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    2 Oranda and 1 Unknown Fish that I thought was an Oranda but has yet to grow a wen! He has also changed from near black to calico looking. Strange...

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I have a daughter born in July of 2006 and a son born in December of 2008! My kids are my life! I recently got married to their father on :heart July 10, 2010 :heart , which also happened to be our 5 year anniversary together. :happyA:

I've been keeping aquariums since I was a child but finally have the money and knowledge to do it all right... Still slowly learning more and more though!

The fish we currently have now are "Bolshi" who is a red cap oranda. She informed me she chose this name because it sounds like a bad word. Kids say the darndest things... she is referring to "B.S." :rofl Another Oranda that is completely red and gorgeous. That one is my favorite! Orandas have the most personality and they are the cutest. I really never buy any other kind of fish now and I get irritated when a store tells me one is an oranda and then it grows up and it is not! :oops:

Last but not least, we have a brown fish that we were told was an oranda, but so far, no wen so I'm thinking no. His name is "Tee Dee". He has also suddenly changed from dark brown to a calico looking fish, it was very sudden and quite bizarre if you ask me.

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