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  1. Had a kitchen fire on Monday, my son was waiting for little oil to heat up to deep fry some fries and he wasn't paying attention and had a fire where behind stove wall was burned and cupboards above also, alot of smoke damage in the kitchen and the popcorn ceiling in the dining room. There was alot of smoke, of course the fire department was called and they cleared out the smoke from the house. The insurance adjustor is going to come monday with the contractor and they will be starting to fix things by Wednesday. Now I have to move my goldfish into a plastic container and move my 55 gallon tank into the living room until I can move the fish back into the kitchen. Should I use the water in the tank, not sure if any soot from the fire ended up in the tank, or should I use fresh, conditioned water at same tempurature when I put them in the plastic container that I have. I will be able to use the filter on the container with no problems, I will just make sure I cover it with a sheet because of all the dust, even though they will put plastic inbetween the kitchen and living room. On Sept 11, can you believe the date, even though I live in Canada, I had a very bad day. Had a cortizone hip injection that I get on a regular basis, but very painful, my 18 yr old son lost his job and then the fire. It was the very first fire for me and very terrifying. I am ok now just wanting the damage to be fixed so I can rearrange my kitchen cupboards and get on with my life. Took 2 full days to clean the walls, ceiling, stove, and floor. Tonight finally got to the dishes, had to clean all the dishes from the cupboards that were near the stove. Dishes are everywhere since I can't put them in the cupboards, not sure how much of the cupboards are being replaced, sure that the ones over the stove will be, but I rent and the lanlord might want to change the others to match. Trying to be patient but my lanlord is known to take forever to do anything. Took 3 yrs to replace the range hood and now it is toast so now I have to get another to put up after repairs, at my cost, plus have to pay the deductible with the insurance company. But glad I don't have to pay for all repairs.
  2. I have my 10 gallon on top of my kitchen counter in the corner, it doesn't take much room at all. Its just all the other tanks I have that take space 55 gallon, 20,30, 45. So I have ran out of space myself. I will need to put my 2 10 gallons I want to get for bettas or tetras in my bedroom on a wooden shelf I have in there empty.
  3. I can get a heater for my 3 gallon tank and try to find a small filter for it. I could put it in my room. When cleaning out my son's room we took out a wooden stand with 3 shelves on it, just have to reinforce it a little so it is more sturdy, which wouldn't take too much to do. I am thinking about it. I would be able to get 3 10 gallons or more smaller tanks on their if it is reinforced. I think I have some wood somewhere in the house that I can use or maybe go and see if the hardware store has small left over pieces that would be cheap to get. It will take awhile to find the tanks I want to buy and fix up the stand but maybe eventually I will get back into bettas or maybe small tetras, not sure yet. When I do I will have pictures, just don't expect them until the winter or maybe early next year. These would go in my bedroom that is why I would need heaters for the tanks, it gets cool in there in the winter and when it is raining. I don't mind the coolness but the fish wouldn't like it.
  4. I put 4 in a 10 gallon tank, the most i can get for that size. One died, the smallest, i think that it wasn't getting enough food because the other 3 were much bigger than him/her. So if I do go buy another I will make sure it is the same size as the others, no apparent reason for it to have died, the water specs are great. I just make sure that I keep up to the water changes. Oh and another thing I went out of town for 4 days and my son was feeding them. I found a whole bunch of food on the bottom of the tank. Maybe that is why it died. I swished around the gravel a little since the food was on top of the gravel and scooped it out with a net and didn't feed them for 2 days. The other 3 are doing fine. I had left him a specific amount of food he was to feed them but he thought thye needed more I guess. Next time I will use tops from empty food containers that I have and put each day of food in each. Other than that they are doing great.
  5. Right now my green spotted puffer is pretty close to being in full salt water. I was wondering about feeding. I feed her frozen bloodworms and I feed her every other day but if I fed her everyday she would still eat all the bloodworms, this is a full block of bloodworms. She is about 3-4 inches big and I have had her since she was tiny. So what is best everyday or every other day.
  6. 55 gallons+45+30+20+10=160 gallons wow adding them up sure makes you realize how much you have
  7. I just put in 4 females in my community tank and everything is going well. How does anybody feed their tropical fish and bettas, they have different type of food they eat. I put in flakes and then I put in blood worms or pellets for the betta but not sure if they are getting their food because of the other fish in the tank. Is there a better way to do it, it is a little tricky. I don't like knowing if the bettas are eating or not, or if all of them are getting food. Any suggestions. There are tetras in the tank, it is a 30 gallon, so lots of room. There hasn't been no squabbling between the females. They are swimming around fine and seem fine but don't want to see any females die of not eating. They are so tiny and cute with different colors, my son helped me pick out one because he paid for it.
  8. that's ok balashark. I was in a bad mood so I probably didn't read it properly, No worries.
  9. Sorry about last post. I am cranky today, teenage son driving me nuts, literally. I am going to take off tomorrow and spend the night away from home to calm down. So would 4 green barbs and 4 tiger barbs fit in a 20 gallon?? If so I can get one in the middle of next month Is there any small cichlid that can go into a 10 gallon tank. I already have goldfish, pufferfish, tetra tank, angelfish. Don't want any bettas right now, what some type of cichlid or show fish that would be good in the 10 gallon when I buy the 20 or even 30 gallon tank next month.
  10. I missed ONE water change and everone is acting like I never do any maintenance. I know all about water changes, that is why my goldfish are 4 yrs old and still alive. My betta was sick of something else not from the condition of the water. Missing 1 water change is nothing compared to some people's maintenance or should I say non maintenance of their tank.
  11. ok thanx. Just did a major water change to make sure that whatever the betta died of would not affect the barbs. I will go in a couple of days to get more barbs. Will there be a problem of adding more at different times, with aggressiveness. I was thinking of trying to find 4 more of a different type of barb, would that work. It is a small tank so no problem with keeping up with water changes.
  12. I have a 10 gallon with 4 tiger barbs. Had a divider and had a betta in 1/3 of the tank, which died this morning. Just wondering if I can get anymore barbs in there or am I at the max. It has 2 silk plants and two smaller cave type decorations in there with gravel, knowing the barbs need room to swim.
  13. I am doing a major water change in the tank, I don't want my tiger barbs to get sick. Just a precaution. I took out the divider and they now have the whole tank to themselves. I have 4 tiger barbs. Now that they have the whole tank is that the max i should have or can i get a few more. Just a reminder it is a 10 gallon tank, with 2 silk plants and two cave like decorations with gravel. Know that tiger barbs need alot of swimming room. The light in the tank does not allow me to have live plants.
  14. If you look at my photoalbum with photobucket you will see all the bettas I have lost, that is why I don't know if I will be getting anymore.
  15. I found Lawan DEAD this morning. That was so upsetting. He must have had an internal bacterial infection and never had success in past bettas to help them with meds. It seems with bettas, once that the signs are there it is too late. I will miss him, now I don't know if I will get another betta for the tank or let the tiger barbs have the whole tank. Have had no luck with bettas. Lawan was from Thailand that I got in January and was pretty close to being one yr old. For the money I spent if I get another I will just go to the petstore and buy one, but I loved this one, he was beautiful and I have never seen one this color here in any store I have been to.
  16. went to go buy some female bettas for my tetra tank and looked for test strips but they were either too expensive or couldn't find the one including ammonia test. So have to wait for them. He did not eat today, so have to take uneaten food out and still at bottom of tank except to get air once in awhile. Will do another water change today and see if he will eat then. Just have to wait and see what happens.
  17. there is only a few tiger barbs on the other 2/3 of the tank and they are fine, eating well swimming well, looking well. There is no more symptoms than what I said. I will be doing more regular water changes since my hip is doing better. I need to do all my tanks today and through the weekend. I will test all of them when I get my test strips before and depending on what they say I will do one after water change if needed. I will be keeping a close eye on the test results and changing water until everything is ok. Thanx for the fast replies, I will keep you up to date with my betta.
  18. I was thinking of going to get the test strips. And I haven't done the weekly water change because I have had trouble with my hip and got an injection of cortizone. I changed almost 50% of the water to make sure that any ammonia was out because of not having a test kit. The drop tests can be confusing with the colors so that is why I am getting the strips, that is what they use in the petstores and they are easy to use, I would do the tests more with the strips to make sure the water was good. I am going soon, this afternoon to get the test strips. I will probably do another water change in the next couple of days to make sure everything is fine with it.
  19. I just did a water change to make sure if there was any ammonia in the tank I would take it out. As soon as I did the water change I took the old food off the top of the water and put fresh and he ate a little but now he is on the bottom of the tank again.
  20. My favorite and last betta Lawan has been staying at the bottom of her tank alot lately. He is in a divided 10 gallon tank. He did not eat the last couple of days and his usual coloring is a creamy color, he is a halfmoon betta I got from Thailand in January so he was expensive. His fins at the end of them are a rusty red color which was not there before. What can I do for him or is it too late. I think sometimes that he is dead and I put my hand in the tank and touch him then he starts swimming around and then ends up at the bottom of the tank again. He is in a filtered tank with a heater. I can't give you readings from the tank, I need to buy more tests since last time I used my ammonia test it showed nothing and then I took a sample to the petstore about 2 weeks ago and they said there was 0.5 ammonia and Nitrate was 40 so I did a 50% water change that day. Should I do another water change and see if that helps. Any suggestions welcome
  21. The halfmoon has been in that tank with the divider since I got him in January and he has never jumped. None of my bettas have jumped over the divider. So no worries.
  22. I put my male halfmoon in the 29 gallon and he didn't like it so I put him back in the 10 gallon with the divider and put a few tiger barbs in the tank. Remember they are divided not together. I changed the gravel because I had 3 bettas in the divided tank with different colors of gravel, 2 of them died, one of old age and the other not sure. I put some of the old gravel in pantyhose to keep it cycled since I changed the filter in it also. Everything is good. I tested my water myself and everything looked fine but just to make sure I took some before buying the fish to make sure that my tests were right. There was .5 ammonia so I did a 50% water change before adding any fish in the tank and will be keeping an eye on that. I think it just needed a water change, since it had been a week and I try to do weekly water changes in my tank. I still have to do a water change in my 29 gallon because at the petstore they found .5 ammonia in that tank also.
  23. What type of fish can I put in a 10 gallon. Can my halfmoon betta that is in the 10 gallon go in my 30 with neons rasboros, 2 platys and a type of tetra that i forget what type, they are peaceful ones. 2 of my bettas died and want something different in my 10 gallon if possible even if it one show fish. Can i have one cichlid in the 10 gallon, I know it is a small tank, but if one is ok by itself that would be nice, don't want tetras or livebearers in there.
  24. I had a betta that was bloated like that, I tried everything with no success. He died not too long after, so not good news for your betta. If he starts to swim funny or not doing well at all best to put him down, so he doesn't suffer anymore than he has too. I have had to do that with tropical and a few of my bettas, I hate doing it but I knew it was best for them. Good luck.
  25. I don't have cichlids but hear that you have to be careful of what types you put together. I know that the 40 gallon would be best, they need lots of room since they can be aggressive towards each other and need certain Ph levels. You need to use sand or crushed coral. Do alot of research before you decide for sure. You need alot of different rock formations forming hiding places for them.
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