp. This makes a good meal for tropical freshwater fish! I raised my only surviving dalmation molly fry on it, and she grew up fine and now eats flakes. You can buy it at some LFS, just ask if they have some frozen section. This was the stuff I used: http://www.thatpetplace.com/FrozenFood/Pro...009/Detail.aspx
  8. Aww, a conjoined fry? How cute... too bad he's gone missing; perhaps he'll turn up (sometimes you can 'lose them in the crowd'). Are they still with their parents? If so, the parents might be munching on them! Good luck with the rest!
  9. Actually, out in ponds goldfish and koi spawn in late spring to mid summer. It's the heat that warms the water. Temperature of the water induces spawning. As does -- a clean environment, lots of good food, and room for more fish.
  10. This doesn't look like the pop-eye I've seen (my fish have had it before) -- but rather like his eye was sucked on by another fish? Do both of his eyes look like this, or is it only one? Then again, I've taken a look at the pictures closer and maybe it is pop-eye. Does it look like this up close: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/2002/popeye.jpeg ?
  11. Also, if the goldfish have accessability to these eggs, they might be eating them without you knowing! Goldfish are bad parents, they'll eat the eggs, and the babies.
  12. Maracyn can make cloudiness occur, I believe. Read on the box.
  13. I don't know what they are, but they're coming into the big tank pretty fast, they're all over EVERYTHING. Anyone know? they're all over seashells, rocks, but not the glass of the tanks. And they're not algae green, they're... coloured green. It's almost weird!
  14. Appears to have fungus things on him but I didn't think it was that drastic. He's dead and I'm about to remove him and test the water. One other fish has these somewhat similar markings on him, but he appears all right -- should I add defungal stuff?
  15. I think I'm going to take several [probably not more than four] of the really tiny ones and put them in a small fry net in my big tank. I have frozen brine shrimp cubes that I used to raise my molly fry (of which only one survived -- almost all died before I got the net, I'm guessing because of chemical complications or sommat) -- would they eat those if I gave them small bits? I want to try raising the little ones!
  16. I've got an over abundance of fry, too! I'd love to give it a try, raising them. Actually, now that I think about it, I *do* have a breeders net for small fry!! I could take several eeny weeny ones and put them in the breeders net -- what do you guys think?
  17. More pictures taken last night of the babies (honestly, we have such a range of sizes. My fish must be spawning like crazy!)... This lil guy is a lot smaller than the other one, probably only a month old {~~~~~} about that big! This one was about the same size as his brother up above (around two months old, I think, cause he's losing his darkness). I honestly think these little buggers are mixes between my male chocolate fantail and my two female shubunkins, but it's possible that (because I have other males, too) the other males have something to do with this too! I guess only time can tell. I aligned the little one (above) in the picture with a picture of one of the possible shubunkin moms, and the dorsal fin is set in about proportion! So there's definately some shubunkin in the little ones.
  18. I am, I am! We thought we'd surely missed the breeding season this year 'cause we hadn't seen any eggs -- but apparently, we just missed them somewhere. They've definately passed through the system! I can't believe we've got babies! I'm so gleeful!!
  19. Never seen tosakins before! Hope she's a pretty gal! Are you planning to breed?
  20. pond life is hard and competition for food is a tough process (especially if the bigger fish are koi, they hop all over eachother in eagerness to get food). If your fish are little (anywhere under 4 inches), I would rethink your decision about the pond and give them to another friend, tank and all. However, if they're 4 inches or bigger, just make sure your friend knows your concerns about your fishs' eating and well being and check out her shallows. If there's room in the shallows for them to hide if they need to (from the koi/bigger fish) for a while until they adjust, then they should be fine. I have small fantails and baby fish in with our 7" koi and they look right by them, even though they're steadily getting bigger. The little fish might have problems getting food but if your friend will distract the bigger fish with food and then wait until their chewing to feed the little ones, then it works out.
  21. I have photos of my fry!!! Here are some of the littlest babies, and one of the (we suspect 2 month old, because that's when we put in our female shubunkins -- about two months ago, and they're just starting to change colours [or at least, this one I photoed is]) larger babies! Aren't they sweet?
  22. 2 months is about when ours started showing spawning signs between the shubunkins and the fantails, and we have this one little one with some very pretty gold flecks coming out of his black -- we just noticed the babies today, though, so it was quite a shock for us!!
  23. I thought about it, honestly -- but our 55 gallon is filled to the brim (four small fantails and one small lionhead) and my 10 gallon is a bit small for babies of pond fish. I have a 20 gallon in the basement, but to cycle it and set it up would cost money and aggravate my parentals. One entire side of the pond, nearly inaccessable to their parents, is covered in anacharis -- huge bunches. The babies hang out there. And when I say it's covered, I mean it's like a weed up at that end! I knew it would be good for baby fish if we ever got any, and I was right! They're hiding out in the forest of Anacharis like it's they're little fort. Some of the more adventurous babies are going out and risking their little necks for some bits of their momma's and dad's food (especially since we have koi which are about 7" -- though they aren't necessarily a threat yet, they will be in the future to little ones). So I sprinkled some food up in the anacharis hoping they'd go back there and stay put! I'm worried about them, but it's a world in only the strong survive, so I want the bravest and truest babies. Is that cruel? I might bring little ones in for the winter, when it starts getting cold -- because they're a bit small to try and brave it -- but I think that it's a good go for now. Their parents don't seem concerned with eating them, thankfully.
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