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  1. I could sit and watch them all day, they are so active and constantly hoovering around :-) the bigger fish love the bredder net as they get to munch on uneaten food haha
  2. They look good to me so far, like others have said you should see the black specs within 24 hours. Good luck
  3. the male had evicted the eggs into the bottom of the tank so I rescued them into a small breeder net. They are just over 2 weeks old so I netted and moved them to the bigger breeder. They were fun to catch but pretty easy. My female and biggest male look like they are at it again! I cant have more haha. Thanks Koko, they are so cute, and some albinos in there too :-)
  4. Thanks all. They are doing great, approx 45 of them :-) ive had 3 bristlenoses since they were about an inch long, the 2 males are now huge and a smaller female. Just got to work out what to do with some of them when they are bigger.
  5. I no longer keep goldies but have a community tropical tank. My Bristlenoses laid eggs and they hatched 2 weeks ago. These are some pics of them, the ones from today are in their new home in the main tank, large breeder net with some home comforts :-)
  6. For me it is in the thousands, I have been keeping fish for 19 years. I kept goldfish for 17 years now on tropical due to the inferior quality of the fancies we were getting. On the tropicals I have probably spent a few hundred, had to replace filters and heater. All the fish are worth the money for the enjoyment we have got from them plus the added educational elemtent for my 2 year old :-)
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