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  1. I could sit and watch them all day, they are so active and constantly hoovering around :-) the bigger fish love the bredder net as they get to munch on uneaten food haha
  2. They look good to me so far, like others have said you should see the black specs within 24 hours. Good luck
  3. the male had evicted the eggs into the bottom of the tank so I rescued them into a small breeder net. They are just over 2 weeks old so I netted and moved them to the bigger breeder. They were fun to catch but pretty easy. My female and biggest male look like they are at it again! I cant have more haha. Thanks Koko, they are so cute, and some albinos in there too :-)
  4. Thanks all. They are doing great, approx 45 of them :-) ive had 3 bristlenoses since they were about an inch long, the 2 males are now huge and a smaller female. Just got to work out what to do with some of them when they are bigger.
  5. I no longer keep goldies but have a community tropical tank. My Bristlenoses laid eggs and they hatched 2 weeks ago. These are some pics of them, the ones from today are in their new home in the main tank, large breeder net with some home comforts :-)
  6. For me it is in the thousands, I have been keeping fish for 19 years. I kept goldfish for 17 years now on tropical due to the inferior quality of the fancies we were getting. On the tropicals I have probably spent a few hundred, had to replace filters and heater. All the fish are worth the money for the enjoyment we have got from them plus the added educational elemtent for my 2 year old :-)
  7. Aww such a cutie. I love my BNs, always so active. I like the albino ones, they have babies in my lfs, so tempted! lol.
  8. The snails I have this time seem to be quite active, up to now. See how they go! lol.
  9. From reading online, Furan is banned in the UK and does not appear under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme. :-) Not sure if the ingredients are a little too harsh now, especially the formaldehyde.
  10. As far as I know No9 does not contain Furan, it has Bronopol, Formaldehyde and Benzalkonium Chloride
  11. can you run the Octozin treatment back to back, as in another 3 day course?
  12. I agree, def has something to do with genetics. Ive had fish bought as babies and they have grown a lot, others have not. I have bought fish at about 6 months of age and they have hardly grown. all had same conditions and feed. Tiny Tim is the exception, he just keeps growing! lol. When he lived on his own for a while he grew a lot. Goldfish Varieties and Genetics by Joseph Smartt is really interesting, but an expensive book.
  13. Aww that is good that you found them a new home. Ive had problems with bigger fish and smaller fish, mine is usually the little fish annoying the bigger ones.
  14. It is turned right down. It is strange that this filter seems to be causing more tank disturbance that what I have noticed in the past. Tiny seems to have worked out the quiet areas now, in front of and next to the internal, think it was just a shock for him as he is the biggest. Zippy has found a few hiding spots in the plants. The BNs decided the filter needed cleaning, even though they have yet to clean all the glass! lol. Hopefully it will be fine for the next week til pay day and I can order the on/off tap!
  15. That ammonia should have dropped after your water change too so adding the meds will be fine, and your fish need the meds. I havent used Octozin before, is it a 5 day treatment, or one you add each day? You will still need to test your water.
  16. the eco ver info says only one ingredient. I couldnt find anything else,
  17. Test before so we know where we are at. I think the Octozin treatment needs to be started ASAP, waiting any longer will mean less chance of survival, so providing the water is good in the QT I would use it, at this point time is crucial. Goldies are strong fish though.
  18. does Demestos blue original contain perfume too? or there is this? http://www.ecoverdirect.com/products/laundry-bleach/elaundbleach400g.aspx?productid=elaundbleach400g
  19. ok, this needs treatment and fast, they are very much dropsied. What are the water params of the tank, both QT and main as now they can be treated in either.
  20. ok so after looking online for how much a replacement on/off tap for the Tetra Tec external is going to be, I cant afford it til pay day, which is very annoying as it is my main filter with a ton of good BBs, but I have my other external that is also full of it so hoping it will do its job along with the water changes and plants. I am contacting Tetra today to explain the situation and to see if they will ship the part as it was caused by a known problem. So I added the smaller internal on Sunday, but I knew it wouldnt be able to keep up with the goldies pooping! ( I was hoping that the replacement part was only going to be a few £, it is about £20 including postage) I had a re think with my larger internal, it is the Fluval 4 plus, (1000lph) and I used to use it fine on this tank and also my larger one. This time it seems to pumping more, I dont know maybe it is me being paranoid as I usually have a spray bar on one filter to lessen the flow around the tank for the goldies. They can swim up the tank fine, even Zippy who is still quite small, but it is pushing the loose plants around a lot more, and they do have to swim more against it. Will try and get a video, as I said it is prob just me being paranoid as Im not used to seeing it flow so much anymore. They dont seem to be stressed at all, and the loachs are coming out more.
  21. Aww, nice group, so pretty. :-) hmmm which 2?! Maybe Gibbs and Iggy?
  22. Aww cuties, looks like you have a nice group. :-)
  23. It would be very hard to get a prescription from a doctor or vet here for meds, unless you knew them personally. There is an option of contacting a exotic animals vet and seeing if they could help, but they may want to see the fish first and it could turn very expensive very quickly, they are a lot stricter on meds here. Would it be best to start the Octozin treatment now along side the Epsom Salt? Making sure to check water params and change water as needed, adding back meds?
  24. Ive had this filter for about 6 years + I think and this is the first time Ive had problems with it, but this is a known problem with this version of the filter, they have since released a corrected one, where they have added an extra O ring in the piece that connects the tubes to the motor head. Id have a HOB, but have loachs and inquisitive BNs! I hate the priming and plugging in part! lol
  25. Been doing some research and it seems to be a known problem with this filter. What we have done is what others have done to fix the problem which is good, but I am going to contact Tetra tomorrow and ask for a replacement part as they are aware of the problem. Hopefully they can sort me with something. The internal filter that I have put in is the very first filter that I got! lol.
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