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  1. I think my water is just crappy treated "city" water LOL. But if you insist, I'll dig out test kits. I can assure you the water has no pH issues or anything like that, but its a farming community and its probably full of phosphates and other such things that the average aquarist isn't going to have tests for (although, I might have a phosphate one around...).
  2. No ideas? Or were you suggesting I treat him for a bacterial infection? That would need a Qtank right, or I'd risk killing my bio-filter? He's a gorgeous fish, everyone's favorite, I'd hate to see this get worse.
  3. Oh, as for GH, KH and pH, my test kits are buried somewhere.. but I know my water is pretty darn hard, ph is usually around 7.8 at the lowest, 8.4 is the highest I've seen but I haven't checked in a while (battery died in my meter, then corroded, so I need a new meter actually).
  4. I have never used RO on this tank. When I do use it with the sensitve fish (puffers, soft water fish) I reconstitute it with RO Right to the conditions the specific species needs. But no, I've never used it on the goldfish tank. I have not scoped for parasites, however about twice a year I deworm all my fish with a levamisole/metronidazole soaked food, just as a precaution (followed by a large water change/gravel vac the next day). No new fish have been added to this tank in over two years, easily. Their feces are normal and solid looking, not white and stringy at all. I wouldn't know where to go to scope for parasites, I don't have a microscope myself. I suppose my vet could do it for me? Treated for bacterial infection, no. All I've done is increase water changes and make sure to get more veggies in his diet, with no results.
  5. Long time no see guys! My big boy has recently started showing some swim bladder issues and I'm wondering if you guys can help. The background: 60 gallon "cube" tank (2ftx2ftx2ft), planted with onion plant, anubias and various crypts. Set up and running for I'd say 3 years? Something like that, with these fish as the original occupants. Inhabitants were originally 3 ryunkins, 6 WCMM's a bristlenose pleco and 3 dojo loaches, over the years that has been reduced to two ryunkins, one dojo, the bristlenose and one remaining WCMM. The ryunkins are.. oh, I'd say body size is about that of a pool/billards ball? Water change schedule, 50-80% on a weekly basis. Nitrates rarely go over 10. Feeding schedule, normal food is New Life Spectrum Goldfish Pellets SOAKED until they are soft daily, once weekly they get blanched zuchanni slices and about twice weekly they get a thawed out "fruit cube" of diced up apples, oranges, garlic and zuchanni that I blanched, then froze in an ice cube tray. Usually I will give them a fast day. The problem.. ever since I moved last July, my male has been showing what I think are some swim bladder problems. When resting, he is always verticle, nose up, tail down. He'll stay like that for hours, that's the way he sleeps at night. He does not have issues with floating, in fact, he will drift down if he doesn't correct for it. As far as I can tell, I'm doing everything correctly. I did lose my one Ryunkin early on due to swim bladder and tumors, but she was always stuck upside down and floating, very different from this. Any ideas what I could do to improve his quality of life? I do think the water has something to do with it, none of my tanks have looked that great since I moved (my one puffer lets me know asap with skin problems, massive water changes help but I have to do them more often than I did before moving). I use RO water with the more sensitive fish, but there's no way I can manage to do 50% weekly water changes on this goldie tank with RO water, plus have enough left over for my sensitive fish (the filter takes forever and I have to store the water until I have enough to do changes). The only other thing from the water that's changed since I moved is that now that I'm on city water, I use Prime as a dechlor. I've never used it before and I doubt that's causing any problems, but thought I'd throw it out there. I've always either been on well water or used Yamato Green's NoChlor. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.. He seems healthy otherwise but it just bothers me to see him rarely swimming "normally".
  6. Yes, that had occured to me when I saw the swelling. I don't see any discoloration under the skin though, and it seems pretty smooth, not lumpy like the tumor on his nose.. but I wouldnt' be surprised if it is a tumor considering the one that just popped up overnight. Poor little guy... He can't even manage to turn over or even swim down any more, just drift around....
  7. I use clove oil all the time for doing dental work on my puffers, and I want to really put emphasis on the point that you do NOT need to mix it with whiskey or vodka or anything, that's just silly. As previous posters said, shake the clove oil with some water in a small container, baggie, whatever, then add it to the container holding the fish. Within a few seconds the fish will go belly up. I've done it in the past just by adding a few drops to the water and it works, but takes longer. But there is no need for people to be messing with alcohol, especially considering the average goldie owner is someone under the legal drinking age! One thing to keep in mind though, the oil will stick to the sides and bottom of the container you shake it in and have the fish in, so make sure to either throw it out or wash it with lots of soap and hot water. I've made the nearly deadly (for one of my puffers) mistake of not doing so and giving him a double or triple dose of the clove oil.. it took him a long time to wake up from that one.
  8. Thank you. I did the salt bath yesterday.. no improvement today. Think I'll try to get a pea with a salt inside it in him, but I have no idea if I'll manage to get him to eat it or not. He was pretty listless yesterday, so maybe....
  9. Well, I did find this posting and will try some of this stuff... http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...06entry289006 Any other suggestions are really appreciated though!
  10. Okay, I'd finally gotten used to the idea that that big lump on my goldie's nose isn't going anywhere (previous post about a sudden tumor that showed up overnight). So the goldie's doing fine, back into breeding conditions.. then one night goes belly up. I come running here, look up swim bladder problems, bloat, etc. Fast him for a few days, no improvement. I've tried to get peas with or without a grain of epsom salts into him, but he can't get to the food and freaks out if I try to handle him or get it close to his mouth. The only food I've been able to get into him is duckweed, I just dump a cupful of it into the tank and he manages to catch a little bit at a time. I haven't seen him pass any feces though, in days. Right now he's been upside down for several days, one side of his belly is very distended, back towards the anus. He still makes an effort to swim down for food, etc but shoots right back up to the top of the tank and gives up after a try or two. I know I've read about two things that could be helping him right now... epsom salts bath and something about using a hypo to withdraw some of the air out of his swim bladder (if that's what this is and not some sort of impaction).. but I can't find ANY info on here about these.. I swear they were stickies? Anyways, any help is appreciated. This is a goldie with ongoing issues (tail doesn't work, can't control his swimming very well, the tumor that showed up on his nose, etc) and I'm thinking if the epsom salts bath doesn't work, its going to be time to bring out the clove oil, as every problem he has just seems worse than the previous. My other two goldies are in great health.. I think its just bad genetics with this guy. (btw, ammonia zero, nitrites zero, nitrates right around 10, planted 60 gallon tank, this guy is a ryunkin, about tennis ball sized)
  11. Thank you... It does not appear to be open at all, just sort of califlower-ry looking but under the skin. It has not grown any since it showed up (I can't believe I would have missed this thing growing). He does not seem lethargic at all, back to swimming like usual, even has some breeding tuber-whatsits on his cheeks again... I was wondering if feeding the food was a one time thing or if I should do it for several days, thank you, I'll keep it up for a few days. I always soak their food (New Life Spectrum Goldfish Formula) anyways so its no big deal to add the meds. I'm getting curious now to see if this thing is going to grow, go away or just always be there....
  12. Well, due to having no other ideas, I fed him food soaked in Metronidazole last night.... Anyone?
  13. Thank you! Okay, as I said we moved 2 months ago, other than that nothing has changed. The water is a smidge harder and has a ton of iron in it (think rust spots on all sinks, etc), but otherwise nothing too different. I can't keep the water quality "perfect" as there is generally about 15 nitrates out of the tap (well water), but I do my best. No added plants or fish recently, everything in this tank was moved there from our other house. He does eat just fine. Poop looks normal, no stringiness or anything, just your typical solid brown. I do feed all my fish food soaked in a dewormer mix every 4 months or so (Levimasole and Metrodizone, sorry if I slaughtered the spellings), so I don't *think* it would be parasitical, though I can't totally rule it out I suppose. I did get in a few fish recently (in another tank), but usually the goldie tank is the first tank I do a water change on so I wouldn't be sticking any equipment in there after filling another tank... slight chance of some transfer from my hands, though I'm a maniac about washing between tanks... Without driving to Milwaukee, I don't have a ton of choices for meds here (can't get medigold I'm sure) but I can get the basic antibiotics, etc. I put the Melafix in there mainly for the fins, it seems to be helping them some, but I'm mainly worried about that lump.
  14. Well, I had to leave for work so I just treated the entire tank w/Melafix. His fins look a little better already. I think tomorrow I'll put him in a 20 gal rubbermaid tub with a sponge filter and some plants and melafix and wait for further help on if I should go to "real" meds...
  15. Two nights ago I came home from work to find my calico ryunkin with a huge lump on his nose. A nasty, chunky looking lump. Its under the skin I'm thinking, since his color pattern carries over on to it. He's swimming more erratically than usual (this is the one with the spinal problems that can't use his tail, so he never swims correctly), so I'm thinking whatever it is is putting pressure on a nerve and paining him somewhat. Also, last night, I see his fins are starting to look frayed with white edges, actual little pieces of them are breaking off while he swims! I'm not sure if this is fin rot, or if he got them sucked up against the intake while worrying about the lump on his nose or just in his normal "drifting and wallowing" about the tank... What do I do with him? None of the other fish in the tank have any issues. Do I treat the whole tank with Melafix and/or anything else? (antibiotics?) Should I seperate him to a 10 gallon with a sponge filter (less current) and treat just him (with what?)? This poor boy has nothing but problems, though none of them have made me really worry about his overall health until now... Ammonia, nitrites zero, nitrates about 20, that is usual for this tank. Tank is 60 gallons, has 3 medium sized ryunkins, 3 dojo loaches, a bristlenose and a few white clouds. Also planted. Water gets changed out about 50% each week, no additives as its well water. Only things that have changed are we moved about 2 months ago... I would think any ill effects from the move would have shown up before now. Pictures: (note, the white dots in the above picture are not ich, they are reflections of the flash against algae on the glass) You can see the fin rot or whatever in this picture.
  16. Its not often that I stop by, but I know when I do that I'll find what I need! I just noticed my suspected male ryunkin is sporting white bumps on his cheeks and pectoral fin edge.. AND that one of my suspected FEMALES is as well! Well, I guess she is a he... Thanks for the breeding info post with pictures that helped me verify the white spots were breeding tuber-whatsits instead of ich (power had been out for several hours and I was a little worried.. oh crap, that was probably what triggered a temp change and "encouraged" them!) Will the two males really harass the one female? One of the males is the calico with some spinal issues that I posted about a few weeks ago, he can't swim too well so I don't think he'd be bothering her too much, at least not that she can't get away. Or will it not get too rough if I don't do the whole high protien feeding and temp changes, etc? I've noticed her tail is a little shredded, but I haven't seen any unusual behavior in front of me yet. She is a fat thing, I don't know if that would be eggs or if she's just fat, hehe... I'm going to be moving in about 2 weeks, and really don't want to be worrying about something extra!
  17. How long is a while? Bacteria will only live for 12-24 hours without oxygen and nutrients. If it will only be for the drive time while you move, then try to keep the filter media wet and if possible, run an airstone under it to keep getting oxygen to it. If the tank itself dries out, there will be no live bacteria in it, so you will have to keep the media in your filter wet and alive if you don't want to recycle, and even then, you might have a "mini cycle". If it will be a day or more that there will be no fish in the tank and the filter not running, the bacteria will definately die off, and yes, you will need to recycle the tanks. And then make sure to really rinse out the media, because it will be full of dead bacteria and gunk, not good for the fish. If the fish are going to be in the rubbermaid tubs for a few days or longer, I'd try to set up the filters to run on the tubs if possible, or at the very least, put the media from the filters in the tubs with the fish so it still has access to the nutrients and water is moving around.
  18. Well, like i said in another post, I have 3 ryunkins in a 60 gallon tank, with live plants, and its the only tank in my house that has a measurable rise in nitrates every week when I do my water changes, going up to 20 or 30. That tells me that its a bit overstocked (by my standards), and will only be worse when they are full sized. So I'm giving my guys 20 gallons each, they are not full grown, and nitrates still climb, even with live plants. So that tells me 20 gallons each isn't quite enough, even for a not full grown fancy. Granted, there is also 3 dojo loaches and the live plants are not super fast growers that use a ton of nutrients but still... and no, I definately do not overfeed. Just my opinion and an example, but I couldn't imagine trying to keep these guys in a 30 gallon tank. As far as doing what you can afford and giving them the best you can.. its much better to figure out what you can do ahead of time and stick to that, than to try dealing with overstocking and saying "hey, they are still alive". But yes, we gotta do what we can do.
  19. Well, personally I'd wait a bit and watch the water parameters.. I have a 60 gallon with 3 ryunkins and 3 dojo loaches, and the nitrates do tend to climb. They are only about half grown as well, and will only be more crowded as they grow. I do 50% water changes a week too... Just make sure you aren't overstocked... or at least realize you may have potential to be overstocked as they grow. Watch those nitrates..
  20. Well, speaking up a little for Live Aquaria, they do a very good job in researching and trying to give good info for their fish "requirements". If you see something off, and you write to them in an adult, friendly fashion, they've been known to change their recommendations. They do seem to be a bit overboard with their goldie stats, but its better than the other way around. Myself, I aim for 20-30 gallons per fancy, and leave the commets, commons and sheb's to the pond people, just because I fell they'd be more comfortable there. Rectangular tanks are an odd shape for a long fish, trying to turn around is a pain in the butt... As far as the 10x turnover rate, that is what I am for as well. But I've been told by some fishkeepers, that it varies depending on the type of filter you use. 10x turnover in a power filter (aquaclear, penguin, whisper) will give you about the same filtration as 5x iturnover in a cannister. Basically cannisters are more efficient. Maybe they are referring to cannisters over power filters? Its a possibility. Just throwing the idea out there. Some people are really super strict about the whole "pond fish should NEVER be kept indoors in an aquarium" so that may explain the store's outlook as well...
  21. Thanks guys, I know I won't consider euthanising her for a long time yet, unless someone spoke up about something I hadn't considered yet, like ill effects from being stuck upside down, etc. I do always have clove oil on hand though, for doing dentistry work on my puffers (and you think goldies can be a lot of work...). I am using Amquel right now, I think I read somewhere that Amquel is better for harder water and Prime for softer water, but either one is what I will be sticking to after the move. Hopefully its just gunk in the pipes, the place has been vacant since December so maybe after we flush everything out it won't be so bad. I don't *think* it is TB, that usually involves some deformity and she looks just fine, just like the other two ryunkins, but she simply doesn't move her tail fins. Its amazing how fast she can move around when she wants to though hehe. Oh also, she never has trouble near the filter intake (its a Fluval 404) but just if she swims into the path of the power jet it pushes her around. Guess I"m just being a worry wort... Everyone that visits loves her the best since they think its cute when she does somersaults *sigh*...
  22. Ah, I just saw when I posted this... She is the fish in my avatar. You can see how her tail used to look, now it just hangs totally limp, straight down...
  23. Hey guys, long time no see. My 3 ryunkins are doing great, well, other than the one that is the subject of this post. My calico has had some swimming issues that started within a month or so of me owning her (its been about a year now). I always just assumed it was swim bladder problems, since ryunkins are so prone to that sort of thing. But I've come to realize, she simply can not use her tail. Its like its paralyzed. She can move and steer with the little tail fins that are inside her big fins, but the two big tail fins just hang down limply. She used to use them a little, when she got really excited, but now she can't move them at all. As a result, she doesn't have the greatest control, does a lot of somersaulting when she gets excited, etc. Recently she's been having issues with getting stuck upside down or tangled in plants and unable to get out (I've removed the plants she was getting tangled in but left the anubias barteri as she seems to use that as support when she's resting). She can still get to food though I have to make sure she realizes its feeding time so she can start heading over. I feed New Life Spectrum goldfish food (sinking) and have soaked it before feeding ever since I first noticed her problems. They get zuchanni or brussles sprouts, duckweed or skinned peas at least once a week. No ammonia, no nitrites, nitrates are generally around 15-20 but I'm dealing with 10 out of the tap so I can't get them too much lower. 50% changes each week. Tank is a 60 gallon with the 3 medium sized ryunkins, 3 dojo loaches, one bristlenose pleco and about 6 white clouds. Is there anything I can do to help her out that I haven't tried already? I am moving in the next month and the water quality isn't as good (ammonia out of the tap) and I'm a bit worried about how that will affect her, though she seems perfectly healthy other than her tail not working. At what point do I start to think about humanely euthanizing her? The other two goldies don't push her around or bother her, she is eating fine, but I feel horrible when I walk in the room and she's stuck upside down (not caught in anything, just unable to turn upright) or trying to swim over to me but can't handle the current... Yet I'd hate to put her in her own tank as she really seems to like nuzzling up to the other goldies.
  24. That was the link to The Puffer Forum actually, just the "old" long addy.
  25. Common plecos will eat just about anything, though they seem to like meatier foods than teh smaller plecs. If you are worried about it not getting enough food, drop the food in at night with the lights out. Try some shrimp pellets...
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