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  1. thank you, the ingredients in the progold kept my fish so healthy
  2. i dont know anything about ponds. what did you mean by "you need a fountain pump to go in the box" ? u mean the air pump sits IN the filter?
  3. 35 gallons, above ground (this pond) no filter, no fish at all. 5 large plants around the rim planted in fluorite in contour baskets, bare bottom. it is in our caged in pool area, up against the house. half the pond gets sun. Ive already decided I'll heat it to 70, there's plug right there. I feel bad for him though He liked to be with other fish & loved his old goldfish buddy who died long ago. but he is getting too big for the house tank, eating everything before the other fish can, tearing up the plants, & now he's starting to eat the other tank mates. I cant get him a buddy nor a bigger pond now. we are moving in 6 months & husband says no more fish right now. the pond place said i dont need a filter in winter for 1 fish.
  4. Can a 7 year old house comet live in a pond after he's always lived in a planted 75 degree indoor fish tank? I'm in Florida and there is great variability in the winter outdoor weather here.
  5. has anyone found a pellet like Progold, now that it is no longer sold.?
  6. A special note for DeeDee: In Austin Texas and many other parts of Texas they use chloramine in tap water instead of Chlorine. In most all cases you WILL need to double and sometimes almost triple the amout of Prime, or whatever you use, please DO listen to your local store in that regard. Me and MANY fish stores and people around where I live, lost MANY fish when our city started using Chloramines and before we understood the reason for needing MORE of a special water treatment like Prime (which handles chlorine and ammonia too) chloramine is very different from chlorinated water Chloramine doesn't dissipate(disappear on it's own) if water sits, and chloramine releases ammonia particles when water conditioners for fish tanks separate the molecules , because Chloramine is Chlorine and Ammonia combined. The strength of the Chloramine they add to your water supply also determines the dose, but double or a bit more than double the Prime is perfect if you have Chloramine in your water. If you google the name of your county and then Chlorine or chloramine you will probably find the answer If you have had that tank for many years then you are probably doing something right I hope your fish and mine get better, good luck.
  7. DeeDee: my butterfly has been floating upside for a week, she has a HUGE tank to herself and I have a giant fluval canister plus a hang on the back filter, plants, and Angels fly down every night too, but she's still been sick with exactly what you described for several days. for TREATMENT: Did a 50 % water change on day one. day two (today) I started feeding Medi Gold food by hand since she is upside down (bought it online at Goldfishconnection.com) and today I treated her tank with "Maracyn -TWO FW" (FW means for fresh water) which I bought at PetSmart. today I took 3 gallons out of her tank and added 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt and let her soak for an hour, it did nothing for her that I could tell. I hope your fish and mine get better, good luck.
  8. if u add light and several simple plants like Java Ferns, they will uptake the ammonia for you. plants love ammonia!
  9. u r very welcome pickling salt is pure salt and even if you used an impure salt (like with anticacking agents) your nitrate filter media would just ignore the anti caking agent anyway and it would rinse right off along with the salt when you were done regenerating it
  10. wow beautiful!!! did u go thru a transhipper? i've dont that twice and they both arrived DOA. I cried and vowed never to do that to a fish again.
  11. what a doll. i loveeeee my sweet butterlfy from Dandy Orandas, but alas, she lives with my female turtle and the other goldys live in the big tank with my clown loaches. why, cuz the laoches pick on my butterfly and pull or eat her scales off. disgusting. she's back to perfection now that she doesnt live with the loaches. my female turtle and her get along just fine (Reeves turtle)
  12. what? did Prazi kill the cleaning crew? i have prazi, tell me what it could harm.? also what's the gallonage on your WAY kickbutt tank!!! I LOVE it and i plan on putting on my one piece bathing suit and mask and snorkle, then laying on my hip inside of your tank, and just lounging in there. cute pooch
  13. Cindi, u may absolutely use pickeling salt, i use it for regeneration too. resinous particles will absorb certain stuff like nitrates, then when exposed to high NA+ (sodium chloride (common salt) ) concentration it reverses the process and adsorbs the sodium and releases the "particle" that you are trying to get rid of.
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