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  1. Don't have a nitrate reading. A platy died yesterday. I have no idea why.. I didn't notice any problems. There's nothing external to suggest death.. for either fish. I understand. I would have just hoped that since it was a forum for emergencies, maybe someone would try to be on it, considering 13 hours elapsed between the time I posted and the time he died.
  2. Well, I am a bit disappointed with the speed of this forum.. Pierre died. The fin-nipping was one (or two) of the rainbows picking on the danio. I put her in the snail tank to recuperate and the one rainbow is still aggressive towards some of the other fish. How can I stop that? Should I take the culprit out and replace him? Except I tried pulling him out for a few minutes and one of the other rainbows was slightly aggressive.. not as much but still. Help!
  3. Well I think he is dead. Hasn't moved since 3 am and I think he's only upright cause he's stuck to the filter intake. But today I noticed that my Danio's fins are really beat up. And I'm 99% sure they weren't that way yesterday. Can fin rot happen that fast?
  4. Ack! For the last day or two, my Ranchu Pierre has been very mopey. Sitting on the bottom mostly. When I tap on the glass by him, he sort of flips his fins around obligingly. He didn't eat today but he got up to eat yesterday and the day before. The night before last I had him in a little gallon tub with some salt. The problem must be the new fish I added a week ago. I got three Bosemani's rainbows, six platys, and a gourami. Everyone gets along fine and looks healthy, except Pierre. And no, I have no way of quarantining them, but for the record, they come from an LFS that will not sell you sick fish on purpose, they go out of their way to quarantine new shipments for at least a month and then make sure to get only healthy ones. Tank is 40 gallons breeder sized, been running since Christmas. Has a heater and is about 74 F. Has an external canister filter. I change out about seven gallons once a week. In addition to the new fish, there are 2 BN plecos, 2 cory cats, 2 rasboras, and a danio. And plants (one of which has a bacterial problem - might there be a connection even though that's been an ongoing thing?). Just use dechlorinator and the occasional plant food additive. No medications. pH: 7.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Why the lethargy? Should I separate him again? Help! Airwen
  5. I would love to, but I'm a bit biased I think, because I've been there so often and know the people and everything. It wouldn't be quite as fair and objective as your other reviews, so I think I will have to decline. I see you're not reviewing branches of chain stores (mmm, vvvv). I know that some branches take much better care of their fish than others, so, I dunno, if you have a bit of extra time you may try reviewing these, if this is a really big project for you. A question - did any of these stores have axolotls? I know there are a bajillion people in the Seattle area who have axolotls, and they are a bit hard to find, so if you could supply information on that it would be helpful to us. If that's possible, I'd like to post a link to the site in a thread at caudata.org, the site where the axolotl forum is, with your permission of course.
  6. Nice job, thanks for the info! I loved the review of Denny's Pet World, I've heard good things about that place but never been there. Now I'll have to take a field trip! You must review B&D Aquarium. It's the one closest to me, and Steve, the guy that runs the place, is very knowledgable. The store's a bit crowded but the fish are all well cared for and there is a good selection of koi, Ranchus, commons, fantails, comets, moors, bubble eyes, and others. Yup. Have you been to all the ones in the International District? I've never been to any of them, but according to a friend who lives around there, there's a bunch of small fish stores in that area. I can't guarantee English being spoken, but heck, it's worth a try. Thanks for the informative site!
  7. Ooh ouch, what a bummer, I'm sorry that happened. Well - I haven't shattered a tank (yet), but yesterday I got really close. I was vacuuming and I pulled it back without thinking, and the handle was probably millimeters away from smashing the glass. Eek! I should be more careful with that!
  8. Thanks, Devs! I've got the exact same problem with my Amazon Sword plant. The fuzzy black algae coats the leaves constantly, so I've tried scrubbing them with the algae scrubber, but what has worked best is scraping it off with a fingernail. I'll have to try your idea! However, the darn algae is really selective. It is only on the uppermost leaves of the Amazon Sword, and on the heater, thermometer, driftwood, and all over the sponge that covers the filter intake. But it hasn't touched any of my other plants, the sides of the tank, the rocks or gravel, or anything else. Is this weird??
  9. Fwee a forum of animal nuts! My personal zoo is not as big as I'd like it to be, but: - 1 dog, Luna (Kooikerhondje) - 1 goldie, Pierre (Ranchu) - 2 Rasboras - Gretel the Danio - James, Albino Cory - 1 braindamaged Eastern Grey Squirrel (she has no name...) - 5 species of snails, I've never actually counted them.. - An axolotl (coming, I don't have him yet but everything's in place). I also work at a zoo with the farm animals a few days a week. Hehe, it looks like most of us are not goldfish-only people!
  10. Yes I got a huge box of stuff along with both aquariums and extras from a family friend when he moved away about 5 years ago. A lot of the stuff is old, but I managed to find a working filter! Also while I was rooting around I found a GH/KH test kit. Who woulda thunk it? Thanks for your opinions on the intake tube problem. The saga continues however: I found this filter, but it had no intake tube at all. I rooted around for it, and I instead found a long clear tube, which actually would work better! Then I found the real intake tube, but no matter. The long one looks cooler.
  11. Wow, thanks for all the info! At this point I am thinking that the double-intake tube thing is a bit too complicated. I was planning on placing the outflow directly over the divider so both sides would get it. I think I will try adding another filter, considering I just found the perfect sized one in my box of fish stuff. (It's like a treasure chest in there!) Thanks everyone!
  12. Hi all- I won't pretend I am good at the hardware aspect of aquariums, first off. I was thinking of dividing my snail tank into two sections with my divider. For money's (and lack of outlets) sake, I would like to see if I could use one hang-off-the-back-type filter for both sections. The problem is, both sides will be dirty enough that they'd need an intake tube on either side. Is it even possible to have a single filter with two intake tubes? Here's a diagram of what I am thinking: http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/8641/tankdiagram9kz.png If so, is this a DIY thing (and how might I go about it) or are there double intake tubes that I can buy? OR should I go ahead and get another filter? Anything would be a lot of help, because I don't even know where to start on this! Thanks, Airwen
  13. So I attempted a picture. Yuck. It looks gross because I had to have the external lights on and it's all yellow and trashy. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v382/airwens/xmastank2.png (Is there any reason I couldn't edit my above post to add this?)
  14. Oh wow! I always decorate my tanks for Christmas. I've strung lights around the edges, replaced the backgrounds with holly-print placemats (hehe) and set up a Playmobil nativity scene on the hood of the 30g. I tried to take pictures but they didn't turn out at all. It's a lot of fun though, good luck to everyone!
  15. Oh, but remember these are horror stories. If you use common sense and follow the safety instructions, heaters shouldn't be scarier than, say, a clock radio. Or something like that. So don't be afraid to branch out into other areas of fish keeping because of a few stories from other people.
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