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  1. hello. If the tails of the fish is white then it is normal to see some streaking of blood. that said, you still need to give us the stats for ammonia and nitrite. we cant help on fine as an answer. if you dont know then please take a small sample to a fish store for them to test. nitrite and ammonia in high concentrations will stress your fish out and its important to keep their water clean. If it was me, i would be doing a half water change every couple days with gravel vacs. being uk im not up on bio wheels but any cleaning should be done in old tank water. fins reddening is only a symptom or indication of a problem elsewhere, usually bacterial and water related. pinpointing the cause is the hardest part, and starting with the simplest things first will narrow this. water is always the first place to get a clue, so please help us by getting the water tested.
  2. Check your tapwater readings from a cup and see if nitrate is the same as the tank. A reading of 20 is nothing to be worried about. How big is the tank, how many fish and sizes? Plecs sleep a lot through the day and are active at night. I would drop a couple of the pellets in while the tank is dark and as long as the belly of the fish isnt concave then your plec is fine.
  3. Sounds like he fed those fish to another tank. Its not a 60g tank, those fish would be around 2 or 3 inches at most and in perspective they are too big to look like they are in a 60g. Anyway we can only go by what he says he does, which may be different to what he actually does. I tend to avoid looking at other peoples mistreatment of fish on youtube, it would just depress me.
  4. Hey Bala, yeah i know i havent been on for ages and when i can its not for long. Homelife sucks just now so not getting the time i need to be here more often. Hope youre well
  5. Fish dont change their ways shamu, they run on instinct. Tiger barbs are one of the most aggressive fish out there and if you want to keep them then you will need a large shoal of about 12 to keep aggression to a minimum and change the tank decor around. Also, what size tank are they in? Even small fish need territory or they will fight.
  6. Looks like a larvae beetle, maybe a kind of water beetle. Doubt it will do any harm as it doesnt have any jaws to bite with. Find a local pond and let it live.
  7. sandy

    Help With A Diagnosis

    Gills on male bettas are usually darker as they are loose skin that they use to flare with. As for the lump, bettas are prone to tumours so it sounds like this is whats going on.
  8. Fish are susceptible to secondary infections after getting ich, so it sounds like something bacterial going on inside. I would go for something like medigold to feed her. Good luck
  9. You are suffering from new tank syndrome. Basically, your tank is cycling and fish just dont like it. You need to get yourself test kits for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate asn levels of ammonia and nitrite are deadly to fish if not detected. I dont know what first aid is but i dont think it will help, nd dont clean out your filter until the tank has cycled. Which filter are you using? You should also be using a conditioner such as prime to help with any chemical in the tap water. Check the temperature too as fluctuations can cause problems for fatter fish. Pearlscales arent the best swimmers anyway as they are bred too much too exagerate the size.
  10. Hi Have you tried fasting the tank for 3 days? Both fish wont suffer and its good for them to not eat for at least one day a week. The algae is good for them too so dont worry about them eating it. After 3 days feed the peas for a few days and see how they go. Do you know if the fish is a female or is it a guess? It could be eggs if it is female and may be infected. Have you ever seen clear zig zag poo from her at all? Is the poo trailing or short and comes away fast? Bacterial issues can cause what you are seeing so do water changes often to keep on top of it. Meds in this country arent really strong enough to do anything so just check the ph and everything else before adding to the tank to make sure its at the same levels. And temperature match new water too. Could be anything from a bacterial infection to too much gas, but fingers crossed she can get better
  11. If its relevant to the original post then its ok to open it. The problem comes when old posts are dragged up just to say one word. If you want discus then find a local breeder who uses the same water chemistry or make sure your local supplier has had them for a while and they are feeding well.
  12. Sounds more bacterial than anything else. You need to do more in the way of water changes per week. Try doing half the tank twice a week and dont use cold water, try warming it first. A slightly bigger filter with more media in it might help too.
  13. the tank seems ok to me and much bigger than 9 gallons. The problem isnt medical but the other fish eating the eyes. A 36" tank is plenty for territory so the smaller fish may be already weak and sickly and the other took the opportunity to have a free meal. If you can divide the tank then do this as your fish is now completely at the bigger ones will. You need a tank or seperated area free from all ornaments and strong filtration. If your fish cant maintain balance or seems dstressed then the outcome isnt good. Good luck with him
  14. Id say 75 minimum too and there is absolutely no need to feed live fish.
  15. Depending where you live, could be a number of animals. I lost one of my fantails to a heron recently and the other fish didnt hide. I now have netting over it. Better that than an empty pond
  16. The powerhead sucks the water in and through the sponges and then pushes it out, so i guess it pulls water through.
  17. Shes a gorgeous fish. Maybe a veiltail x but also looks to have a bit of phoenix in her. Im sure someone more knowledgeable will help you out. Shes stunning
  18. Yes, you can feed gel food to your fish. Theres only a few species of fish that need a certain diet and most are omnivores. Feed them the meat diet a couple of times a week
  19. The white worms are planaria and are usually found in most systems. If you start seeing them then you need to up the changing routine and cut back on feeding as a lot of them shows a dirty tank and over fed fish.
  20. Had he stopped eating? Hollow belly? Any new fish recently? Internal bateria can cause the symptoms and the fish starves to death. Did he have any sores or curving of the back?
  21. Its not a wakin, more likely al shubunkin cross fantail. I have a couple in my pond. Nice fish though
  22. You would need to give us a clue to what size tank the fish would be going in to. Until we know that then we cant recommend anything, and do you have a quarantine tank to house the fish first?
  23. for some reason i thought it was in the right section. will move it now
  24. First you have to make sure its a worm and not a stressed or sick fish with weird poo. Did you see it move at all? If you could also tell us the answers to the box at the top of the forum this will help reach a diagnosis for you. Camallanus is the most common type of worm to hit fish and heres a link to it http://members.optushome.com.au/chelmon/Worms.htm try google for some images to see if its close.
  25. what temperature is the water? i wouldnt advise mixing goldies with bettas anyway as they can get stressed. once bettas get internal problems its really hard for them to come back from it. if he starts to look worse then i would euthenise, sorry
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