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  1. Ok thanks! Is there anything that crayfish shouldn't or can't eat?
  2. You and me both. This is the food I got to try with him, but after I noticed that it does have garlic, I got nervous about whether that is still ok for him. http://www.thatpetplace.com/api-bottom-feeder-shrimp-pellet-4oz?gdftrk=gdfV2226_a_7c268_a_7c6967_a_7c256014&ne_ppc_id=1463&ne_key_id=26453288&gclid=CNPvw76N4LsCFcTm7Aodw28Apw
  3. I got a crayfish last year, and I have been keeping Megamind in a ten gallon tank that is only partiallly filled with lots of caves that all come partway out of the water so that the crayfish can climb out of the water. Yesterday, I picked up a new sinking pellet, and discovered that it has garlic in it. Is that something that I should worry about for Megamind? Can anyone give me a list of do's and don'ts for feeding my crayfish? I've been feeding dried tubifex worms, and sinking guppy pellets before and bought this new pellet yesterday because it looked like it would sink faster and be easier for my crayfish to pick up. The new pellet is API Bottom Feeder Pellets with yeast, garlic, vitamin C and E. It is for catfish and plecos and has shrimp, squid and algae in it as well. I wonder about the yeast, garlic, vitamin C and E as to whether it is safe to feed a crayfish. I haven't been able to find much information online about whether these ingrediants are safe for Megamind. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes, i agree about cleaning it up. I was planning on doing that after the picture. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I know it's been a terribly long time since I posted on here, The last of my goldfish died in 2006 and I didn't replace it because I went off to a college that only allowed 2 gallon tanks. Anyway, I have a question for you all. I am fish sitting this guy, Gus Gus for my brother and sister in law. We aren't sure if he is a comet, or a koi or something else. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Yes, I am pretty sure they did because black skirted tetras can be aggressive. They must be kept in a school because if you have too few, they may kill each other. They are territorial. They are one of the few territorial tetras that I know of. However, because of the fact that I have had to remove fish before because my tetras were picking on them, I am not sure what I can put in there to help with algae. The pleco didn't look like he was being bothered, and he went through quarantine just fine. He was two days in the tank with the black skirted tetras and on the third day I woke up to find him lying dead on the tank floor.
  7. I have a school of black skirted tetras in a tank that gets a little bit of sun. Not much, but enough to algae growing. I tried a rubber nose pleco and the tetras killed the poor little guy. Any ideas of what type of fish would help with algae control that my tetras wouldn't kill?
  8. I am so excited. On July 14, I was at mmm getting a algae eater for my dad's tank. I had been looking for five years for a pearly pink Cambodian female betta ( Pearly pink body, and dark red fins) My younger sister just happened to decide to browse bettas while I was attempting to get a attendant's attention to get that pleco. After my mom had just come back to the fish section, my younger sister came back very excited. To make a long story short, she had just found Blossom, who is exactly what I had been looking for for five years.
  9. How many female bettas could I keep in a ten gallon tank with out them killing each other. I have large rocks creating caves throughout the tanks
  10. I personally would remove the guppy fry if I wanted to keep them, but then, both of my males are extremely aggressive and make short work of fish fry if the have them appear in their tank. Congrats on the though!
  11. Also I don't know if you like bettas, but you could keep eleven female bettas in the tank, and they come in all the colors that the males do.
  12. From what I understand of Angels, I think you might be able to keep one in there as they get rather large.
  13. Okay, I have a friend who has a ten gallon fish tank, and she has been keeping guppies in there. Lately, she got a few "cleaning" shrimp for her tank. A few days ago, she informed me that she has missing guppies, and she keeps the light on in the tank all day and night. She has a habit of staying up late, and has not seen anything happening to the guppies, but some are missing. Do you think the shrimp have been eating them after she goes to bed?
  14. Awesome, I'll probably get a female betta to kep with my guppies then.
  15. Okay, here goes, would one female betta do alright in a ten gallon tank with guppies? Also, would she get along with cories if I had her in a tank with those? Or should I keep just one or two female in a ten gallon with no other fish in the tank?
  16. Hi, I was in the petstore a while ago, and I saw a electric blue cray fish. Out of curiosity and with the possibility in mind that I might get one, I would like to know a few things about them. a. How large does the aqaurium need to be if I were to buy just one? b. Are they really electric like electric eels are? If not, why are they called electric blue cray fish? c. What are their care requirements? d. What would be the best set up for them? If you know any answers to these questions, I would appreciate it.
  17. I'm glad to hear that cories can go with out having three of a kind for a time. Tonight my Dad got back from his trip to Mexico, and he bought a tiny little panda cory cat at vvvv on his way home. I named this lil dude Payacito. By the way, how can you tell wether you have a male or female with cory cats? The one that I had that died was a female according to the petstore owner, and she was loaded with eggs.
  18. Well, yesterday, I bought two baby cories, and the petstore promised to get a new shipment in to get my third. Unfortunately, one of the two that I bought was blind in one eye and gave the pet store owner a terrible time catching her. As a result last night she hemmoraged and died in my tank, so now I'm left with just one little guy. It's going to take five days before the shipment of new cories arrive. How long can my one guy live without having the other two for companionship? I am going to have my parents try to pick up two more tonight when they head into Tulsa for something, But I don't have any garantees that they can since my Dad will be coming back from a very long trip. I'm very happy that my one little guy lived and I named him Gatito, the one that died, I had named Kitten. I'll give one of my other two that I get the name Kitten II.
  19. Well, I cleaned the tank Thursday, and moved decorations etc, and I found 8 more babies which I have put into their own tank until they are big enough to tell if they are males or females, and the other fish can't manage to eat them. Once I know, I already have a friend who wants some babies. I'll probably keep a few as well. I have been so busy with animal care that I haven't been able to post. My family has a ranch and I'm in charge for right now.
  20. I am trying to deal with a snail trouble in my tank, and whiile I was scanning the tank for more snails, I spotted a little baby guppy swimming into hiding amongst the big rocks I have decorating my tank. I'm sure I have more than one even though I only spotted one. I'm so excited! I have been waiting for this day ever since I got my guppies back in December!
  21. What if I take the plants out and keep them elsewhere, and salt the aquarium? How could I treat just the plants outside the tank in another container? Would salt kill the snails in my tank if I have removed the plants?
  22. Would jungle parasite control get rid of them without hurting the plants or the guppies?
  23. Okay, I have 7 guppies in a ten gallon with two varieties of plants, red ludwigia, and green foxtail. I want to get some cory cats, but I just had a whole bunch and I mean a bunch of rather ugly looking black snails born in my tank. I think they came in with the plants. How can I get rid of them with out damaging plants or fish? I thought about aquarium salt, but I don't know what that will do to my plants. I also thought about jungle parasite control, but again would it harm my plants.
  24. My local pet store has a bunch of albinos in right now which is what I want to get.
  25. Oooh, Nichjake! He is so pretty! His color matches the color of my rescue betta Jaws who was going to get flushed down the toilet for obliterating all the other fish in his tank. I like the name Hadrian too. I think it fits him.
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