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  1. My common nemo was 14in. long when I had given him away, that was 2 years ago, nemo #2 in 9 in. long after a year, draco is only 4in. long, and my ryukin is 6in.long, she looks like a butterball,
  2. The eggs with little black things inside them means they are fertile, and will hatch soon, the ones that are white, should be removed because they will grow fungus and infect your other eggs.
  3. Also, the clear round things r your fishs babies, the are eggs.
  4. when my celestial went sick and passed away, I felt like a failure for not being able to save him...
  5. My room is really stuffy, but if I open the windows, It will get hotter instead of cooler. The air is hotter outside! , and my dad hasn't fixed the ac!
  6. Cool!, thanks for the info, I guess the fish turns wight because it's not recieving any natural color inhibitors? ANyways. Thanks
  7. I've been thinking about it, so now I will ask. How does different type of lighting affect your fish's color? Let's say you have your fish in the sun, what colors will this inhibit on your fish. How bout' if you have your fish in a dark setting, how will this affect color? OR, what if you use a flourescent bulb as a source of lighting, will this have the same affect as the sun? Thanks, David
  8. When you have higher temps, 70-80ish, our goldfish have a higher metabolism and more energetic. The draw back is that they have a shorter lifespan, like you said. In cold water, 65-50ish, our goldfish have a slower metabolism and move like turtles, the good thing is they have a greater lifespan, meaning we get to enjot them longer!
  9. Here in Salinas I've seen panda telescopes, black moors, albino telescopes, blue-silver telescope, many other colors too. Red cap orandas, orange orandas, black orandas, brown orandas, blue orandas, and many more varieties, Commons, comets, sarasa comets, shubunkin, black comets, many other colors too. I've seen brown fantail, orange, red, black, and white. I've seen orange ryukin and red ryukin. I've seen orange lionhed-ranchu, and many other colors. I've seen demekin, bubble eye, celestial, pom poms and pearl scale goldfish, in many colors too. Wakins, jikins, and eggfish, are the only hard ones too find, but they're there . There are a few mutts, however, most look really nice, yet they cost around 20-120 $
  10. I'm pretty sure you don't need a heater for goldfish, if that answers your question.
  11. HOLY CARP! that thing is fish-mungous!
  12. Awww.. I don't think that's too close to Salinas right?
  13. Don't buy the Aquarium kit's because ussually they are way overpriced. Do you have a vvvv in your city, if so, You can buy a 40 gal for about 70-80$ (it's just a tank though, no filter or any else) After you have your tank you can start buying filters for it and a top part to not have the tank open. Does this help? feel free to ask any more questions.
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