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  1. I literally just spent 30 minutes watching my fish's butts and took all 3 out once to see if I could figure this out, and for crap's sake, I cannot. None of them have breeding stars at all, but 2 of them have white cheeks so I don't know if I'd see them anyhow. Ugh, I was really hoping this would be easier! LOL
  2. Jesi

    Flaring Betta

    I used to make mine do it sometimes with a mirror, it was kind of funny! LOL He wouldn't so much attack, but just flare out and swim around a little bit faster for a minute. I thought it was good exercise for him because he was kind of a chill little bum. Haha!
  3. I've always kind of just bought the common brands of food like Tetra, and whatever you can find at chain stores. I hear a lot about Hikari brand and wanted to get some bloodworms so my orandas wens would puff up a little as they are all kind of flat and boring. I got Hikari brand dried, was going to get frozen but frankly, they skeeve me out. I searched for Hikari food for goldfish and could only find stuff for other kinds of fish... Anyone got any tips as to what I can feed them or other brands that are excellent? I hear a lot about gel food, but I am really busy with my 2 small kids that I really don't have the brain to keep up with that, plus people put weird things in there like dog vitamins and whatnot, and I'm just not sure what's ok for fish, so I just buy the stuff that's already made because I'm a lazy butt. Any tips would be super helpful! Also I think I heard about spirulina? I thought that was a pasta or something, haha! Then when I was looking at the nasty frozen bloodworms I saw that it was shrimp...so that's good for them too? I think I saw some of that dried as well. Thanks guys!
  4. I had a couple live plants in the past that died, when we move I am going to get some more now that one of those chain petstores has them for sale in little tubes. I always hated having to find an associate to get one out of a tank for me, plus they aren't contaminated by other fish because they grow in this gel stuff you just rinse off and plant, and they're pretty darn cheap too. I'm just wondering is it absolutely necessary to fertlize? I pretty much plan on it but I just wanted to know what it will do to my water parameters and whatnot, if anything.
  5. Off topic, but Ashlee, I have an oranda that looked just like Ike for like 2 years...now his color randomly, and quite quickly pretty much disappeared and he looks like Stan. He's huge too so it's not like he was a baby, he's probably 4 or 5 inches long. Isn't that weird? LOL
  6. I hate aquarium hoods because they get so gross from the bubbles popping at the top of the water, it makes mineral deposits. I had a hood from nnnnnn that was crappy and the screws would always get rusty. Then I got a better hood that has glass over the bulbs so it's not so nasty. I've never seen an LED hood though...where did you find that? I love LED lights and I want one now!
  7. Yeah but if you had it so it was a really small amount, it might not get too bad. For some reason where I live the more water you use the less your bill is...it's bizarre.
  8. Can't remember what I'm feeding them, he was like this when I got him though, Tetra brand crisps and flakes I think. It actually is looking stringy now, like stringy white stuff coming off of 2 of the spots. Ranchudressing... I love your name! Haha!
  9. Yeah it's only on one fishes wen. Has not spread at all. I actually started a salt treatment 3 days ago to see if it was ich and there's really not much of a change with it, so I'm assuming it's just new growth. When I did experience ich I remember the salt worked pretty darn quick. The only thing that concerns me is that there are a bunch of spot, like maybe 6. One spot has gotten a tiny bit bigger...
  10. Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking, rather than a large water change, just have it continuously remove a bit and add a bit... Would make life so much easier!
  11. Yeah I guess the question wouldn't be why isn't it been invented, but rather, why isn't it more common or easily accessible for commonfolk like us?! I've always wondered how they did water changes in those big tanks, I can't picture people hauling buckets around...
  12. Or maybe they have, but I've never heard of it... Wouldn't it be cool to have some type of machine that did water changes for you? Like you could have it just hooked up with a couple of small tubes and have it suck out a certain amount and then replace it with dechlorinated same temperature water. Obviously you should still do water testing but it sure would be awesome to have some type of machine that just did that water changes for you! I think I might be onto something! LOL
  13. It's been so long since my fish have had ich I've forgotten exactly what it looks like. I've seen white spots on wens before that I think were just new growth spots though too. How do you tell the difference if that is the case? Is ich more granular looking or pimply looking?
  14. It's not so much that I hate cleaning them, but bleaching them takes forever and I have to get them situated JUST SO because if I don't they float up to the top and it's aggravating! LOL That's good to know though.
  15. Yeah but it's a pain in the you know what for me to do that. Plus like I said, I'm washing away beneficial bacteria doing that also. I'd rather just have them in there, left alone.
  16. Well I don't mind it so much on the glass, it does bother me though. I really hate when it's on my plants though just because they are vibrant colors... I tend to go for pink and purple and blue plants, not the common green ones just to be unique so when they get covered in algae I get mad. LOL I have watched to see if the fish would eat the algae and I've never seen any of them ever do it unfortunately. I will look into the UV thing, I'm definitely going to get a quality one if I get one, not just any old UV. Even if it helps prevent anything in the future I'm happy. Less maintenence for me!
  17. Well poo. I've tried plecos and snails and they just can't or won't keep up with it so I just stopped using them. Is there any other solution to the stupid algae?
  18. So definitely replace the carbon? I kind of figured that one, it will stop working after a while anyhow right if I didn't? What about the other 3 things?
  19. Yeah I knew it wouldn't replace water changes but for some odd reason, especially in my 20 gallon tank I cannot seem to get rid of algae. I have to bleach my silk plants almost monthly so anything more I can do to try and prevent that hassle... Ugh! I always hate doing that because I know I'm washing away all the beneficial bacteria but I like a little bit of plants in the tank for the fish to hide in they all love the plants. I've even tried having NOTHING in there and the algae just starts on the glass! Grr!
  20. I have never really heard about UV sterilizers until I saw them in a pet store a couple nights ago. I may have seen them before and just not given much thought to them. I am interested in having the healthiest tank possible though, so I think I might give it a whirl. BUT... Will the UV fade my silk or plastic plants much like the sun? Will it be good or bad for live plants?
  21. I'm am quite curious about these gases though... I like different looking aquariums and I have some silk plants in a glass vase in my aquarium... The plants wouldn't stay in the vase so I used some white sand to anchor them in there. All in all it's about 3 inches deep with a very tiny opening at the top of the vase due to the stems of the silk plants being in there. Should I worry about this now? I just did it tonight but if this is going to be risky maybe I'll find something easier to clean, like a thicker gravel that can be rinsed out more often, doing that will be near impossible with sand. I wish I had known and researched about these gases people are talking bout before I wasted money on the sand...
  22. I've seen this question come up several times in the years I've been on here. It piqued my own curiousity as well as I like the look of it, looks so smooth and pretty. It seems, though, every time it comes up, the end of the thread always seems to be NO. It seems the threat to the filtration system and possibly fish gills isn't worth the beauty. I'm still unsure as to how it can really harm them, I mean I know how, but if the sand is in their natural environment it doesn't make much sense to me how it could happen. Better safe than sorry I suppose!
  23. This thing has a piece of poly layer foam, an activated carbon bag, a bio screen, and these things called C-Nodes. And in the instruction sheet it gives a time frame as to when to replace each one, and they're all kind of around the same time so I'm wondering what I should change and when? It's really strange...
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