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  1. Padda's pal

    Emerald Crabs

    Thanks. Maybe you can help me understand this a bit more. I'm not very good at water chemistry. So if this is phosphate in my tank and it does sound as if that is the problem, why am I not having the same trouble in my nano? Not a trace of any algae in there except the coralline. Or should I expect to start having trouble there too? I just like to be prepared. Now the plan here until I can get a skimmer would be to do more wc , to use a product like Phosban and manual removal of all bubble algae? impossible to say what the nano's doing but if coralline growing well that would suggest a low Po4 as it inhibits it, testing water would always be first option to know whats happening although Po4 tests are notoriously hard to read i have the high sensitivity Merck/D&D test even this isn't the easiest to distinguish between colours, reckon skimmer would make your life alot easier
  2. Padda's pal

    Emerald Crabs

    reason i'm saying phosphate is because you are having trouble with algae and your nitrate is low, also high phosphate slows cheato growth while other algae love it, maybe you could take a sample of your water to be tested bubbles been popped will spread algae but to grow needs food, myself i would do a big clear out then run some phos remover or you could look into dosing vodka but youd need a skimmer if you were a bit closer i have a spare skimmer
  3. Cheers Koko am hopeing to get a good bit done this weekend a friend has all my harder to keep corals so am busting to get them back
  4. Padda's pal

    Emerald Crabs

    No I don't have a skimmer on it but the nitates are always o or undetectable on the test. That is probably because the tank is a 29 gallon and only has a cleaner shrimp and a small cleanup crew. I am very understocked. I have adapted an aquaclear 110 which is filled to the brim with live sand and live rock rubble and chaetomorpha. I also have a canister eheim filter and the media baskets also contain only live rock and live sand. Plus I do weekly water changes and I syphon off any debris I see on the rocks and sand. phosphate is the main one for algae growth, you could run some rwoaphos to lower it, how often are you harvesting your Cheato ?
  5. Hope this is allowed but heres my tank build http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/showthread.php?t=379211
  6. Padda's pal

    Emerald Crabs

    emeralds wont kill and eat fish, prob as Koko says gorillas got stung by a dwarf fuzzy lionfish hurt a fair bit and arm looked like a rugby ball have a mate that was stung by a cataphyllia and he still has small rash like marks but i have touched same coral and nothing ?
  7. if you use good salt and do weekly water changes unless you go stoney coral heavey you wont need to worry about dosing calcium, mag, alk buffer reef is harder to keep then fish only softy tanks not much harder then a fish only LPS again the majority not much harder then a softy tank SPS tanks raise the bar a good bit also hard to meet the demands of all the different ocupents myself i dont buy any full size corals i get frags and grow them and seeing this i find most rewarding part
  8. Padda's pal

    Emerald Crabs

    how are your parameters, seems odd that everything else fine, are you getting them from same supplier ?
  9. GPS puffers start fresh then into brackish and then full marine, also a no no in a small tank (to messy) anyroad as for a 10 gallon tank i would go for no fish in it bit of live rock and soft corals live Zoas i kept a tank like this and loved it, bigger is easier but cost go up, as i understock and spend money when its needed to be spent and do the mainteance needed i have a hassle free time with my marine tank
  10. still have 3 they are growing well these pics are old and i will get some up to date pics and put them on
  11. Hiya i live near Stansted airport (not far from cambridge) if there is something i can do to help just let me know
  12. you have a point Devs, only have 3 now but they are eating well and seem to be growing i will get some more pics
  13. so Hows the feeding going ?
  14. Thanks ellnbea i now have 5 little fellas mainly holding on to sides but also a bit of swimming, i have a brine shrimp hatchery running right now and am going to try fed them tomorrow, i have moved them to a little tank as haveing problems with the big goldys trying to eat them through the breeding trap. Sorry about quality of pic but this is some of the eggs
  15. got up for work this morning and i saw my common goldys spawing in the java fern i could see some eggs, but i had to go to work when i got home i could only see a few eggs (i would say alot got ate) i put 10 eggs in a breeding trap and am going to see how i get on i have bred other egg layers before but not goldys so am looking forward to seeing them grow (with a bit of luck)
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