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  1. what do you guys think about using the larger show pools as breeding preperation quarters for goldfish during the summer months? i'm contemplating getting one of the 8' pearls of paradise or aquosis systems for my ranchu; i like the concept of giving my fish the benefits of ponds without the permenancy of a built-in system..as i will be moving multiple times in the next few years. anyone have any experience with them? are they suitable for being kept up for extended periods of time (i.e 3-5 months at a time)? thanks in advance
  2. just had to share the excitement. .and yes this is exciting..according to me and my fishlings at least Premier Aquatics just received a new shipment of plants today and they are absolutely *beautiful* 11 different varieties of anubias 9 different varieties of crypts red melon swords anacharis red hygro temple hygro brazillian pennywort java moss borneo fern java fern narrow leaf swords jungle val italian val dwarf sag subulata sag bananna plants crinkle leaf onion plants moss balls various others i cannot remember the names of i bought some crypts and a couple of moss balls..the latter of which kagami is scooting about the tank like a soccer ball. hehe.
  3. glad to hear your fish made it through the move okay..so sorry bout your redcap though *hugs* umm..fish stores around here are pretty shady for the most part. Pet Stop in owasso used to have really high quality fish, but ever since they changed owners it's now more of a question of getting there when they get in new shipments. Tulsa Aquatics is worth checking out. they don't usually carry goldies, but the owners are very active in the local aquatic scene and can provide you with contacts.
  4. could someone please provide me with the dosage levels for PP per gallon of water?
  5. *update* well i got ahold of the dimilin a few days ago..so far all seems to be going well. nothing has come up during the last few salt dips plus she's eating again and swimming around more *sigh of relief* the eating again bit is a really big deal as she's usually a glutton..and her not eating is kinda like an omen of impending doom. .so yes, hopefully she's going to pull through! ^^
  6. .aye ya! poor thing..i'm sure she'll be alright. my panda gets in that situation alot too..
  7. *sigh* well i'll see if i can locate dimilin nearby first..i really don't want to have to wait for an order to ship. in the meantime i'll continue with the salt baths..as that seems to be purging alot of gunk..along with the water changes. arthur zhang off of aquabid was the seller i bought her from. i sent him several emails about the fish arriving with columnaris after i lost the telescope eye to it, but he never replied, so i don't know if he took note of it and actually treated his stock or just didn't care.. considering the conditions they were shipped in, i'm guessing the latter.
  8. aye ya! yeah that looks very familiar to what was left floating in the bucket last night.. what medications will treat this, besides the brand you mentioned? i've never heard of this parasite before.. well the events that have occurred with morgy and the telescope eye have been non-stop. i thought at first what they had was true fungus, and treated with a .3% salt level for a week which did absolutely no good whatsoever. the teles eye was getting really bad so i posted on another forum where i was introduced to the possibility of columnarias by a person who had also recently purchased fish from the same seller as i. under closer inspection thats what it turned out to be. two and a half weeks of seeminly constant water changes and treating with salt, melafix and maracyn 1 & 2 finally prompted an improvement in morrigan. by week three all traces of the fungus were gone from her. the telescope on the other hand wasn't so lucky; the disease got the best of him and he ended up losing an eye. i felt it best to euthanize him. anyways, morg still had problems after i finished the bacterial treatment. gasping, scratching, refusing food, things of that nature. her gills also seem a bit pale in parts, almost grey. the person who suggested treating for columnaris said it was most likely flukes, since the fish she had bought from this guy also came with those. i tried treating with prazi to no avail and i've kept the salt levels at .1% just to be on the safe side all this time. ..and now she's coughing up eggs! all this and she's completely blind..poor little girl =/
  9. last night i decided to give morg a salt bath, since shes been having all sorts of problems as of late with flukes and columnaris and i figured it might kick her immune system in gear anyway, after about thirty seconds in the dip several dozen semi-opaque small(pinhead size), round egg-like things fell out of her gills 0_o .does anyone know what on earth these things are?!!!! they have me freaked out to say the least... she's in a ten gallon quarantine with a penguin 125 filter; 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate
  10. your list looks great..but i'd encourage you to try something other than the tubifex worms for the daily diet and save those for the occasional snack. i say this because they're really nothing more than fat, and the freeze-dried version has virtually no nutritional content what-so-ever. while there's nothing wrong with feeding them, there are healthier alternatives out there..like blood worms and brine shrimp
  11. medication wise, i always keep maracyn 1&2, medigold, aquarium salt, melafix, and clove oil on hand. my fish typically are more prone to bacterial infections than parasites, hence all the anti-bacterial medication, and salt will treat most anything in a pinch. it's alot better than having to run out and spend money on medicine at a moments notice. i keep alot of other miscellaneous items on hand as well..but i wouldn't even know where to begin listing them.
  12. color changes in black moors are very common, like everyone else said though, you really want to watch his behavior to make sure it isn't a disease. for example, if the white color is a film coating his scales as opposed to the individual scales changing color, you have a problem. the slightly smaller eye is most likely a harmless individual trait, but it could also be the beginnings of pop eye. keep a close eye on him for awhile..if he continues to act normal and the eye stays the same, its just a birth defect
  13. the actual amount will vary depending on the size of the goldfish and it's appitite at the moment. as a general rule feed enough food so that each fish will get 1-2 mouthfuls (a mouthful is when they stop sucking in food and actually start chewing)
  14. all goldfish breeds were originally bred and raised in ponds; in essence, the selection is all dependant on what sort of climate you live in and whether or not you plan on moving them inside during the winter. the hardiest fancies for outdoor ponds in my opinion are fantails, ryukins, orandas, and ranchu. they are fine assuming the minimum temperature stays above freezing...down into the upper 40s, low 50s is the coldest temperature i'd keep them at. other varieties are more delicate and would have to be in a far warmer climate to be over wintered outdoors.
  15. oh yes, there have been many a time when people have critized my love for my fish... it doesn't bother me so much as anger me. if they don't care for fish, thats fine, but they should be considerate of my feelings and not call my babies 'a stupid waste of time and money' in front of me! *end of rant*
  16. eh, i always clean mine out every month..sometimes more, sometimes less. it all depends on how heavily stocked you are and how many other filters you have running (see, i didn't notice you said you also had two emperors running earlier). monthly or every other month would probably be alright for your tank
  17. sheesh..3 months without a cleaning..you should be ashamed! what i always do to clean out my canister filters is take a section of media out at a time and squeeze it/rinse it off in tank water. i never clean all the media at once, i section it out over the course of a few days to make sure i don't remove too much bacteria and cause a mini cycle crash. same thing goes with intake tubes; i'll clean them out on a day seperate from when i'm cleaning the media because bacteria lives inside of them. i really wouldn't worry too much about having a bare tank bottom. bacteria grows on every available surface in the aquarium..which means assuming you have a stable cycle it's literally coating the bottom and sides of your tank providing just as much denitrification as you'd get having gravel in the tank. well maybe not quite as much, but its not too far off.. just to be on the safe side you might want to watch your water levels a little closely afterwards since you haven't cleaned your filter out in so long..you might have a mini cycle.
  18. the tele. what this picture doesn't show is that there is a deep hole in the lower right side that formed last night...exposing what i'm presuming are nerves..
  19. My fish all have different feeding times...hence they've all learned to beg constantly whenever I'm in the room. Feeding hour is all day to them..
  20. <-- my thoughts exactly why get a fish you're not interested in?
  21. I think alot of the color changing in black fish has more to do with genetics than actual environment. Cooler temperatures and exposure to natural sunlight (or a full spectrum lamp) seems to help mine stay dark though..
  22. I disagree with the suggestion of adding a few cories. Cories are tropicals and should idealy be kept in a heated aquarium; besides, just because they aren't goldfish doesn't mean that they don't also contribute to the bioload, and your tank is already fully stocked. Is there any chance you could move her back to a more frequently populated area? Or perhaps you could put a mirror by her tank so she can see her reflection? I imagine that after a few weeks she should settle down and revert back to her old self, assuming nothing is physically wrong with her. I personally have never had any loneliness issues with any of my solitary fish, so I don't have many suggestions..sorry
  23. *update* It turns out that both fish have columnaris, not true fungus. I talked to another person on another board who had recently bought fish from the same seller; she's also struggling with a similar problem. I'm treating now not only with the salt, but marycn 1&2 and melafix. The largest fish, whom has now been dubbed Morrigan, is doing much better. She's very active, eating well, and is healing quickly. The little telescope eye still looks awful though. While it's fins have almost completely healed, it's eye has done nothing but get progressivly worse. It's gone from being approx 3/4 covered in fungus with the pupil barely showing to being so thickly covered with fungus that the pupil's no longer visable..plus, the parts of the eye that are still visable are clearly infected- red and swollen. It's started eating a bit now, and is swimming around acting fairly content. The eye's worrying be to death though. I'm going to put some pictures up of it soon I think. Mayhaps someone's out there who has gone through a similar problem and can offer some kind of advice..
  24. aww! the calico one is so cute!!! (well they both are really, but i have a fixation with calico bubble eyes..) i'm suprised you found those at nooppee, they look really healthy.
  25. hmm..do you keep your betta in an unheated aquarium perchance? also, what size aquarium/bowl/container do you have him in? oftentimes bettas act lethergic when they're in room-temperature water (they are tropicals after all)..and will perk up when given a heater and an aquarium or bowl that contains at least a gallon or two of water
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