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  1. PS--If I need to look at fish real bad, I know a great forum on the internet ;-)
  2. You've convinced me--I'll store it. I've already found someone who is interested in giving a home to my two dojo loaches. I'll miss their cute little faces but I never look at them any more. I know I'll want to have fish again at some point, I love goldfish! Thanks for the feedback :-)
  3. I thought, at least w/glass tanks, that storing them w/o water can cause the seals to dry out and then they leak. This doesn't happen w/acrylic tanks?
  4. Hi--I haven't been here in a looooong time, mostly b/c I now have two kids. I'm thinking of taking down my aquarium. It's a 35 gal hex, acrylic, and the only things alive in it right now are two dojo loaches, about five years old, and some java fern. I rarely remember to feed the fish any more and changing out the water is a hassle. I'm not enjoying it, I just feel guilty when I see it. My DH offered that we could store it in the garage for when I feel like setting it back up--might not be for >5 years though. I spent a lot of $ on the tank/filter/supplies so I'd be selling it at a big loss, but I hate to store it and find, when I decide to set it back up, that it leaks and can't be used for fish any more. Should I store it or sell it?
  5. I must share my husband's ingenuity with everyone on the board! Many HOB filters, though I can't say all because I'm no expert, do not have an on/off switch. Consequently the plug must always be accessible if you need to power down the filter, which I have to do when I change out tank water and clean the filter. I found this very annoying because the plug was not easy to remove. My helpful husband eased the frustration by purchasing an "in-line" switch (the type that rotates on/off) from our local hardware store. Then he cut one of the two wires (in accordance with the switch installation directions) of the filter power cord, clamped the switch in place on the power cord and tightened the screws. It works great!
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