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  1. so a 55 us gallon tank is a 45 imperial tank meaning i would put 45 drops??? Is that right. No I am trying to get to us gallons. Hmmmmmm. I am not good at this kind of math. I am soooooooo confused. Somebody help please
  2. Well I did a 40% water change before feeding the fish and putting in meds. I looked at them and the spots are gone and they are looking better. My blackmoore was the one that was having hard time swimming properly, it was looking like swim bladder, but now I know it was from the ich, she is swimming alot better now. Not back to normal yet, but should be soon. I will continue the meds for at least 4-5 days and hopefully that will kill off any ich in the tank. Quick Cure is very good, I will not use anything else next time there is ich in any of my tanks, just wish I could figure out how much meds for my tanks since they are imperial gallons and not us gallons as it says on instruction on the bottle. Hope someone can help me to figure this out so I know if I need to use Quick Cure on one of my other tanks.
  3. calculated 55 imperial gallons is 66 us gallons. Now I am confused of how to figure out how much meds to put in. Like I said before I have been putting in 30 drops. They say put 1 drop per US gallon. Now how do you figure that out since the us gallons are larger than my 55 gallon aquarium. I ran into something saying 1 U.S. Gallon = 0.83267 Canadian (Imperial) Gallons 1 Canadian Gallon = 1.201 U.S. Gallons so now what, I don't know how to figure that out
  4. Why does it take so long for response. Has everyone dissappeared.
  5. My tank is 4 ft long 18.5 in tall and 1 ft wide. So how many us gallons is that so I know whenever I have meds that has it in us gallons I will know how much to put in. I have put meds in there for the third day, I will put off the lights and do a 30% water change today and do a good vaccuum of river rocks, or should I do more since I haven't done any since I started meds. When should I do the water change, I already put today's meds in the water. If I do a water change should I put more meds in there or leave it until tomorrow. The fish are looking better, the white spots have gone away quite alot, so this is the crucial time for the treatement since the bugs or whatever they are called are in the water now.
  6. I guess no one wants to reply so I guess I have to guess what to do for my fish, thank you.
  7. anyone going to respond. Alot of info I need to make sure I do this right so my fish don't die.
  8. I have 3 goldfish in a 55 gallon tank. I have no water problems:ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5. It is a mature tank. The only explanation for the ich is when I forgot to plug in my filter after cleaning tank, it was like this for at least 12 hrs. The fish were at the bottom of the tank and I knew something was wrong, then I realized about the filter still unplugged. They were very stressed for some time. A couple days later, noticed my black moore not swimming right, looked like swim bladder. Then yesterday was looking at them and seen white spots and knew right away it was ich. I ran out and bought some quick cure. Now I have a 55 gallon, I am in canada so not us gallons. Took out carbon inside of filter. I had just changed water so I didn't do another before meds. I put in 30 drops knowing that us gallons is larger than in canada aquariums. The instruction on the bottle was 1 drop per us gallon. I think a 55 gallon in canada is a 65-70 us gallons. They have an air pump in the tank and I put a heater in there and have been slowly raising the temp of tank. It is now at 82, and I put it up a touch, trying to get it up to 85, that is what i read that it speeds up the ich cycle. I know to continue treatment for 4 days after ich is gone to make sure they are gone out of tank. Do I do any water changes when treating tank, or do i do that after treatment is done??? How long should it take to get rid of the ich with meds and increased temp?? Am I giving enough meds or too much for the size of tank?? Am I right when I say 4 days longer after ich is gone, or should I treat tank longer than that??? After ich is gone will I have to change the air stone, clean out filter (hang on filter), if so is there anything else I have to make sure I clean so ich doesn't return???
  9. I have a 55 gallon and have 3 5 inch goldfish in there and I might be pushing it if I put another in there. They need enough room to swim, that is why you put a few real or fake plants and gravel and not much else in the tank, the less ornaments in the tank the better. I think there should only be 2 in your 46 gallon. I think your 29 is ok orandas don't get long they get bulky. So you will have to get a 55 gallon for your other 3 or put one in a 20 gallon. Or if you can't get another tank maybe see if someone will take one from you.
  10. With the cycle, should i see ammonia start in the tank, and how long. It is a 55 gallon tank with 3 5 inch goldfish in it. Don't want to have to check ammonia everyday, don't think there will be ammonia in the by tomorrow. Will it be doing a whole new cycle??? If so I will have to do water changes every day until ammonia is gone.
  11. I woke up and the 3 goldfish in the tank are fine. They ate this morning, so thankfully everything is ok. Just have to keep an eye on the ammonia and nitrite levels incase the cycle was messed up, if so I will be doing water changes daily to keep those down. I have a python so it won't be so hard to do that.
  12. I hope my cycle is fine. I just put off the light on the tank, wanted to keep an eye on them. They are doing fine, if I would have gone away for the night I don't want to think what would have happened. It is way past my bedtime 2 am here. EVERYONE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLUGGED THE FILTER BACK IN WHEN YOU HAVE TO UNPLUG IT.
  13. Earlier today I changed the water in all my tanks. In my goldfish tank, 55 gallon, I unplugged my filter since it wasn't pumping water out properly because of me taking out water. I went to a late movie, got home 30 min ago. Went to put out the fish lights and fish are at the bottom of the tank. I FORGOT TO PLUG IN THE FILTER WHEN FINISHED WITH CHANGING WATER. They went about 12 hrs without any filtration or air. They were not feeling so well. I immediately go get my spare air pump out, after plugging in the filter, and hooked it up. That woke them up, they are swimming around fine.
  14. I took the large bully out and put her in a 3 gallon tank in my son's room, he loves her. Just have to remind him everyday to feed her, needs to get used to feeding her as soon as he wakes up. I wake up and feed my dog, cat and fish even before a coffee and smoke. He will get into a routine and I won't have to remind him anymore. Just have to tell him when it is time to change the water, but that is not hard. I have a gravel vac he can use and doing 2 water changes in 2 days will equal 100% water change. I now have a python so I don't need that gravel vac anymore. Yayyyyyyyyyy, no more pails for me, bad back. My son might want a male betta soon, maybe when plants get more fuller in tank I can get him one and add the large female back in tank. What do you think, would that work, maybe she wouldn't be the alpha female after being out of the tank for awhile.
  15. Flakes are fine, my bettas will not eat betta pellets, the other fish end up eating them after they get soft. I feed them flakes, dried blood worms and frozen brine shrimp. They are happy little bettas and my other fish are too, lemon tetras.
  16. No i am sure they are all females, not males. I couold have waited and been patient and it probably would have settled down in the tank but didn't want my bettas hurt in any way. My 6 females are doing great in the tank. They will be happier soon, I put in 5 plants, co2 and getting proper lighting for more plants. Soon it will be full of plants and I will never see them, they will always be in the plants somewhere. I don't think I am going to go crazy with plants, but it would be nice to have a semi planted aquarium, I love the look.
  17. I have never had any disease come into my tanks all these yrs with no quarantine. I know I have read all these yrs on forums of quarantine fish but never have done it myself.
  18. I bought them at a petstore, had nothing to do with breeding them. If there is a territorial, larger fish in tank and you add some more, there could be problems. If you had no problems then that is good, doesn't happen to everyone. She is safe in my son's bedroom in her little tank. She is fine. For me I have never quarantined my fish and had no problems. Some people swear by it and that is great. I don't have the room for a quarantine tank and never seen the reason to quarantine any fish from the others IMO.
  19. I have a 30 gallon and had a few bettas in there before. One female was left with some tetras. So I went and bought 6 more females for the tank. The one that was in the tank before I bought them were flaring at the females as they were being acclimated. I was concerned but kept an eye on all the babies, the new ones are quite small, for a while and yes my original female starting nipping and fighting with them . I told my son if she started any problems with the new little ones that he has a betta for his room, well she is going there soon. I have her in a jug, only used for tanks, until he gets home and he sets up his tank. She is the prettiest and I told him to take very good care of her, but I will make sure of that. So that is my story, if you start a female community tank make sure you get them at the same time or the same size.
  20. I have had no reason to post so it has been a loooonnnngggg time. So here is an update. I was moving end of November and 2 of my goldfish died within weeks of moving, for no reason. I tested the water,fine, took water to petstore they said it was fine. So no answer to that. So I had 2 left, my black moore,Jezebel, and my son's orange and white fantail, Speedy. These are the 2 original fish I bought first, when I started to get into fish. Today I went to the petstore and seen a beautiful redcap oranda, she is so cute. Always wanted one but had no room in my 55 gallon, had 4 and that was enough. I had to buy her and ended up naming her princess. My Speedy and Jezebel started to check her out and everything seems fine. If she dies I am just going to stay with Speedy and Jezebel that I have had for 5 yrs now. Alot has happened since September of last year but I would be writing a book, alot of heartache with a death of my mother and other stuff, but everyone seems to be doing ok. Alot of new things to adjust to, moving to a new area, in a smaller place, but comfortable. So some good and bad has happened. But keep on going and trying to make sure my family is ok. So there is the update. Can't wait to get another camera cell phone, mine was stolen and had to buy a cheap thing for now. But next month I think I will get a camera phone. So I will take pics of my fish and post them. They are getting so big.
  21. I had 4 tiger barbs in a 10 gallon and they bullied one to death. I was moving soon and trying to decrease number of tanks so I put my tiger barbs in with my angelfish and they are doing very well. They are in a 45 gallon tall corner tank and loving it.
  22. Thank you for all the support. Everything is going well here at my NEW home. My mom will be back in town soon, she is visiting my brother, so that gives me a few more days before I have to be there everyday to help her and my sister out. My mom is stronger the last couple of days, the radiation treatments she recieved, the side effects are finally going away. It swelled the brain and increased her symptoms, but now doing well.
  23. Haven't been on the forum for quite some time. Nothing was going on with my fish and I didn't get any new ones. I just moved on the coldest day of the year here in Canada. That was fun. But it wasn't fun that I had lost 3 fish in a week. I lost 2 of my goldfish, 2 orandas, and I lost my green spotted puffer. Then I had to put down my 15 yr old terrior/poodles mix dog because her health was not good. I was not doing so well. I moved to be closer to my mother, who has terminal cancer. I am sick over losing animals and mother being so ill. Me and the kids will get through it, but at times before I moved I thought I was going to lose it and be put in hospital but since moving I am feeling better. Good News now, got a place that is TOTALLY renovated with DISHWASHER (YAY), 3 bedrooms (Will be renting one out soon to a friend). So in the end God does not give you more than you can handle. Always try to remember this, I had a hard time remembering that in the last 2 months. But everything always turns out the way they should be. So there is my update, some good and bad. But now a new start for me and my kids, so that is good. And here is my sweet little dog Buffy, God Bless her
  24. Before repairs start to my kitchen after a fire, I had to move my goldfish into a plastic container and put them downstairs. What a job that was. After moving the fish into the container, had to empty the 55 gallon tank, take it outside to empty rest of water on bottom, carry it downstairs, with help of course. Then time to move the container downstairs with fish in it, not that light. Set up light on top and filter, which was giving me problems until I realized there was not enough water for it to start properly. Finally got it done, my back was killing me after that. Now need to get my 10 gallon upstairs in my bedroom and try to clean up all the stuff I took down from up on top of cupboards. When painting starts I have take my 20, 45, and 30 gallon tanks and move them as much as possible and cover them so they won't be in the way of the painters. What a job to get done even before repairs start. And then when everything is done then I have to put everything back and organize it. I will have to take everything out of cupboards that will not be replaced and clean everything. . Then I will need a
  25. We got the clean up done. I will be moving my fish into the plastic container tomorrow, it is a biowheel filter, I thought you were not supposed to clean the biowheel, Should I clean it out anyway. Found out that we will have to pay the condo association, since I am a renter and it was my son's fault, we are responsible for the deductible and all repair costs, which will probably be 13000.00. Any my son is responsible since he is over 18 yrs old. But at least in the next couple of days they will start repairs which will take up to 3 wks. I was so stressed out, for my son with the financial part, that I went and bought some beer, which I don't usually do when I am stressed. My lanlord will be paying the 2500 deductible which my son will have to pay them back for, but at least no one was hurt. The thing is that I was going to be getting paint from my lanlord so I could paint room by room, now the whole house will be painted because special cleaning of smoke damage and special smoke primer will have to be used before painting.
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