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  1. Hope this is allowed but heres my tank build http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/showthread.php?t=379211
  2. still have 3 they are growing well these pics are old and i will get some up to date pics and put them on
  3. Hiya i live near Stansted airport (not far from cambridge) if there is something i can do to help just let me know
  4. you have a point Devs, only have 3 now but they are eating well and seem to be growing i will get some more pics
  5. so Hows the feeding going ?
  6. Thanks ellnbea i now have 5 little fellas mainly holding on to sides but also a bit of swimming, i have a brine shrimp hatchery running right now and am going to try fed them tomorrow, i have moved them to a little tank as haveing problems with the big goldys trying to eat them through the breeding trap. Sorry about quality of pic but this is some of the eggs
  7. got up for work this morning and i saw my common goldys spawing in the java fern i could see some eggs, but i had to go to work when i got home i could only see a few eggs (i would say alot got ate) i put 10 eggs in a breeding trap and am going to see how i get on i have bred other egg layers before but not goldys so am looking forward to seeing them grow (with a bit of luck)
  8. i appreciate all input but kinder i cant seem to find your point i read it twice and still no wiser are you just saying you agree with d golem ? Ps loinhead What puggirl is saying is not far from the way i thought it was; but given that things might be different for different countrys i thought of a plan for me to find out for UK i am going to find out how they judge them and there terminology
  9. i do like the terminology you use and it makes sense (I think ) would the one in you sig be a SVR ?
  10. what you seem to be missing is i'm not asking if its ok to give them other names i want to know the officially correct termanology, an insult to every breeder ? not sure where your going with that statment and i think its a bit stronger then what we are talking about and nothing to do with what we are talking about i am not trying to cause confuseion i'm trying to stop it, note the fact there called chinese ranchu !!
  11. well Man yu the ranchu is spot on
  12. Sorry i forgot to say thanks for your opinions and im sure we will find something we can all agree on
  13. Looks very good, i am a tattoo fan and would like to see how these turn out and if you do ranchus
  14. i know they are quite different fish and agree they have been breed differently but what i want to know is a lionhead and a ranchu the same fish just bred for difference looks and if i should (in theory) be calling a lionhead a lionhead ranchu, a ranchu a Japanese ranchu and collectively inclueding all cross breeds simply a RANCHU Is there a official stance on this as there quite often seems to be confusion and no set answer ? i know at the end of the day theres a difference as ranchus (Japanese) are my favourite goldfish where as im not as fond of lionheads still like them but prefer other goldfish !
  15. To my understanding at one point all ranchus looked pretty much like what we now call a lionhead but the Japanise like went for no wren and curved back and the chinise stuck with the big wren and straight which made the ranchu look different depending on wether it was chinise (lionhead) or japanise (ranchu). as such that all lionheads are ranchus, which means a ranchu with a big wren and straight back is a lionhead ranchu and a ranchu with no wren and a curved back are japanise ranchus !! i would like you imput on this guys
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