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  1. yeah, Instant Ocean is for salt water aquariums. I just went out today to get some salt for freshwater aquariums instead just to be on the safe side.
  2. It doesn't have the ingredients but it says "nitrate free and phosphate free". It's sea salt, that's probably it. But it's probably safer just to go out and get some regular freshwater aquarium salt.
  3. i was just wondering if i can use Instant Ocean (this salt is used for salt water aquariums) to treat my fish. thanks.
  4. Wow!!! all gorgeous fish. I wish i was there thanks for the pics
  5. Nice pond! I grow my duckweeds in a kiddie pool and i just feed the duckweed directly to the fish in the main pond.
  6. They are soooooooo adorable !!!
  7. Wow, he's grown a lot!
  8. They are very similar to wakins but just a shorter and deeper body
  9. Gorgeous tank, but I think jikins have a pure white body with all the finnage being red.
  10. the link takes me to HOTMAIL. Is there a way you can fix that? I would really love to see your jikin
  11. Adorable goldfish. Congrats
  12. Adorable goldies!!! I love Milky's coloration Congrats
  13. Cute goldfish! I love your orandas
  14. nice oranda! Congrats. That's a pretty nice wen too.
  15. Lor

    Betta Pics

    Beautiful bettas. the tanks are great too
  16. Nice goldies Seems like they've grown quite a bit. Congrats
  17. Congrats Golem! That sounds like a very beautiful goldie. Can't wait for pics soon
  18. Those are some great looking goldies!!! Thanks for sharing :cool
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