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  1. Of Course How Could I forget. I just took some with my phone. So the Quality isnt the best...BUT HE IS STILL CUTE Him with Goliath......
  2. Well so Ive been fishless for awhile...but not necessarily fishless. The family has a good group of fish. And we have this Gorgeous Chubby Red Capped Oranda that was in Quarantine since one of the other fish attacked its eyeballs so now he is blind. And one day I find the Quarantine Tank EMPTY and I was about to start crying saying OOOH GUBB GUBBS (I came up with the name then and there cause none of the fish are named) WHY?! And then I walk away not looking in the other fish tank and then I walk back a spot another larger fish in the 20-30 gal tank and I see HIM!! I was like OHHH GUBB GUBBS YOUR ALIVE!! I was soo happy. He is sooo cute...I love him.
  3. Wow. Very Lovely. It gives the tank a more polished look doesnt it? Just like everyone else has said I agree you have a really talented Hubby.
  4. How about Goldie? Hehehe Commie and Goldie?
  5. HEHEHEH....I'd show mine....but...its kinda GREEN And the betta needs a cleaning....The water turned green after I got the algae scapper thats a magnet...and I used it and then...BAM Green water...maybe I will take a pic of it...sometime in the near future...
  6. I dont know why they both passed but they both died in similar ways. First Jaq my white telescope passed away. And then Martin my orange telescope passes away. They were both acting fine then out of no where Jaq started floating on his side and was like that for a day then he died...then 2 days later Martin was floating on his side so I did a water change and then yesterday he had passed away. It makes me wonder how and why just my telescoped died. I have 2 Orandas that are doing fine. Hopefully they are fine....this seems to be an invisible killer whatever it is...
  7. OW! Great Sory! And WOW again...CPR on a fishy! WOOHOO!!
  8. WHOA! Are you sure they aren't hickeys?
  9. Welcome to KGW! As for the story. Thats a sad and happy story. Sad because of the losses. And happy because you didnt just throw the little guy away for his bad actions.
  10. Aw, Im so sorry. I lost one of my fish to a Ferret attack when I first got mine and was a Newbie.
  11. Well, surprisingly after I had posted this I went up to go to bed and then I decided to check on him. And wouldn't you believe it....He was more straight just just a bussiling around just his tail was slightly bent off too the side... He's a fighter too....
  12. Well actually no, HE is on the brink of death also.. cause a day or two after that pic he was totally bent in half again and has been and yesterday when I saw him he was barely breathing like bean was before she passed...
  13. Whew! Thats a relief...And also...I believe my gravel vac is in Storage (in a dif state) and the one we have he is way to large to clean the ten gal Aquarium.....Now alls I have to do is get it cleaned well and all the yuck and algae out of it so I can trade tanks with my half bro... Because I toldhim once it was empty I'd let him have it... That was my first tank...Im going to miss it. Then with the I think 2.5 bow front Im going to let Blithe live in that instead of the 1/2 gal tank he has been... and then....Shelfs on my thingy...what to do with them!? Ouy... Thanks Paul.
  14. Well Bean's battle is over... As for the worms... They looked like White Cat hairs stuck in the Algae on the the glass all over the tank walls....X.x They were about 1 cm long but about the width of a hair...As for movement they like squeezed themselves together then like squished forward but didnt move more than a mm...And they were white.
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