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  1. My method is an 8-10 inch water change for my 60-gallon tank and a bit less for my 46-gallon tetra tank about once a week to 10 days along with putting the python to the gravel (large). I clean the filters (redundancy is the key here) on a rotating basis. Testing is a good thing and helps me keep the tank in bio balance and can head off a pH crash. This method works for me, the key being consistency and monitoring.
  2. i have eheim 2026 pros on both of my tanks with an emperor 280 on the 46gal goldie. eheim, while a tad expensive, is a well thought out filter that is very easy to maintain. i only clean mine once a quarter or so.
  3. i have a UV hooked inline with my Eheims on each of my two tanks. the water is very clear and with proper maintenance, the tanks are clear also. the water remains almost odor free.
  4. i find the Eheim Pro II and an Emperor 280 to be a nice combination for my 46gal tank.
  5. i watch the flow meter on my eheim and clean/change filter pads when it begins to restrict.
  6. combos are good. gives you the option to keep what you have and add to what you've already got. saves money too.
  7. i like a combination power and canister on a goldie tank. i run an Eheim 2026 with a spray bar at the top and intake in the bottom 1/4 along with an Emperor 280, which the input rests on the bottom and the output is at the top of course. great combination for my living room tank. the emperor can be heard so a bedroom or the den (TV, stereo, etc.) isn't the best choice. for the tropical tank, which is in the den, i have an Eheim 2026. it is the only filter and keeps up with the load beautifully. in fact, i can go three weeks before a water change is needed, ( i do it weekly to bi monthly anyway ). can't say that on the goldie tank. two weeks is the most i'll go on a partial. whatever you go with, buy quality so you only have to buy it once.
  8. my idea of too much filtration is when there is no calm spot or spots for the fish to relax. when the tank becomes a swirling vortex then you've got to much.
  9. would there be any way to bolt the stand to the floor and then strap the tank to the stand? of course, a large aquarium weighs a great deal. have you considered asking your LFS about this concern? my guess is they have encountered this before and they just might have ideas.
  10. it is an emperor 280. i have one just like it.
  11. sounds like a great excuse to rearrange and dust a bit. after all is said and done you will probably love it. congrats on the "big one".
  12. cloudy tank? fritz clarifier solution. carbon in the filter at every filter cleaning. UV in the mix. it will be as clear as that diamond my wife wants and i cannot afford. LOL. seriously though. this combination will clear the tank unless you have a bunch of leafy stuff in there.
  13. i have canister filters with spray bars. i found the spray to be too intense. my solution was to drill the holes larger. that is always an option.
  14. with a 20gal, i'd go with the HOB filter. one that moves a bunch of water. one that does not get much discussion here is the eheim liberty. i was wondering if an owner or two could weigh in on this product.
  15. PC i really don't know how to tell the difference. i also have two moonlight gouramis and it is the same thing. i'm thinking about returning the blue and the agressive moonlight. opinion
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