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  1. My white Ryukin had his tailfins turn black for about three months, now the black has gone back to white.....Incredible, but fun!
  2. Here you go! I wrote the petition and it has around 550 siggys I think......Check it out! nnnnnn Cruelty To Fish Petition
  3. Put a handful of frozen green peas in a cup of water for a few seconds and the shells will pop right off. The fish cannot eat the shells, so it's better and cleaner for the tank this way. No need to cook the peas, they are soft and vitamin rich. Do not use canned peas, not as vitamin rich. Just throw in the shelled peas as they are. Frozen bloodworms and other frozen products are most definately the goldfish's favorite, better than dried anyday. Frozen bloodworms, krill, brine shrimp, etc. are all pasturized and pure with no chance of disease. They carry no germs. Live food that would be threatening would be earthworms perhaps out of your yard, crickets you found, something you can't be sure of. Buy Hikari brand if you can. HTH, Love Karen
  4. Emma, you're a doll! I have barebottomed tanks and each time I clean them there are these little hard white thingies that the Python won't pick up and I have to physically put my finger on them and slide up the tank side to remove. I have cursed these little buggers many times and wondered what they were and how they got there, but I didn't ask because I thought it was a stupid question. And here you have answered it! They are shed goldfish teeth! Hurray! I finally know! Thanks hon, Love you! Karen
  5. Hello, and welcome to Koko's! Your fish is exhibiting signs of swim bladder disorder. Symptoms of SBD can come and go during the first stages of it, with the fish often behaving normally in between the "weirding out" times. There is no cure for SBD. It is not a disease, it is a condition. Sometimes relieving the fish of constipation by feeding it peeled green peas for a day or two relieves the symptoms and help it to swim better. You were correct in speaking of a bouyency issue. The swim bladder inside a fish is what enables them to be in total control of their bouyency. When it is not working properly their posistion in the water is beyond their control. HTH, Love Karen
  6. As I said in the earlier post to this thread, I believe we have answered Pugwinkles question well enough for her to get the general idea on pond size needed. To say anything farther on the subject in an argumentative vein is unproductive to this thread, or the board. Let's just leave it at everyone has his own opinion as to the potential size of Shebunkins and get on with things. Be it 8 inches or 15 we have conveyed the fact that Shebunkins are larger goldfish..."akin" to comets or small Koi in size, and she will need to plan on space for such. We want newcomers to feel welcome here, not see personally challenging behavior on their first few visits, don't we?
  7. Pugwinkle you will do well to use a larger container for the Shebunkins...I think the original information you were looking for has been answered...Shebunkins grow large and they will take care of the mosquitos as well. By the way, welcome to our board! I hope that you will enjoy your time here. Forgive us if perhaps sometimes your questions get answered a whole lot more than you needed...We are a spirited bunch when it comes to Goldfish and obviously you will find as many differing opinions as there all people here, along with good solid advice mixed in the lot. Good luck with your fish! Love always, Karen
  8. Shiari, they aren't that much, and I guarantee you that you can't hear them AT ALL! They are totally silent....I tell you what...what is your arrangement tank wise? I mean sizes? The largest Fluval 4 + is about $30.00. I happen to have an extra Fluval 3 + which is brand new and was only used for 2 days. It handles tanks up to 55 gallons I believe. I will send it to you for nothing if you would like to have it. I am sending you this link so you will know what I am talking about...Drs Foster and Smith have them on sale now, vvvv and others carry them in store. Please let me know, I will be glad to give you the one I have... Fluval Plus Underwater Filters
  9. Shiari, I think I may have a solution for you......When I put together my coffee table aquarium this week, I had to use FluvaL 4 submersible filters. They do a great job, stay underwater, and there is no sound whatsoever...Why not consider getting a couple of these and keeping the fish?
  10. Yep, I agree about the Shebunkin size...I had some in an outdoor pond and they were HUGE, the littlest ones were 12 inches....The rest grew almost as big as the Koi I kept with them. They definately have the potential to grow as large as Koi if they are kept in the right conditions, the genes don't really have anything to do with it.
  11. hey, yeah! Thanks for the tip! I had heard this mentioned when I made the sling and have wanted to see it ever since....Can't wait! Love always, Karen
  12. Aw, Paul!!!!!!! You are so sweet! I haven't looked at this thread in awhile and was thrilled with my award.....In fact, I think I'll add it to my signature since you put so much time and effort into it! Thanks for being such a good friend! Sorry I haven't had time to post this as asked, but the construction was simple....I don't have the money to apply for a patent, it costs quite a bit in application fees... <_< So here goes an easy explanation. I took a black elastic "Goody" pony tail holder (you can buy at nooppee or the dollar store). It is large, covered in fabric and very comfortable and stretchy. It was a little larger in diameter than my fish, so I pinched up the extra amount and wrapped it tightly together with sewing thread. You could also pinch and tape it I'm sure. Then I just took sewing thread, you could also use fishing line, and threaded it through a cork fishing bobber, made the line long enough where the fish could reach the bottom of the tank, and sewed the line onto the pinched area of the pony tail holder. Through trial and error I figured out that the easiest and least stressful way to put it on the fish is to go over the head and let the straps rest under each of the front fins and before the dorsal fin on top. It really was easy, and has worked very well. It has held my fish upright for weeks now, and she never flips over anymore....She also swims and feeds easily, you just have to make sure that there are no tank obstructions where the line could be caught up and tangled. HTH, Love always, Karen
  13. Lovely, they have had nothing but ProGold and Hikari pasturized frozen bloodworms......
  14. Lovely, the Ranchus had their own tank, the 6 of them were in a 75 gallon, with no other fish. There was no spawning activity, chasing, or rough housing between any of them. All of the the fish were paired together at the GFC auction, but since there wer 6 sets I am assuming they all came from the same "lot" of fish. Checking the city water is a good idea.....The only drawback to that idea though, is the fact that I have 3 other 55 gallons running, + a 20 gallon and 10 gallon and all other fish are thriving. If it was the city water chlorine or chloramine it would make them all sick. I just don't know....So as of now, the 3 "are" quarantined, they are in their own 75 gallon alone. I just don't know........Thanks for all of the support..
  15. I am now at a loss for words, totally. A 3rd Ranchu died this morning...Water perimeters perfect, no injuries, no illness, just dead. I cannot even begin to imagine what is causing this, and at this point I will be lucky to save the other 3 and hope like heck I have a male and a female left out of the three. I contacted Rick and he said he was very sorry to hear about their deaths, but couldn't imagine what it was. My loss besides the fish that I adored is now at over $300.00. I don't think I will venture this much financially again to replace those I lost, just hope for the best with the rest. I just wanted to share with ya'll, I almost hated to make this post, it seems lately that bad news is all I have. Love ya'll, Karen
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