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  1. Towards evening she sits at the bottom of the tank, but other than that she seems fine. I hope this is just the way she sleeps sometimes because she is eating and is active, there is no other reason to think anything is wrong. Can the absess come back?????? And what causes them, was wondering that, it there an explanation about that or do they just come for no reason. My water is fine, I do need to do a water change but perimeters have been stable just like all my other tanks. Once they are cycled they are fine.

  2. I have all the tests and have tested the water frequently. The water perimeters are fine. I have kept fish for many years. You can push the limit a little if you know how to keep the tank healthy. If you are a beginner then 2 smaller type fish are good to start with until you know what you are doing. I learned the hard way, my son came home with a goldfish and I bought a very, I mean very, small tank. Had to upgrade 3 times from a 2.5 to a 20 gallon then decided to get more goldfish and ended up with a 55 gallon. Didn't know about cycling so had to do water changes every day thanks to this forum. Thanks to this forum many people have been able to ask stocking questions about their tank and how to take care of their fish the best way.

  3. In my 45 gallon I have tiger barbs, gold barbs and 2 kribensis. One kribensis has been a bully and I can't find a mate that is not bullied by her. She keeps on killing them. I had 3 in there but one dissappeared so must have been killed by meany krib. The last one has no tail fin for quite some time and not bothering it. Still eating and still able to swim around. I didn't have this problem when I had kribs before, after these ones I will not keep them anymore. Sad to find one missing and one with no tail fin because one is a meany with all other kribs I put in the tank. They are beautiful fish but some are such bullies. I would seperate them but have no other tank to put her in, but he is doing fine, so hope this will stay this way.

    The tank is right beside my computer and I was looking in it and guess what, I just found the missing one, omg. I thought it was dead. It has no tail fins either but doing fine. Must have been hiding all this time. If I see either of them not doing well I will put them out of their misery but for now they seem to be doing fine, hope it stays this way. They are strong little fishies.

  4. Thanks for that link. Her fishes absess opened on its own, hope my fishes absess does the same. I do have medicated food, but today her and another fish have long poop, so holding off on feeding today. Will feed her the medicated food later on today. QUESTION: Should I seperate her from the other fish, so if it opens I can change water and medicate her in her own tank. I think I will, expensive to medicate a 55 gallon tank when the other fish are fine. I will add salt to the tank, some people say to have it in there all the time but I just put it in when needed, like now. I will keep you updated. Anyone else have any other info I need let me know.

  5. Just wanted to add that there is a pimple looking lump an the top of her tail and the growth is right underneath it. Could I try to pop it from the top and see if anything come out of it making sure she is in a seperate container and put in seperate tank after if anything comes out. I have heard that pimple looking like growths can pop and be cleared up without any meds, just salt and very clean water.

  6. I regularly check my fish for anything wrong with them. Today I found a growth on my redcap, attached to the underside of her tail. Check out photobucket for the photos. They will be the first 2. Sorry they are blurry but my son took pics while I had her in the net. It does not look like a solid mass, can I take it off or what to do. First time I have seen anything like this on any of my fish so I am lost of what to do next. Please help me ASAP. She is having trouble keeping her back end down and is taking extra strength in her swimming to keep it down. She is eating fine and no other symptoms. Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 5-10. Have not add any new fish, same food, nothing different with their tank.

  7. :newfish . That is good for the fish. My ex boyfriend's son brought over his 2 goldfish since he is moving too far and can't take them with him. It was surprising to find out that the goldfish were 2 and 3 yrs old. The comet might be 2 inches and the black moore looks like it might be 1-1 1/2 inches. Of course he had them in a very small tank. He should have known better, he seen my 55 gallon for 4 goldfish when he would come visit and see his father, when we were living together. I am afraid that the internal organs being squished for so long might cause problems and they won't live long. Is there a chance, now being in a 55 gallon that they will grow some, I know they will never be the size they should be. They are used to no water changes :ill , I was surprised when he said when the water evaporated he added more water. I said to him "So they are used to high nitrates and bad water, you could have killed them". He didn't have a response. He heard the stupid rule that they grow as big as the tank they are in. :krazy: . They are doing fine with my fantail and redcap oranda, even though the fantail, Speedy is huge. He seems to protect smaller fish and stay close to them. Any problems I should be looking for.

    They must feel like they are in a mansion being in a 55 gallon with lots of room to swim. They are healthy, I looked at them closely no problems with infection or ich or anything i have read about or experienced with my fish with illnesses. I will take a few pics and get them up soon. Just woke up and need to find my digital camera.

  8. Lost Jezebel yesterday from a secondary infection after treating tank for ich. She had dropsy but by the time I could see what she had it was too late. I will miss her, I have had her for 5 years, she was my favorite and one of the originals I bought. Speedy was bought 2 weeks before her.

    Look on bottom link in the "In memory of" and Jezebel is the one in the first 4 pics.

    Look in "Golfish album" to see my goldfish. Jezebel and Phoenix RIP.

    Wanted to put links to each pic but didn't work. Just went to main page of photobucket, where you log in.

    Speedy is white and orange mix fantail/comet and Princess, new one, is a redcap oranda

    Speedy used to be mostly orange as you will notice, now she is mostly white with some orange on one side of her body. I love her color change.

  9. Here is pics of her before and after color changing. I had taken pics of her 2 days ago since I just bought a new digital camera. Here are the pics in memory of my beautiful Jezebel, she will be missed.

    pics didn't work from photobucket, go to my link and she is in the "In memory of" folder. She is in the first 4 pictures.

  10. Omg :o I got home from going to get some medication food for Jezebel and she is staying upside down in the tank. JShe is still alive. I don't think she is going to make it. I have had her for 5 yrs and I don't want to see her like this. I will try to give her the food I just bought and see if that helps. I am now depressed and upset. :cry1 . I will let yoiu know what happens, if there is any change. I will keep an eye on this post to see if there is anything else I can do for her.

  11. here is a pic pf the fish that is sick. No it isn't one today, it was from last year. Don't know how to post pics with my new digital camera, hopefully soon. Here she is when she was all black but now she is partially orange with black on her. I have had her for five yrs with no problems with disease now she has had ich and now most likely dropsy. She is my favorite, hope she survives this, but I have read it is hard to cure and I have read of people curing the fish. So hope mine is successful. Any more advise of what to do is appreciated. When should I do a water change since she is not in a cycled tank, just with an airstone?


  12. I thought it was a secondary infection. She is not looking good at all so I took her out and filled my empty 20 galllon half way, put some salt and maracyn 2 in there. Looks like she has dropsy now, if so I don't know what will happen. Hope meds will help. I will try today or tomorrow to get some med food for her. She already ate a little before I transferred her.

  13. 3 goldfish in 55 gallon tank

    ammonia 0

    nitrite 0

    nitrate 5-10

    weekly water changes

    My black moore is sitting at bottom of tank with laboured breathing. Just finished about a week ago treating all for ich using quick cure. Did water change in between and after treatment. Today after getting back from store went to check on her and her breathing is more labored than i noticed before. I put 1 tbsp of salt for every 5 gallons in tank yesterday hoping this would help her. Her gills look fine no spots, wool, or anything I can see on her. She still is eating fine. Can swim if I go close to the tank or feeding time but other than that she is on the bottom.

    I bought maracyn 2 but haven't put any in tank yet, bought it just in case.

    The petstore employee, she is reliable, but you never know, she said that she is stressed from the ich meds and to keep an eye on her.

    Should I do a water change and put some maracyn 2 in the tank, if so I will do that tomorrow

  14. I know which store you are talking about. I was at that store a couple days ago and all the fish tanks were empty. Yayyyyyyyy, they are not dealing with fish anymore. All of those stores should do the same. It was so nice to see no more fish. My exboyfriend would go in there and count how many dead fish were in the tanks, so sad.

  15. Ok i was right, i put in 45 drops of meds in this morning. Thank you for the help. I know now how to figure it out. Just wanting to make sure that the right amount of meds going in, important not to use to much. But the 30 drops i have been putting in helped the fish thankfully. And I have been leaving the light off, just on in the morning to check out how the fish are doing.

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