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  1. Here are the more accurate readings. Ammonia:0 Nitrite:0.1 Nitrate:0.1 And the Ph is the same.
  2. Oops, forgot to mention that the reading aren't really accurate since all I have left are strips. I buying a new test kit tomorrow so I'll post up the more accurate reading. I don't have a digi cam either, but it seems that it went down a bit now.
  3. Cute goldies! Mine love the waffles too, they're so cute when they get a piggy.
  4. My black moor seems to have developed some sort of growth on his side a little bit behind his gills. It came on fairly fast too because there was only a little bump behind his scales on Saturday and now it's sort of like a red pimple and is poping out from behind his scales. His behavior hasn't changed and he's eating his regular diet of gel food, brine shrimp, greens and pellets. He's in a 20 gal. that's been set up for a little over a year with my oranda that I got a month and a half ago (my oranda went though 3 weeks of quarantine before I add him). They are both about 2" long. I have a Penguin 200 filter with a biowheel, and I do a 50-60% water change every week and I normally use Aqua Plus as a water conditioner but the last few times I used Tetra Water Conditioner. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite Level: 0 Nitrate level: 0 Ph Level: 7.2 Ph Level out of the Tap: Last time I checked around 7.0 Temperature: 76*F I haven't added any medications, only 0.2% salt. Could it be parasites or have anything to do with the change in water conditioner?
  5. I think waiting a bit would be wise too.The water parameters are really important too, b/c poor water quality could cause this. I would start feeding him MetroMed after his fasting.
  6. That oranda is absolutly beautiful! What I would do for a fish like that....
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