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  1. I have a green spotted puffer for over a yr now. Do you know what salinity of water at the petstore they had your puffer in, they eventually have to be fully salt water fish. Check out on the internet and you will get all the info you need from feeding to salinity at specific size they are. Yours will not survive if it is not in some type of brackish water. If the petstore did not have it in brackish water then you will have to slowly increase the salt water, just becareful. Puffers need at least a 20 gallon if not a 30 gallon and have to be by them self, they will kill eachother, so not buddies for your new fish. I did alot of research before I bought my puffer and she is a very happy puffer and has grown alot.
  2. My black moore, Jezebel is going through a color change right now . She is still cute but loved it when she was all black with a little silver on her belly, now it looks like she could be orange or something, will have to wait and see. the picture was her original color, don't have a picture yet of her now, will soon.
  3. but if i get another female I will have lots of babies that i don't want. My son was trying to be nice and buy me fish since some died from old age and now i have to deal with babies. I will see what happens because i am not going to buy a nother female. thanx
  4. The other platy, I think is a male, sure is sticking around her all the time. She is checking out the coconut shell I have in the tank, with a hole in it. So maybe she will have her babies in there. Will keep you updated when she gives birth and if I decide to keep any of the babies.
  5. love goldfish

    Rip Flame

    I have had a crowntail for about a year. Haven't been on the forum for awhile. Just an update that he died a while ago, now I have to decide if I should get another crowntail or some other type of betta. I have a 10 gallon divided and have one halfmoon and one wild betta, with an empty spot in the middle where Flame was. Here is a very clear pic of Flame, He will be missed
  6. My son had bought me 2 platys one red and one mickey mouse. They were supposed to be 2 females but now one looks like she is pregnant. I heard that they can hold sperm for quite sometime. I hope they are 2 females and this is the situation. They are in my 30 gallon community tropical tank with some tetras. I know this is cruel but I hope that they eat them when they are born, I don't have another tank or the room for babies. If any survive is there anything special I should do. I don't think they will be born for awhile. Oh yes, how long are platys pregnant before they give birth so I am not surprised.
  7. I have had 2 of my goldfish for 4 yrs, so I figure they are almost 5 yrs old. I bought a pom pom oramda and I think he is about the same age making sure he was about the same size as the other 2 goldfish I had at the time. He might be a little older than the others but not sure.
  8. Aschool of 5 tetras are fine, if that is what ou are talking about. They might need to settle in the tank for awhile longer to be calmer and not so skiddish. Sometimes it can take awhile. My newest goldfish this summer took 2 weeks to settle in the tank. So give it time, things should settle down.
  9. As long as the temp of the water you are putting in the tank is the same temp as the water in the tank everything will be fine.
  10. I bought a Halfmoon betta from Thailand. Took over a month to get him since Christmas break and new yrs slowed down the shipment. Not cheap but at least I know exactly how old they are, 3-4 mths usually from breeders. So I should have my beauty for a long time. He is doing great. All 3 that I have are doing great, I have had Flame for about a yr(bought him from the petstore), since last summer, he sleeps in the front left hand corner and looks dead, but I know he is only sleeping. I scared my son when I showed him Flame, He said, mom I think he is dead. I started laughing and said no he is just sleeping, he asked if I was sure, I should check. I hit the tank a few times and Flame started swimming around. It was so funny , the look of my son's face.
  11. My fish usually end up on the right side back corner for some reason when I first put them in the tank. I have a 30 gallon also. My son just bought me 2 platys, one red wag and one mickey mouse. Thankfully the employee knew better and gave him two females. Enjoy your tank, I sure do.
  12. When I first got my goldfish I learned from here to do DAILY water changes of 50% to keep ammonia and nitrites down. Find some clean buckets, I think you can find them to buy, just make sure you put them in the bath tub and put hot water in them with a tiny, I mean tiny bit of bleach to make sure they are clean. Rinse, Rinse and then Rinse again. Then you are ready to go. I got my buckets from Pizza 73 that they put there grease in. It took days for me to make sure that they were grease free and very clean before I used them. It makes water changes easier. Python cleaners can be expensive, still waiting to get mine since I have 5 tanks. I have to do 1 or 2 tanks a day when water changes are due, the bucket method kills my back. I tried to get one for my christmas present from the kids but they bought me new speakers for my computer, and not cheap ones. Wish it was a python cleaner instead.
  13. When I go into my lfs if I need help with finding something they always ask me what size of tank I have for my goldfish and I tell them I have 4 in a 55 gallon. They then say "Finally someone who knows that they get large and need lots of room" which makes me feel good. I tell them without this forum they would be in a small tank and I have learned alot from the people on here.
  14. When I first bought my son a fish and then a black moore for myself I changed the water everyday, because I did not know about cycling and had no choice, to keep down the ammonia and nitrites. I did this for at least 3 months which I think did alot for their growth, in no time at all I had to get a larger tank. That is why I have so many tanks. I went from a 3 gallon, to 10 gallon, 20 gallon, to 30 gallon and then finally there last home, 55 gallon.
  15. HIDE the goldfish food from your mother. Mother's always think that there kids are not eating enough so I think they do the same with goldfish. Think that they need to be fed over and over for them to be full. My younger son feeds my goldfish, with my supervision, of course. He has taken more interest to the fish than my 18 yr old, he would never know how much to feed the fish. I was gone last yr on the long weekend and the tropical, 25 gallon,fish tank broke and it was my younger son that knew they could go into a rubbermaid tub I use for water changes and made sure all the decorations, plants, filter, air pump was in the tub with them. If is wasn't for him, my oldest would have stuck the tank water in there with the fish and that would be it.
  16. I have never did anything to cool my tanks off when hot out in the summer and my goldfish are healthy and over 3 yrs old. They have never looked stressed and adjust to the slow change of the water temperature. In the winter the water is a little colder and slowly warms up as spring and summer comes along. I would not bother, I tried once to use pop bottles I froze and it did nothing to the temp of the water. If you have a basement, pain in the butt, you can move your tank down there every summer if possible. Would not be good if it is a larger tank, and possibility of disturbing the levels and start a mini cycle.
  17. With me having 5 tanks ranging from a 10 gallon to 55 gallon, my family thinks I spend a bundle for power each month, which I don't, it does not cost much at all. Now when they see my goldfish, they say "Wow they have gotten big. Now I think they are realizing that I needed the 55 gallon and a $75.00 filter for it. They don't say much anymore, sometimes they mention it, but I don't pay any attention to it.
  18. Most people don't have a heater. Some people use them in the winter if they live somewhere where it is very cold in the winter. I, myself, have never had a heater and my goldfish are over 3 yrs old. Some people prefer to keep the water at a constant temperature, it is up to you.
  19. My son finally got his 400.00 cheque from the government (a one time payment for everyone in alberta, canada) So he bought some excellent steaks for supper. When we get home I found out my younger son bought me 2 platys for my tank. I thought OH NO, babies . But the petstore I usually go to is where he bought them from and they asked all the right questions and he knew the answers. Size of tank, can you handle babies in the tank, thankfully he said he did not think there was any room for babies. So the employee gave him 2 females. WHEW . They are a bright orange, not both the same color pattern. They are cute. My son felt sorry for me because I lost my second dwarf frog, found him dead the other day when feeding the fish. These are not my kids, they must have been abducted from aliens
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