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  1. In the event you lose all of your goldfish to a fast spreading fungal infection, should you throw away your biowheels and replace them with new? Is the biowheel completely contaminated for future tanks of fish?
  2. Can raising my ph too quickly cause this? I noticed it was extremely low right around the time I bought the 2 new fish, like 6.0 after I'd done a water change. So I started adding drops daily to bring it up. Is it possible I did it too quickly? They really seemed to perk up after I did it, and I haven't added anything further in the past week.
  3. I have a 30 gallon tank, which has been running perfectly for over a year. About a month ago, one of my goldfish died. He'd been struggling for a very long time, probably the past year and a half. He seemed to bloat easily and I couldn't get him to eat any peas when I suspected constipation. After he died, we bought 2 new fish who were both small. They joined my 2 year old telescope in the same tank. So 3 fish, 2 are pretty small, 30 gallon tank. Ph is at 6.8, and has been for a long time with no issues. 2 days ago, the smallest fish became covered in what looked like a fungal infection. There was some feathery white stuff attached to his fins, which is all I could tell because he was a solid white fish. I pulled the filters, treated my tank with fungal medication. The next morning he was wedged under my bubble rail breathing heavily, and by last night he was dead. This morning the other 2 fish, who are very strong and healthy, both have begun showing the same signs. Feathery white on the ends of all their fins, and then chalky white patches on their bodies. So far they are still alert, eating and swimming normally. I expect them to both be dead by tomorrow, and I don't know how else I can help them. I've treated the water with a product called Fungus Eliminator, but I don't know what else to do. I'm afraid they're doomed. The symptoms don't really seem to match any information I found in the list of goldfish diseases. The white patches are chalky on the body, and feathery on the fins. Can anyone help me or suggest anything further I can do?
  4. Hi, I'm going to be moving in the next couple of weeks, and need to know how to transport my fish as safely as possible. The distance is only about a 5-10 minute drive south, so I'm not terribly worried about them becoming too stressed or bounced around during transport. What I'm most concerned about is the fact that I'm going to have to strip down my tank, move it to the new house, and then set it up again. How can I avoid having to wait a long period before adding the fish back into their tank? I'm going to have all new water, and I don't want them going into shock because of it. Will I be ok if I don't scrub the tank down, and restart it with the same filter cartridges? There'll still be the water from the old tank that I'm transporting the fish in, do you think that's enough? Thanks!
  5. i can't wait until i can get a new tank. you're making me jealous!
  6. that's really cute! my betta does a happy dance at meal time.
  7. i got the hood and light set up for about $20 at vvvv i think, replacement bulbs run like, $10-12.
  8. i tried romaine with my goldfish too, and he didn't like it at all. i blanched it first and everything. but i found mine did loooove cantaloupe. so maybe it's a preference thing. like, bettas are supposed to go nuts over bloodworms, and every other betta i've had loved them. but my current betta, mr. fabulous, isn't the least bit impressed. he won't eat anything but his betta bits. in fact, when i try to feed him bloodworms, he actually seems to be giving me a dirty look, and then goes and sulks. they're all individuals, with likes and dislikes, and it could just be that yours doesn't like salad.
  9. i have the same thing in my tank, but i've decided to leave it, because i think it's pretty...but if i was going to try to get rid of it, i would try the bleach and water mixture and let it soak. i don't know if it'll work, but that would be the thing to do it, if any.
  10. right on. i was just thinking of getting one or two and giving them a try, see if they balance out my tank a little better than it has been on it's own...
  11. are there any types of plants i could buy that will take longer to be eaten by the goldfish, or any that the goldfish aren't terribly fond of? i've never kept live plants before, but i'd like to try them for the benefits they offer to the tank. i just can't afford to constantly replace them if my fish are going to munch on them.
  12. something wide and shallow...like tupperware? that would be my plan i think... i just recently went to large river pebbles in my tank, but i was thinking i'd like to add some live plants, so mine would also have to be potted.
  13. holy cow dude! that's gorgeous!
  14. oh. ok...i hadn't thought about it that way. there aren't any fish in it yet, so i was trying to get it to a level ph before i bought them. i'm not sure what the water was to begin with though, i don't remember. the filter cartridge is new, so i'll just try the partial water change, and wait a few days for it all to filter i guess.
  15. tonight i went to adjust the ph in my tank again, at the moment it's empty, i hope to get a fish next week. after putting 3 drops of liquid in my 10 gallon tank, i realized that i was using the ph indicator solution instead of the ph up solution. did i just ruin the entire tank of water? or will it filter out? i feel so stupid, i should've been paying closer attention. i cannot believe i did that. do i have to replace it all again?
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