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  1. Don't have a nitrate reading. A platy died yesterday. I have no idea why.. I didn't notice any problems. There's nothing external to suggest death.. for either fish. I understand. I would have just hoped that since it was a forum for emergencies, maybe someone would try to be on it, considering 13 hours elapsed between the time I posted and the time he died.
  2. Well, I am a bit disappointed with the speed of this forum.. Pierre died. The fin-nipping was one (or two) of the rainbows picking on the danio. I put her in the snail tank to recuperate and the one rainbow is still aggressive towards some of the other fish. How can I stop that? Should I take the culprit out and replace him? Except I tried pulling him out for a few minutes and one of the other rainbows was slightly aggressive.. not as much but still. Help!
  3. Well I think he is dead. Hasn't moved since 3 am and I think he's only upright cause he's stuck to the filter intake. But today I noticed that my Danio's fins are really beat up. And I'm 99% sure they weren't that way yesterday. Can fin rot happen that fast?
  4. Ack! For the last day or two, my Ranchu Pierre has been very mopey. Sitting on the bottom mostly. When I tap on the glass by him, he sort of flips his fins around obligingly. He didn't eat today but he got up to eat yesterday and the day before. The night before last I had him in a little gallon tub with some salt. The problem must be the new fish I added a week ago. I got three Bosemani's rainbows, six platys, and a gourami. Everyone gets along fine and looks healthy, except Pierre. And no, I have no way of quarantining them, but for the record, they come from an LFS that will not sell you sick fish on purpose, they go out of their way to quarantine new shipments for at least a month and then make sure to get only healthy ones. Tank is 40 gallons breeder sized, been running since Christmas. Has a heater and is about 74 F. Has an external canister filter. I change out about seven gallons once a week. In addition to the new fish, there are 2 BN plecos, 2 cory cats, 2 rasboras, and a danio. And plants (one of which has a bacterial problem - might there be a connection even though that's been an ongoing thing?). Just use dechlorinator and the occasional plant food additive. No medications. pH: 7.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Why the lethargy? Should I separate him again? Help! Airwen
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