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  1. Of Course How Could I forget. I just took some with my phone. So the Quality isnt the best...BUT HE IS STILL CUTE Him with Goliath......
  2. Well so Ive been fishless for awhile...but not necessarily fishless. The family has a good group of fish. And we have this Gorgeous Chubby Red Capped Oranda that was in Quarantine since one of the other fish attacked its eyeballs so now he is blind. And one day I find the Quarantine Tank EMPTY and I was about to start crying saying OOOH GUBB GUBBS (I came up with the name then and there cause none of the fish are named) WHY?! And then I walk away not looking in the other fish tank and then I walk back a spot another larger fish in the 20-30 gal tank and I see HIM!! I was like OHHH GUBB GUBBS YOUR ALIVE!! I was soo happy. He is sooo cute...I love him.
  3. Wow. Very Lovely. It gives the tank a more polished look doesnt it? Just like everyone else has said I agree you have a really talented Hubby.
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