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  1. Of Course How Could I forget. I just took some with my phone. So the Quality isnt the best...BUT HE IS STILL CUTE Him with Goliath......
  2. Well so Ive been fishless for awhile...but not necessarily fishless. The family has a good group of fish. And we have this Gorgeous Chubby Red Capped Oranda that was in Quarantine since one of the other fish attacked its eyeballs so now he is blind. And one day I find the Quarantine Tank EMPTY and I was about to start crying saying OOOH GUBB GUBBS (I came up with the name then and there cause none of the fish are named) WHY?! And then I walk away not looking in the other fish tank and then I walk back a spot another larger fish in the 20-30 gal tank and I see HIM!! I was like OHHH GUBB GUBBS YOUR ALIVE!! I was soo happy. He is sooo cute...I love him.
  3. Wow. Very Lovely. It gives the tank a more polished look doesnt it? Just like everyone else has said I agree you have a really talented Hubby.
  4. Aw How cute! That's so exciting to hear that your crabs have bred in captivity!
  5. How about Goldie? Hehehe Commie and Goldie?
  6. HEHEHEH....I'd show mine....but...its kinda GREEN And the betta needs a cleaning....The water turned green after I got the algae scapper thats a magnet...and I used it and then...BAM Green water...maybe I will take a pic of it...sometime in the near future...
  7. That is harsh. Im sorry to hear about your losses.
  8. I thought it'd be fun to start a post where we share stuff and talk about our snails with one another. Because I personally love to hear about other peoples animals and their odd behavior. And this way we can also learn stuff about our snailies that we havent known. I'll start off by introducing my snails... Fearless- Golden Apple Peekaboo- Golden Apple and The Trio- 3 Ramshorn Snails...they used to be the Quad Squad until Molly, my Panda Oranda, ate one of them this morning... And I their names all suite them perfectly. I say this because. Fearless is fearless...I swear. S/he just slimes around fully exposed with 2 Orandas and 4 other snails hanging around. S/he even climbs above the surface of the water...which freaks me out...but she doesnt climb out of the tank. Also, I swear s/he never rests s/he is always up to something. And s/he loves to surface-dive...hahaha. S/he is so much fun to watch. Then there is Peekaboo...who is just like his/er name explains s/he is really shy and usually hangs out in his/er shell. But when s/he does come out s/he does do some funny things...like climb between the glass and the thermometer on the sid eof the tank and go on the intake to the filter...Ill have to say at times s/he's not to bright...lol. But thats why I love him/er. And the tri just lazy about the sides of the tank....they dont seem to do too much interesting...Today was the first time I actually saw Fearless climb on top of Peekaboo and peekaboo was actually out to see the world...inside the tank of course...
  9. Are you sure you only have 3 ramshorns? Cause they reproduce like bunnies I swear.
  10. Wow isnt s/he a beauty! Congrats! And I also love the shell.
  11. OMG Noname Switched Shells too. I came down and everyone was hovering over the Hermit Crab tank and jake was like MY CRAB SWITCHED SHELLS! But where is he? SO we were all looking and then Jake cries out THERE HE IS! And so I pic up the shell and sure enough their is the little old crab in this HUMUNGOUS Shell..
  12. I was Really Excited because his shell was looking way to small. So now he is one that is similar to my Hermes' Shell. He's a real cutie. But I still cant believe I got pinched! I was so worked up because I finally got him to come out of his shell and WHAM! I screamed so loud I woke up my sleeping cousin...lol. And Iwas heard all the way upstairs. Okay so here are pics.... Him/er in his/er new shell...looking at an even smaller shell...but cooler. His Old Shell And the Crabitat as it is...or was before I changed the water and gave them fresh food...<Still needs some more sand and other stuff...>
  13. OMG! Cerberus Switched Shells! And he pinched me too after I got him to come out of his new shell and prance around on me...hehehe... PICS Later...
  14. Yeah. I hope we get more sand and shells soon. Cause Pooer Cerberus...I hate his shell... I cant seem to understand how that can me comfortable for him and for him to feel safe in.
  15. AWW! They are just sooo Precious! Good Job! ANd keep up the good work!
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