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  1. I have that same little tank Aquaman is in. :)

    Aren't the Tetra Water Wonders just PERFECT for bettas?! A little on the pricey side as far as the Nemo, Little Mermaid ones go though. This was Pirates OTC one marked down 40%, not bad.

  2. Thank you! The asian theme was originally for the goldie's 55, but they got stuck in the entrance way so I figured Banshee would appreciate it (and not get stuck). :rolleyes:

  3. No need to fear Aquaman and Banshee are here!

    Aquaman - Mustard Gas veil.



    Banshee - Black Hooded crown. (He's a little camera shy)




    Both of these guys came from LPS, Banshee actually came from work. I said I wouldn't do it, I didn't need another one. I already had Aquaman, so I put him out in front so everyone could see him...but, of course, after a few days I couldn't help but take him home. :newfish:wub:

  4. Exactly, it's not 'ideal' goldfish care but at least it's basic information, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. After working in a pet store where SO MANY people have this misleading concept of how goldfish can live in a bowl, it frustrates me. When I tell them 'politely' that they CANNOT live in bowls they seem to always want to fight me on it. I show them the care sheets we have for the Nitrogen Cycle and care sheets on Goldfish themselves and they just say the same thing: "Well mine lived in a bowl for *blank* amount of years just fine". People just don't want to get these larger tanks for goldfish, they want to start small, and I think this video is a good way to introduce the goldfish care, with the hopes that people will realize it's not as simple as it seems and that they can build their knowledge from this video to research more about their fish's needs. What's good though is we have the right to refuse selling them a fish if we feel they will not properly take care of the animal.

    Honestly, if it's housed in a FILTERED TANK what makes you think you can stick it in an unfiltered/airated bowl? Heck even the feeder fish are in a filtered tank... :wacko: I've turned so many potential goldfish 'bowlers' into betta parents that it still amazes me.

  5. So, a while ago I know there was a hate thread going on about how a youtube video gave incorrect information about caring for goldfish. Well I found this 'project' that really goes above and beyond how to PROPERLY care for goldfish and thought I would share, I doubt FishRUs is a real webpage but it's a well done video.

    Caring for Goldfish

  6. The white powdery substance sounds very much like an ammonia burn. This happened to me as well, long time ago, my fish got little white spots much like ich then they started to get powdery and flakey. I tested the pH and it read slightly acidic one hour then deadly the next. I did water changes but it jut seemed to make it worse. Later on I found out that my tap water's hardiness was crud and made my water get horribly acidic. Long story short, if you can test your waters hardiness at home or a LFS it will probally give you some insight. You might have to buy a water hardiner/softiner like I did, and just add it to your water and all future water changes.

  7. UPDATE:

    Moved from 5.5 gal to 10 gal, added 50% more water. Still heated to 73*F. All size ranges, largest close to .5 inches, smallest well, small. Lost a few. Down to about maybe 50 - 60? Majority are fan tails, leaning towards broad tails, noticed at least two single tailed fry. Eating well, active and alert.








    Parents spawned...again. Not going to pursue raising those fry, don't have time. What's the youngest age/ best size you can ship fry at? I've got an internship that requires me to move clear across from CA to FL by Mid June and I know a few people were interested in these fry and I'd really like to get them into good homes but time is fleeting. I'm doing my best to fatten and healthify these fry so I can ship them out come June.

  8. I bet they love munching on those mossballs. Any guesstimate on how many there are?

    They LOVE the mossballs, I was so excited when I saw that we carry them at work. Gosh, there must be more then my original guess of 50, maybe closer to 70-80?

    Thanks guys! First time this has ever happened with goldfish and so far it's been an exciting experience. Also, I should throw this out, Koko's GW members have first priority on these guys, otherwise the only other option is bring them to work and they can sell them. I'd rather not, seeing as not many people come in who are DEVOTED to goldfish. NO way will my babies be in bowls (we would NEVER sell anyone fish for a bowl unless it was a betta), or anything less than 10 gallons a piece... :unsure:

  9. UPDATE:

    Removed the plastic plant and stuck it back in my 55 where it came from, but, added some mossballs to the fry tank. Fry are close to 10 days old and still growing!




    They're so amazingly cute! Sometimes I find myself watching them for hours on end. :heart

  10. Glad to hear he's starting to eat! That's a good step in the road to recovery. Too double boost his immune system you could feed him some live foods such as: blood worms, tubifex worms, brine shrimp. If live isn't available frozen works wonders as well. These types of food are very high in proteins and might perk him up a bit.

  11. Where are you from? If you're in the Bay Area, CA I know of a few GREAT places to get some bubble-eyes.

    OT - Your Dragon Moor (signature) is GORGEOUS! Looks almost exactly like my Smooches. Where did you find yours? And curiously enough, what was she labeled as?

  12. Sounds much like SBL (Swim Bladder Disorder). You can try feeding them boiled, de-shelled peas to help flush their digestive tract and loosen up their swim bladder. What kind of tank do you have them in? What are your parameters? What are you feeding them?

  13. Picked this up a while ago at my LFS for around $5. It's made by Lee's and they call it a Specimen Container or Convalescent Home. Comes in a few sizes, this is a medium one, roughly 6" X 3". Works great to transport the fish to the QT or holding tank, hangs inside or outside the tank itself, and it's quite manuverable so you can scoop your fish up with it no net needed. We use them where I work and I find it so much easier than a cup or bowl purely for the fact that if you need to put it down in an emergency you can just hung it from your tank as opposed to having to find a flat surface.


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