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  1. You cannot get a filter that is to powerfull in the sense that it cleans your water to much BUT. a big filter in a small tank will have a big current in it. This also MAY NOT be bad thing but you have to take into consideratation your fish and what they like. ie natural habitat
  2. not using it for gf. and yes will be around 100gal
  3. spare 10 gal tank... erm.... Leave it set up for QT i know you said about the rubbermade BUT i as a human would much rather go to a nice tank that has perfect stats then a rubbermade that has just been set up for me coz im sick..... Take the english NHS if i had an option i would much rather go privat then go to the NHS when im sick But if you really really dont want to keep it for QT then you could always grow some brine shrimp. or some other wonderfull live fish food. dont know if its possible to cultivate bloodworm om pretty show one of my old friends did it before though. So all in all my opinion is not to keep any fish in a 10gal tank but to keep things in the tank that will keep your other fish even happyer
  4. You tell them girl!] no but you are very right in what you say and for the gallon it MUST be more then 90gals ok ok gets calc out................ 132.086026 THATS US GALLONS 109.984579 Imperial gallons uk Good luck if you get
  5. Hi all for some reason in this day and age im not able to buy just a tank and a stand and then put the bits in i want ie lights filters. Im getting pushed to buy from a big company that has bundled everything together some may think this is a good idea some like me hates the idea but never mind ill get over it. so anyway im getting a new tank bigger the better without spending stupid amounts of money i need GOOD solid aquitment. have a few questions really who makes the best tanks and who puts the best stuff with them i was looking at http://www.juwel-aquarium.de/en/rio.htm?cat=8 is this big enough? i have no clue how many uk gallons this is 400 Litres Im Wanting the tank to set a home for some cichlids dont know what type im going for so not really show on how big a tank i need but to be honest i just want a big tank
  6. Used to get PFK to my door every month. No matter what fish you keep i still think its a really good read with lots of tips and tricks what will help you. not had it for some time as ive not fish for some years now... sob sob.. must go buy it again... for that matter must try and set some tanks up this year
  7. Good luck RYUU i would be happy to come and work for you. I need a new job and iv'e been with fish erm.... all my life i'm 20.... GOOD LUCK
  8. In my eyes it has to be china really as there where the first ones who started breeding them in 960.And they should be recognized for that.
  9. If yoiu are going to do this please be carfull how much you add.As some fish dont like it more then others.Try adding 1 tsp. But i tend not to add anything unless there off the chart.
  10. I take it it?s the nitrites you are having problems with and not the nitrates. If so just keep doing water changes. I find doing more with less water is better. So like 35% each day to take the stress off your filters. And keep the testing up. You should find that it drops when it gets to around 0%. Stop the each day water changes and do 2 a week and they should stabilize. Let me no how it goes
  11. Well i would say that sunlight is not bad at all.But when your tank has settled its self. You are going to get a heck of a lot of agea.Thats if you have high nitrates.But on the other hand you did say you want liVe plants. If you do this then the plants will take all the nitrates in and stop the algea from growing.Its just getting the balane right really like every thing else. when ever you want help with plants post up and i will be more then happy to help you.
  12. i like to go for small young fish then you can watch them grow and bring them up the way you do not how some one else does it witch is not always the right way
  13. it sounds like some hind of tuma canca pics would help a grate deal
  14. ok thanks for that kissy o and i forgot how nice thez fish look panda oranda god there nice would put a link up but i can not find a solid black and white one
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